BBT Convoy

BBT Open House 2017

This Thursday June 22nd 2017, we put on our two yearly open house! Followed by our convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf (Germany) friday morning

Our open house welcomes everybody between 3 and 9pm @ BBT HQ: Nijverheidsstraat 21, 2960 Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor.

A visit to the unique BBT Vintage Volkswagen collection with more than 100 cars, viewing of the largest Vintage VW parts warehouses in the world or a purchase in the shop, it’s all possible.

See You Thursday!!

BBT Convoy to Hessisch oldendorf Uralt VW Treffen ….. registration now open!

2017, A blessed year by the VW Gods as this year we can just sample another of VW’s finest, the Hessisch Oldendorf vintage VW meet in the picturesque vintage town center of Hessisch Oldendorf situated Lower Saxony, Germany. Strictly Vintage Volkswagens, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity occurring only once every 4 years… so better don’t miss out!

On next June 22nd we will have our Open House (starts at 3.00pm) Friday morning we will have our legendary convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf for all registered participants….  Free drivers badge for first 250 registered Volkswagens and free road assistance provided by BBT! Our convoy is open for all aircooled Volkswagens!

Don’t miss out and register today!

Click here to find out more… and for your registration for the BBT convoy!

Registration to our convoy is only for our convoy, and is NOT the registration to the Hessisch Oldendorf show itself. To register for the show You can visit the official show website on

Uber cool Video BBT convoy and Bad Camberg 2015

This good days are over and we have to wait another four years for the next Bad Camberg thrill, but this movie we can watch as many times as we want and keep the Bad Camberg spirit alive….

Thanks to BBT friends of Da houze Michaël and his son Jerome to make this beautiful movie!


Bad Camberg

Bad Camberg convoy Breakdown and recovery….

At the very end of every BBT convoy a couple of BBT mechanics and/or friends do drive with parts, tools and trailers as a “back up”…. this year we had only very few VW breakdowns (one actually really…. )

The worst what happened was the towhitch of one trailer came loose. The great (ex BBT) Gonzo showed he’s still capable to winch just a little better as the extra ordinary…

BBT Pascal, exactly turning 50 last sunday, assisted Gonzo the good way… strong team, what a birthday present for Pascal…. Happy Birthday Pascal!!!

We couldn’t keep these pictures away from you…. enjoy…

DSC01046_blog DSC01047_blog DSC01048_blog DSC01050_blog DSC01051_blog DSC01052_blog DSC01053_blog DSC01054_blog DSC01055_blog DSC01056_blog DSC01057_blog DSC01058_blog DSC01059_blog DSC01060_blog ….ready for the drive home… @ BBT we do have transport solutions for about everything!