Did you park your beloved Volkwagen nicely lately?

You can park a car in many different ways…:)

But you have to learn at young age….

or at little less young age you can park your bus in Amsterdam

or later on you take your family and park before the “Vleeshuis” in downtown Antwerp.

You only hope that babies in your collection don’t get hungry at the same time…:)

because if you don’t feed them well this is what happens…

But at certain age collecting starts serious, You park them on age…. Early split, late split and oval…

Also in the early days they parked their cars well!

HMMMMM not always….

But …. Police is watching you, all nicely lined up…:)

happy sunday… relax… and park well…:)

Paint your car….. on the street!

Jos came across this crazy picture on the net…

Imagine your neighbour decided to gonna paint his car…just in the street…

Long time ago somewhere in UK…

Who needs a paint booth???

Have a happy lazy Sunday, guess Bob will have a little bit of sleep too!

Sany Cup – padel trophy

The company Sany Logistics organized a padel championship for companies last weekend.

The organization had divided the tournament into 2 series of 16 teams each :
– Sany Cup – Europa League for all novice and average players
– Sany Cup – Champions League for all advanced players.

BBT participated with 2 teams

Frederik & Glenn

Nicolas en Peter

Some of the supporters

Frederik and Glenn achieved a nice 2nd place in the highest series, Nicolas and Peter a third place in the Champions League.