Idaho treasures, sometimes it’s worth to look over the fence!

Yep the roads been friendly to us, and the trackers did what they had to do…. finding more stuff, we try to summarize for you… so hope You enjoy to read…:)

Another VW junkyard on the menu today, are You tired of it yet? We don’t!

A lot of vintage Buggy’s out here!

This is how a real junkyard looks, right?

always cool to find an airplane between junk cars…:)

Wowh, when was the last time You saw a Opel on my Blog?

Patina to drool over….hmmmmmmm….

Hey Frank, Your parking permit is NOT valid anymore….:)

Vintage camping trailers are the hot ticket? This can still to be had cheap if you really want too!

or what about this? Is it a truck to go fishing?????

A Lloyd 600, or what’s left from it…

My personal favorite, how vintage cool is this?

Check this out! Somebody put a LOT of work into this one, its kind a cool car that looks like it come straight out of a comic!

I’m not sure but I guess its missing the middle part?

This is the never existed VW truck!

Scirroco MK I, I know its watercooled, but it talked to me on this yard, shall i bring it home? are you interested?

Wowh, that was so cool…. I want to thank the owner to let us take pictures and share with all of you….

so…. time to go back, find the airport, catch my plane back to California, some more road trips over there awaiting me……

Stay tuned!

Car hunting in Idaho, not for the faint at hearted!

Ok will they shoot us? Or unleash their (BIG) dogs? You never know, but let me take you along on our trip this time, so at least we got a witness….:)

it all started in a civilized world…

we drove by beautiful empty country side…

The drive was long, the roads getting smaller….

…. and unpaved…. gravel driving… long….

ok, let’s the adventure starts, what will this ranch be hiding?

open the gate and GO!

I really hope they don’t have Dogs!

We’ve been greeted by a couple of old REO trucks, the middle one was my instant favorite…

From there it became real small trails …. wowh… Don’t remember I went this deep for treasures…

Look! What is appearing on the horizon?

Damn, good hunters need good trackers, and my tracker today was one of world best trackers we all see here! Thanks buddy, this was so cool!

Besides the Bay windows what I think are too far gone there was a 1960 double cab and a 1957 panelvan…. both are available, and are not expensive, but they’re both huge projects… so let me know in case of interest…

The setting couldn’t have been better, incredible views came in the package…:)

Bye bye babies, hopefully see a couple of you back soon!

We also said Hi! … the neighbours…:)

And drove out, to the next destination….

Ok was this road getting us somewhere or what? Let’s follow some more trails in next adventure… stay tuned!

Idaho treasures…. a visit to my friend Lind….

Oh yes every state in the USA has “his” treasures…

In Idaho it’s for sure Lind that’s worth a visit, although I cleared out a lot of the treasures…:)

Yes they still have “rows” of everything….

The Type 3 row… soon to be in Belgium…:) Looking for an early model square back? don’t delay contact me today!

just plenty? …..or too much?

Ah my little favorite of the lot… if we had dunes in Belgium to drive in, I would have bought it on the spot!

Check out that wild pedal assembly, saw ever a car with 4 pedals before?

Ok for Idaho part 1, get on the road, some serious car hunting ahead…

Stay tuned, this was only te start!

ISP, EMPI and my flight to Boise Idaho

Before heading off to Boise I jumped by my friend Alex from ISP West, Type 3 specialist in and out.

Entering ISPĀ is like entering in a different dimension…. Alex has style, a lot of style!

and being a friend Alex also cooked for me! Wonderful soup Alex! wowh, thank You so much!

A picture I wanted to show you about the new entry of Empi earlier this week…. it’s a different set up for sure, looks like a real shop now, (what it isn’t)

and then on friday night I took my flight to Boise Idaho, for some “weekend hunting”….. well let’s see what that bring…:)

Coming into Boise was magnificent… I didn’t have my camera so this was only a phone picture, but still I hope it show You what I saw…

so what’s all the buzz in Boise about uh? Stay tuned, it will come up next!