Sealed and delivered!

yesterday we drove with 4 trailers to the port to deliver the “catch of the weekend” to the shipper…

was a real cool view on the freeway!

2017-11-20 23.40.50_resized

2017-11-20 23.40.12_resized


Do You rememebr these guys? or at least do you reconise them?

This was fun! on my visit to Beverly and Sherry from Vintage parts we discovered the old “picture wall”… with real pictures!

Do you remember these guys? I put the names I knew under every picture!

left to right… Bob Scott, Beverly, yours truly and BBT Arlette!!

Loren Pearson, West Coast metric, and Teufelheb! Yes that’s Teufelheb, the BBT Hebmuller!!

Yours truly with Beverly earlier this week!

Do you recognise Chris Dalton (VW Emporium UK) and his wife?

Henri Matti from MPI fame behind the counter…

Yes yes DR Mac Jones from Tennessee in his Rometsch!

Erik Meyer and Joe Crocket…. wowh!

and last but not least… Bob and Shawn from vintage parts with Mr Komori and his secretary from Flat 4 fame…

where are the times, where is that hair, Henri???

Making of split window dashpods…

This is how split window dashpods been made back in the time… not bad at all uh?

Shall we try to call the lady? maybe she still has some laying around??

Smallest Hotel in the world is in a …VW beetle!

In the country of Jordan You can find the smallest hotel of the world… passed all over news sites and social media, but in case You didn’t see it yet, here it is….

The smallest hotel of the world in a …..VW beetle!

welcome to your room!

happy weekend, and sweet dreams…in your VW beetle!