A very special gift….

When Friend of Da Houze Kurt invited us over for the inauguration of his new building I came up with just a very special gift!

Kurt must be one of the largest EMPI collectors on Planet Earth and far beyond so I teamed up with Ron Fleming and Greg Aronson from FAT Performance fame, and let sign them the last the set of T bars they ever made before they closed down (in fact I let them sign three sets of T bars) these are the only three sets in the world. Thanks to my friend Rick Sadler for the handling these T bars arrived sound and safe in Belgium

So the very last set we framed nicely up and handed over to Kurt at his inauguration party for his new building… I’m sure they will get a very special place in his cool building. If You ever will be invited for a visit by Kurt do not hesitate! Its extreme cool and a huge tribute to the VW Cal Look scene!

Keep up the faith Kurt!


What you’re doing on saturday this weekend?

When you’re in East France You might attend the grand opening of the new building of Serial Kombi, one of BBT’s largest distributors in France.. You’re highly invited!

For more information click this link;

Happy Birthday BBT! 30 years and counting….

Happy Birthday BBT!

Exactly 30 years ago, on february 06 in the year 1987 BBT opened for the very first times its doors to the public to sell Volkswagen parts to keep all our beloved ones on the road, a vision we didn’t change and only promoted stronger during the last 30 years.

We’re here to stay and do what we like to do, provide You the parts to keep your old Volkswagens on the road…  with more force as ever!

Happy birthday to BBT, as well as congratulations to all of You, our customers, suppliers, friends and sympathisers to give us the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable birthday!

Just below a couple of pictures from the “Garden shed” where it all started, from the pig farm where we took the first expansion, the first industrial building and the building we currently operate from…. a time line so to say…..  thanks to you, all of You…. and thanks again!

Up to the next 30 years!


Ile de reunion vive la fete…. en VW!

Last friday I was invited to Ile de Reunion, a magical tropical island from France. Our distributor for Reunion, Coleur Chrome from Mickael and his team prepared a small road trip and was brave enough to give me a Vw to participate!

dsc08699_resized dsc08707_resized dsc08711_resized dsc08720_resized Bugs, sun and ocean, what do we need more????

dsc08721_resizedInside the shop there was lots of other goodies … Mickael is hardcore!!!

dsc08689_resizeddsc08690_resizeddsc08691_resizedNice cool shop and nice  area, some guys have all the luck….:)

dsc08695_resizedSo cool, thanks so much Mickael, you’re a real king of cool… and yes you do look so good with two Belgian beers in front of you! thanks also to your mom, your girlfriend Bambou, all your team, family and friends for this unforgettable experience!