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What a week it was in (VW) paradise… the weather changed for sure to more soft and early spring weather. In no time things will start growing again and flowers are flourishing. I already see  some blossoms and other real early trees and plants already arising, which means spring is around the corner… spring… sweet dreams, sweet rides in sweet convertibles… hey is your “ride” ready yet?  It’s about time….:)

Sometimes it’s crazy to know this newsletter is read all over the globe, while I speak about the spring the Southern atmosphere is preparing for fall and winter soon… the world upside down, literally…:)

What a wonderful world, this week we worked again on our stocks and products. We finally hired a new sales guy; who will start next Monday and we had quiet some international visit from a lot of people, who came down for Freddy Files last weekend. Yes, it was another wonderful week in (VW) paradise….:)

Let’s present  the new BBT products for this week….

Finally early bay rear valence is out! We always wondered why nobody made them before. We still have a limited supply of good used ones, but… now you can get it brand new… Auto Craft makes good panels for many years now. And we’re proud we’re one of their major distributors.

0891-370 Rear valance complete – Bus 08/67-07/71 Auto Craft

In our silver weld through sheet metal program we like to present two panels above the engine lid for real different applications.

The first one is for bus and kombi with a small tailgate. It’s situated right above the engine lid (obviously) and is the counterpart for the panel, where the hinges of your engine lid are mounted. In other words this is the counterpart for the panel, which has the thread for the screws of your engine lid..

0890-393 Engine lid hinge panel reinforcement – Bus 03/55-07/63

The second one is the rear panel for pick-up models, that really holds your engine lid and tailgate on to your pick up. In other words it comes with the welded in threaded nuts for your engine lid hinges and for your tailgate.

This fits single and double cab pick ups all the way from very first barndoor pick up production in 1952 till the final early bay production in July 1971. A very wide range in other words.

The first picture is eagle view (from top to bottom) the second is worm’s eye view (from the ground up)

0890-399 Engine lid hinge panel Pick-up – Bus -07/71 BBT

We got our new delivery of 12volt semaphores, now they’re back available from our shelves.

0617-51 Semaphore 12 Volts (reproduction)

We also got a new delivery of our complete distributors with vacuum… they look quiet the deal, and seem to work wonderwell on stock engines…

1998 Distributor with vacuum

We like to thank you for following our Newsletter, and hope to see you back next week. Wishing you a very nice and relaxed weekend, if you live here in the Northern atmosphere get out that garden stuff, if you live in the Southern atmosphere maybe you better start packing up that garden gear… what a wonderful world…:)

Bus middle seat is in production now!

We do take reservations from now on our brand new bus middle seats, perfect reproduction for the split window bus middle seat with a removable back for easy shipping…

Contact for reservations and delivery dates

BBT News

Wowh, it rained cats and dogs the whole week and we had a lot of wind. Typical March weather, very unpredictable. The wind blew the new BBT totem sign apart, our neighbours had a beetle and a bus with the big BBT logo in their garden brought by the winds at once…:) Nobody’s hurt, so we’re all happy, insurance will cover the cost of repair, or at least we do hope that part of the story..:)

All eyes are looking at Brexit. Who can maintain any respect for these stupid British politicians? Who they think they are? They feel its normal they vote 2, 3 or God knows how many times in parlement. But the people, they can (could) only vote only one time, otherwise it would be betrayal, spokes men said. They fool the people, that’s at least how we feel!

Well, we will have to wait and see (and feel) when this circus comes to an end. Because a circus it is! The exact impact on our economies is hard to predict. But Brexit will disturb the markets. Don’t we all know that disturbed markets are no good markets? Markets needs stability, to grow and flourish…

Will be continued!

Before we reveal several larger projects in the next couple of weeks, we have this week some more new sheetmetal for your splitty bus… As said before, we will not stop before we have every single panel from a splitty bus! Exactly like Volkswagen did make it back in the past…


0890-673 Side panel reinforcement vertical – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-674 Side panel reinforcement vertical rear left – Bus 03/55-03/63
0890-675 Side panel reinforcement vertical rear right – Bus 03/55-03/63



0890-867 Roof gutter front left – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-868 Roof gutter front right – Bus 03/55-07/63



0890-871 Roof gutter L+R – Bus 03/55-07/63



0890-872 Roof gutter right (for cargo doors) – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-873 Roof gutter left (for cargo doors) – Bus 03/55-07/63



0890-883 Roof gutter rear – Bus 03/55-07/63

We got also new delivery from the King and Link pin rebuild set for beetle. Top quality at bargain prices, order yours now!

1330 King and linkpin repair kit – Beetle/KG -08/65




0455 Sport mirror ‘Turbo’, Black synthetic material, left

euro 9.00/pc excl.



0573-52 5-way safety belt, Blue – CROW

euro 90/pc excl.


Very excited with all what’s happening, one thing’s for sure, BBT is bursting and we like to take you along in that adventure. We like to be your partner and serve you with the best we can. Many new products stay in the pipeline and some BIG surprises will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned @ BBT Blog for your daily updates!

BBT News team wish you the very best for the weekend!

The Patina Volkswagen bible is out and availble throught the BBT network!

What’s patina all about? You can find it in this cool patina book, now available through the BBT dealer network!

First 10 books are signed by the author especially for BBT!

Contact Frederik or Olivier now here at BBT to reserve your copy!!

BBT part nr 9408-000

Don’t forget to turn to page 110, for 3 pages of BBT feature…

Yes we do love patina!!

BBT News

It rained cats and dogs in Belgium last week, wow where we had a super nice early spring weather the week before, we had wind, rain, storm and hardly daylight during the last couple a days… for school it was spring break this week, well they had a break, a real wet one!

When it’s really such a bad weather it gives you a good feeling when you work inside, all under a roof, even it does remind you on the early days (actually not that long time ago) where we had to drive outside between warehouses with the forklift or unloading containers with sheet metal in the snow… with the inside loading dock in the “new” building that’s all history and banned to the archives, the good old times, ah… oh for your information, the “new” building becomes 8 years already in april… in case you don’t believe yet time flies…:)

Working “under the roof of the new building” was very interesting this week as we had a lot of goods moving in and out as always, but also many parts arrived and another long time project which came nearly to an end! Sometimes we just love the bad weather, so we can work hard….:)



We’ve looked so much forward to this exciting new product, may we present you Ladies and Gentlemen;

The pre assembled sub chassis for your bus.

Two models to choose from 55-59 with that extra set of outriggers and 60-67 for the later models.

The lower outriggers are included but not assembled, as there would be no way to mount the whole frame in position when we should had assembled them. You will have to weld this after positioning the frame.

The most exciting on this pre assembled sub frame is the price, this is really what we call “dirty” cheap. Check on your price list now as these parts are already online!

0890-595 Support frame under ribbed floor – Bus 03/55-12/59



0890-596 Support frame under ribbed floor – Bus 01/60-07/67


And we have way more!

Also the upper side panels for your splittie have arrived this week to BBT VW parts heaven.

Available for left or right side loading doors.

We have the short panel behind the cargo doors and the long panel for the opposite side.

These panels are your perfect replacement when your side window surroundings are rusty, or if you want to convert to a 13, 15, 21 or 23 window.

With these panels you can convert an 11 window kombi into a 21 or 23 window samba.

May we remind you we also sell  the complete samba roof, sky lights and ragtop mechanism in our program?

Are you ready for your conversion?

Shall we remind you that ALL of our sheet metal is individually packed in strong cardboard boxes ready to ship?


0890-236 Sidewindow repair panel short left  / 2 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-237 Sidewindow repair panel short right / 2 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-238 Sidewindow repair panel long left / 4 windows Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-239 Sidewindow repair panel long right / 4 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



And last but not least for this week we like to present you our brand new chassis section inner plates. Also for your splittie bus.

These chassis sections come in the front on the inner side of your chassis beams and connect the main chassis beams to the “toolbox” under your front seats.

Do we have to say that these parts are perfect reproductions 100% accurate as original?

All of our sheet metal is pressed in the necessary steps in real cast tooling, exactly like VW used to do back in the day.

We will have a brand new exploded view anytime soon!

0890-642 Chassis section inner plate front left – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ



0890-652 Chassis section inner plate front right – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ


 Glad we could show you these new products and stay tuned, a lot more is coming..

Remember it was BBT and nobody else that started this Silver Weld Through sheet metal program for your splittie bus. Something we’re damn proud of!

BBT News team wishes you a very well relaxed and happy spring break weekend….