Welcome spring!

Spring is finally arrived with a superb weather and beautiful sunshine in Western Europe…

BBT Ingrid took yesterday her day off to Tulip paradise Keukenhof in the Netherlands and spotted this poor guy being used as a bed to raise flowers…:)


Happy Spring to everybody! Let the sun shine!!

A crazy VW machine!

Happy sunday to everyone…

Going through old picture files I came across this crazy snow plough… guessed it must have been working well to tell from the layout…:)


2018-03-10 19.45.01_resized

From what can be seen it’s just a hand push crazy thing, no selfdriving! Would like to see that in action!!

2018-03-10 19.45.14_resized

all powered by a trusty VW engine…

2018-03-10 19.45.34_resized

They’re made to work sir!

When a tree cracked at Bob’s house, and was balancing in another tree the BBT laddertruck came out to the rescue and helped to clean things up…

For sure they’re made to work! And that’s what they still do the best!


VW Classics Club meet and greet, this sunday!

Don’t miss out…

Our local VW club, VW Classics, organise a meet and greet this sunday in Mechelen (half way between Antwerp and Brussels on the BULO parking lot (right next to the E19 freeway)

let’s get together!!