A visit to my friend Lars, Vanagon specialist!

Lars Neuffer in Göttingen Germany was, and still is, very well-known for his Karmann Ghia parts.

But what not everybody knows that Lars meanwhile is way larger in T3/T25 Vanagons as in Ghia’s… with over 200 units in stock we can say he has a pretty impressive operation…

Lars and I go back a real long time… together with Axel Stauber we used to be the three musketeers and bought several companies like Knapp and Allekot back in the day…

It’s always good to see that passion don’t fade away! For Lars it surely didn’t, together with his wife Kirsten do they work their heads off only to serve their customers the best.

Congrats to Kirsten and Lars for all they did for the VW community and to make its for so long so professional!

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Inside there is rows and rows of shelving with all parts!

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Car towers are practical and easy, but before all very very impressive!

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The nice cars being lined up properly inside! Any model, any type, Lars might have it!

2018-05-02 16.55.56_resized

If you need any specific part for your T25/T3 Vanagon just let me know and I can get it for You, we deliver Lars every other week with our own transport so easy to bring something back…

If You like to buy a complete Vanagon, that’s possible to, just send me your inquiry with what type and body model

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