Sunday pictures; Old dealerships ….

Old dealership pictures always talk to you, service bay or showroom or outside parking lot, even the period used car dealer lots looks like nostalgic to us, right?

Admiring the sleek lines of a low light Karmann Ghia, Window shopping made it possible back in the day!

A regular dealer ship like there was thousands in the late sixties and early seventies.

From Norway this is Grendahl AutoAS in Trondheim circa 1953. Would that be a Zwitter convertible???

You have to love this picture, they do not come more stereotype!

Waeslandia was not a dealer, but had cool line up anyway!

Can we consider junk yards dealers as well? Can you imagine to find a barndoor next to an abonded split window beetle?

Enjoy your Sunday and keep dreaming!

RAR Radikal Bugz meet was a hit!

If You like crazy and low Volkswagens, RAR is a show not to miss!
Gianni and his team set up a large display of all that’s weird and low every year… with success!
BBT Wes drove down and saved us these cool pictures, an impression…

The authors….

Sunday saga; The modern look!

Bring in your car, we convert to “big” window…
That must have been the slogan for the company below, see how many split and oval cut outs they have piled up on the right side?

Model upgrades used to be very popular, nobody wanted to drive an outdated model back then.
Now… it’s the opposite ….

enjoy your sunday!

VW Beetle drawing for beginners…

Wonder how to draw a beetle in your signature?
Here’s the easy way… let us help you.

Open a new mail, notepad or word document and type:

Space, period, open bracket, underscore, underscore, close bracket, period, enter
open bracket, lowercase o, backslash, underscore, exclamation point, underscore, slash, lowercase o, close bracket