Bob’s Carrera is Christmas ready!

The end of the year is approaching, so traditionally we season dressed the Carrera engine in our living room.. we’re all ready to celebrate perfect holidays…

Tomorrow BBT shut down for the end of the year, all that information will follow in tomorrow’s Blog, but for now Bob wants to thank personally all BBT Blog readers and hope to get you more and better content next year!

Enjoy the Carrera!


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Now exactly how strong is a Type 3?

In the seventies and eighties Type 3’s used to be very popular in the banger series of autocross and speedway… The bangers were an elimination class, who had the last driving car won… some impressions….

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Picture credit to Hubert, thanks my friend!


… somewhere on a tiny small Greek island sits this poor Beetle, sad story right?


Photo credit to Hedwig and Paul, Thanks guys!

The good old days…

Today a couple of real cool old pictures for You to study from the good old days when our beloved Volkswagens just drove as daily cars on the streets… can You find your favourite models?


Photo credits to our friend Hubert from Germany