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The Belgian police force gave a strong signal of their possibilities by cracking the code for the Sky ECC encrypted phones.
As we all know encrypted phones are super popular by criminals.

Ever since it seems very busy at some lawyer offices…
You don’t need an encrypted phone, neither a code to brake it, to get the BBT Newsletter every week.

Written with a vision on public communication let us present  what we have new in our program this week.



We sell the front hood seal for the Karmann Ghia under BBT # 0753 for years now. It is a good seal, but not perfect.
Many buffers between us (we’re one of those ourselves don’t worry) have been looking for a better, more perfect, alternative.

Now we bring you a better version “Made in Germany”  under BBT # 0753-100.
The exact difference between BBT # 0753 & BBT # 0753-100 is in the profile.

While BBT # 0753 has the same profile all the way around our new BBT # 0753-100 is different in certain places.
That gives better closing and better gaps to your front hood.

Our BBT # 0753-100 features also the correct cut outs for the drain holes, so the water can be drained and will not enter inside the boot.
We will keep our trusty BBT # 0753 as a more economical solution, BBT # 0753-100 will be the better and slightly more expensive top quality product.


0753-100 Front hood seal – Karmann Ghia 08/55-07/74 German



After some research we add this week this hinge pin for split window cargo doors to our program.
Many times only these cargo door hinge pins are  worn out what you can easily replace now with our new hinge pins.

These type of spring pins have been originally used on all bus cargo doors from 1960 all the way up to 1967 model years.
Double cab pick-up uses these on the rear door up to 1979.

At first Volkswagen assembled cargo doors with plain steel pins ,but as an improvement changed to spring pins in 1960, for better functioning.
Pre 1960 cargo door hinge pins can be easily replaced by these spring pins as well for smoother operation.


0475-650 Door hinge pin cargo door – Bus 11/60-07/67, double cab -07/79 stainless steel




This week several long term back orders finally arrived, we share some with you.
For current inventory plse check BBT online catalog, it has been updated real time….

Next items arrived and are ready for delivery now….

1246-700 Brake caliper rebuild kit – Bus 08/85-08/92


2083 Condensator – 1200 08/70-07/74, Type3 1500


0915-204 Accelerator cable T25 08/82-89 DF/EY/GW/DH


0931-280 Heater cable right – Bus 08/72-07/79 (Type1 engine) RHD – 4465mm


7607-100 Rear window seal ‘Deluxe’ – Bus 05/79-08/92 (plastic trim)




In this week’s product in the picture we kick off with a pair of sun visors, although, we stock a large assortment of visors we particularly wanted to put a spotlight on the pair below for type 181, trekker, thing. This model is growing in popularity in the past years, so if you’re looking for a sound quality pair, beautifully made just like original then look no further.

Our complete sun visor range is to be found on our webshop in the category Interior, under sub category headliner and sun visors or you can search with the following digits; 0556, 0557, 0558, 0559, 0560 & 0561.


0561-70, Sun visors, pair, black, type 181


The next section is for all  baywindow fans. Engine tin – early or late we have it!

Looking at the description for engine tin (and other engine parts), there’s often a lot of confusion around which side is what.. It’s actually really easy, your car has a front and rear end and so does your motor. And we don’t need to make it anymore difficult than it is..

Various people talk about the front of the engine when they stand at the back of the car looking at it but in reality you’re looking at the back end of the motor (because you’re at the back end of your car).. So remember your flywheel is the front side and both your pulleys (crank, generator/dynamo) are the back side.

Or just refer to it like in the driving direction, exactly like we do…:)

2250-150,  Rear engine tin, Bus 08/71-07/79 1600cc


2250-180, Front engine tin – single port, Bus 08/67-07/70 (1600)


2250-190, front engine tin – Double port, Bus 08/70-07/71 (1600)


2250-200, Front engine tinware – Bus 08/71-07/79 (1600)

And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you a good splash into the new weekend!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

BBT News

We don’t want to talk about the weather this week, the Belgian weather was what it is known for, pretty unpredictable and every day completely different….
We neither want to talk about politics, last week showed us again how far politicians are from the real world. If we would manage a company like they manage a country, bankruptcy would just be around the corner.

Also the Corona pandemic we will not highlight too much this week, we think after over a year just about everybody is tired of it.
One of our main countries of production, Brazil is doing really bad, with several provinces and cities in complete lockdown already the biggest metropole Sao Paolo will go in lockdown from this Saturday for a full two weeks to start with.

That’s a really bad situation, in first place for people who live there… there’s nothing good on a complete lockdown. Question is how much is “complete”?
Many factories already struggle, as mentioned before raw materials are risen to record heights.

Steel is up to 200% in a year time, but also cardboard became way more expensive.
We follow the situation daily and have all contact channels open, looking for solutions and things we might still ship, but we will miss several suppliers.

We hope shipping departments from our suppliers can stay open and we will  still have “some” sort of supply, of course we keep you updated.
Supply of goods is in more parts of the world a real disaster. But again, we do what we can to try to fill up our stocks.

Besides the bad news we managed this week again to have several new items for you, just to make your VW life easier….

Check them out.



We have finally received the first load of the “early” bus middle seat for buses made from 1955 up to 1963.
Middle seats  fit all buses from 1950 all the way up till 1979 if necessary, mounting is exactly the same.

Difference is in the details.

Split window middle seat has a non-locking folding back rest, Bay window needs a locking folding back rest.
For early models split window bus the back rest folds straight forward.

The later model split window bus lets turn the back rest more to the inside when folding down so creating more space to access the rear row of seats.
The later model we had already longer time in our program.

We just received our second production run of the late model together with our first run of the early model.

Both in stock!

3400-310 Middle seat frame bottom and back – Bus -07/63 SWT

3400-320 Middle seat frame bottom and back – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT


Full trailer load of glass came in this week under this addition to our glass program.
For the rear of your Beetle convertible we used to have the heated glass BBT # 9000-100.

To save you the mess and/or the fight with the electricity and/or the wires in your fresh new headliner, we now offer the rear window for the most common convertibles also without heating.
We have to admit that early convertibles just look better without heating in the rear window, don’t we?

9000-110 Rear window – Beetle convertible 08/62-05/74



Even Volkswagen must be one of the most structured car manufacturers worldwide, though they still have some “mysteries”….
This is one of the few “VW mysteries” we came across…

We made this bracket to hold the bump stop on the rear axle of your 64-67 split window bus with one mounting bolt hole to the reduction box under BBT # 1459-250 since 2019.
However we knew even back then there was another model with same application, but that mounted with two bolts onto the reduction box.

That means there are also two models of reduction box housings.
We checked all available sources, books, microfilm and ETKA. We could not find any different VW part number, neither for these brackets, neither for the reduction box housing.

We will bring you these two models under the same OE VW reference.

BBT # 1459-250 has one bolt hole for fixation to your reduction box, BBT # 1459-251 has a two bolt fixation to the reduction box.

We have both models covered now.

1459-251 Support suspension stop rear – Bus 10/64-07/67, Type181






As mentioned before we received a full trailer load of glass this week.
We took the opportunity to update some of our drawings at same time.

8994-305 Door window right – Beetle 10/52-07/64


8994-300 Door window left – Beetle 10/52-07/64


9001-300 Door window left – Beetlle 08/64- & SB / Convertible


8992-100 Rear window – Beetle 04/53-07/57




8992-000 Windshield – Beetle -07/57 clear


8996-005 Windshield – Beetle 08/64- Green – Green


8951-400 Side middle window – Bus 05/79-07/92 – slidingdoorwindow -08/84

8950-306 Doorwindow right – Bus 08/67-07/79 – green



All of our products easy visible in our Free online catalog HERE for your convience.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for +32 36 33 22 22 or

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful weekend….


BBT News

Belgium is facing its third wave of Corona attack…
Hospitals start telling stories about situations they saw twice before…

More and more people start breaking the rules, especially youngsters have big parties in parks of the major Belgian cities….
There are two groups of people growing away from each other, what is a real bad sign…

Nobody likes lockdown rules, but if we can save lives with it, what the hell is the problem to keep you to the measures?
And to help with the measures we, here @ BBT, have our weekly selection of brand new parts and other product information for you listed below.



Big Bang!! To start with our Silver Weld Through line of sheet metal restoration parts.
Finally after years of development, with necessary trials and error we’re extremely proud we can present here our late model “Full Moon” bulk head for our beloved split window bus babies…..

Right after we made the early bulkhead (Find HERE) demand for the late model was BIG…

We decided to tool up again and made this “Full Moon” bulkhead. We thought the road was paved with the experience from the early model, but we came to many surprises.
We must repeat with every part development in our Silver Weld Through line, our respect grows for the German engineers who built Volkswagen ….:)

The Full Moon bulkhead was used from August 1962 (VIN n° 971550) till end of the production.
The reason VW introduced another model of bulkhead back in the day was simply because of the change of the seat figuration.

If your lovely bus has a bench (one piece) front seat type, you need a half a moon bulkhead BBT # 0890-795. If your bus has a 1/3 + 2/3 seat configuration you need a full moon bulkhead.

0890-796 Bulkhead – Bus 08/62-07/67 SWT

If one product was king of difficulties for our development team this was it…
If we didn’t lost count we started the toolings three times again.

It was also by far the most difficult product to locate separately in a decent shape to reproduce.
But we succeeded and are proud that we can introduce the inner frames for your rear corner windows on a 15 or 23 window configuration.

This will be a necessary part if you want to undertake a Samba deluxe conversion from a normal Kombi…

0890-368 Rear corner inner frame Deluxe – Bus -07/63 SWT



In our aim to get the full line of transmission mounts for our vintage Volkswagens we came two steps closer with the production of the front transmission mounts (those holding the nose of your transmission) for the Bay window buses with AUTOMATIC transmissions.

These transmission mounts have been obsolete for decades and hens teeth are rare to find, we searched all of our sources and opened all of our “search” registers to locate a couple of NOS parts in order we could reproduce really what we need.

After rejecting the first samples a couple of times, send engineers back to the drawing boards and adjust production mistakes we’re proud we can present our finished product here.

100% equal to the original NOS samples.
Two models to choose from;

1489-850 Transmission mount set – Bus 08/72-07/74 Automatic



1489-860 Transmission mount set – Bus 08/74-07/79 Automatic




We’ve been long out of stock of our favorite spark plugs for Type 4 engines.

They’re back now and for a good price too!

Also our regular spark plugs for Type 1 engines, Bosch W8AC, BBT # 2015 we have at real good (wholesale) prices now.

2016 Spark plug Bosch W8CC (T4)




Roses are red, violets are blue. BBT has many parts, check out our selection of parts we put this week in the picture for you..

First one up for our bi-weekly product in the picture is this replacement panel for the lower section of your cab doors between the A-pillar and arch. This section is prone to rusting as it get’s a lot of dirt, salt, water and grime thrown at it.

This replacement piece has a perfect fit and correct shape. Should you need to replace/repair the other door too then look for 0892-261

0892-260 – Door Skin bottom LHS – T3/Type 25 05/79-07/92


Next in line is our beautifully made reproduction of the yellow/white Westfalia awning, typically found on the sub hatch westy camper such as SO23, 33, 34 & 35 conversions as well as the SO36.

The fabric is made from the highest quality we could source and colour-wise identical to the original.
Of course we also have the yellow grey version (6550), orange/white (6551) as well as the roof brackets (6520-010 & -020).

Unfortunately, we’re currently sold out on tent poles, however, we plan to run another batch in 2022.

The awning is originally made for the post barndoor bus, but obviously it can be used for all ages of buses.

6551 – Westfalia awning – Orange/White – Type 2, 55-67




And finally, another beautifully made piece by BBT is this rear luggage rack for (sedan) beetles of all years. These racks are finished in chrome with French oak slats and come with all fixings ready to fit directly on to your pride and joy. For those lucky owners with a convertible, we got you covered too with the same style and you can find this by using ref 4870-026.

4870-021 – rear luggage rack – Beetle, all years (sedan)



And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a very relaxing weekend!

BBT News

Winter weather is over in Western Europe. But winter seems really bad in certain areas of USA and in Greece (of all places)…

Besides the headlines of the pandemic that was the biggest NEWS this week, but not for BBT….

BBT brings you also this week the NEWS  what’s new and back in stock from this week…

Everything for your Volkswagen.



With the  latest arrivals of our Silver Weld Through line we have now  the B-post for late Single cab Splitties.

As all of our SWT metal parts we made these B-pillars exactly like Volkswagen used to do back in the day. We deep draw press the components and bring them together on professional made welding jigs. And of course we have both sides, left and right.

0890-916 B-post Complete Left, single cab – Bus 01/64-07/66 SWT



0890-917 B-post Complete Right, single cab – Bus 01/64-07/66 SWT



This week we like to present you also our brand new hinges for the tailgate of your beloved bus.
These hinges are made exactly like original by our famous reverse engineering technology.

Many many times worn, plied, cracked or (partially) missing, we ran out of used ones so we decided to bring you new ones…:)

As a part of our SWT program we guarantee a perfect fit!
These hinges are sold by the pair (left and right)

0157-310 Hinges tailgate (pair) – Bus 08/63-07/71 SWT


We bring also the springs for the tailgate…. Sometimes missing, sometimes worn and many times tired and not keeping your tailgate open anymore, or at least not like it should.
Replace those old tired springs with our state of the art brand new springs that will keep your tailgate open, all the way. Like when your bus was brand new….

The two distance rubber buffers  come along in this kit. Really necessary to mount these two small buffers to prevent anti-rattle.
These springs  fit all wide tailgate buses from 1963 all the way up to 1979.

0157-320 Torsion springs tailgate (pair) – Bus 08/63-07/79 SWT



We add a lot of hardware lately, so we’re sure you get the right screws to mount the right parts.
Our latest addition was this little screw with a countersunk head of 3.9 x 13mm.

This screw is used to mount the interior mirror of your split window bus (Find HERE or HERE), they mount also the sun visors of your splittie bus (HERE) and also on most sunvisor clips (full application HERE).  Achtung! Sedan beetles use different screws, you can find HERE.

 Correct hardware is wonderfull and we’re glad we found  them out for you!

8762-3913 Screw countersunk head S/S 3.9×13 Din783c



This week we get also a lot of parts back in stock. We list here the most important and oldest backorders….

0891-026 B-post outer panel (40cm) – Bus 08/67-07/79 left



0891-511 Jacking point complete front – Bus 08/67-07/79 right



0891-232 Rear sidescreen panel left – Bus 08/67-07/79
0891-233 Rear sidescreen panel right – Bus 08/67-07/79



0890-45 Ribbed floor panel pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79


0077-020 Bumper splash pans – Bus 08/67-07/71 (pair)


0890-656 Chassis section behind front axle right – Bus -07/67

We hope we informed you well  about what’s all new…. for any further information, drop us a call +32 36 33 22 22 or email on

We start our journey with the new parts and we’ll bring you new NEWS next Friday, stay tuned!

BBT News

Christmas and NY’s eve seem like yesterday but it’s already  mid-February . Time flies and so do our parts. Faster than we can bring them in. Every week brings new obstacles, snow, Brexit, transport crisis, Covid, production issues, freezing temperatures. You name it.

But without challenges we don’t grow, without trial and errors we don’t progress. Here at BBT we don’t like to bumble around, we fight the battles we can win, move forward and continue with the things we do best.

This week was a crazy one, backorders are now massively stumbling in , so we have a relatively large “Back in Stock” section in this NEWS.

But also new products came in plenty and as always we work on way more.

So we’re very happy we can give you a lot of product info here below.



For all of our European seat lovers… it was pretty hard to convince manufacturers who mainly focus on US market to bring us this seat padding for an exclusive European seat model.

USA spec beetles came for the 1973-1976 model years all with integrated headrests. Our seat padding BBT # 3505 made to measure.

European spec beetles only could get the seats with integrated headrests as an option. Most have been delivered with low backs. These Euro spec low back seats need a specific backrest padding, which we  can offer now and here.

 3505-050  Seat padding Front Backrest – Beetle 08/72-07/76 Euro



We tooled up with the manufacturer of our rubber between the glass and the frame of the Beetle vent wings like our BBT  0342-050 and/or 0342-100 to make the same style of rubber for Bay window vent wings.

This rubber makes it easy to mount your vent wing glass in your vent wing frame.

No more cutting and other circus acts to try to get that rubber in place.

Here we offer a well molded rubber in the correct profile to mount the vent wing glass as it should.

Perfect fit, easy assembly.

7525-200  Seal glass to ventframe – Bus 08/67-07/79 Top Quality


As Hagus Germany doesn’t deliver the convex mirrors for your Vanagon/T25/T3 anymore for over a year now, we found this alternative supplier.

Searching for the quest we found these mirrors  and offer them here as an economical version.

The mirrors aren’t bad at all. The quality fits right what we want to offer. The big difference is the superior Hagus mirror comes with convex glass against this “eco” version comes with flat glass. Flat glass is a way cheaper to produce, hence the “eco” cheaper name….:)

We think it’s better having a flat glass mirror than  no mirror…:)

Right now available from our stocks.

0474-305 Mirror – Bus 05/79-07/92 Left


0474-315 Mirror – Bus 05/79-07/92 Right



We add these inside locking mechanism for the Brazilian Kombi cargo doors. This fits our barndoor generation buses as well.

This the the lock on the rear cargo door, which  you close from the inside.

0436-505 Cargo door lock mechanism right rear – Bus -03/55, Bus Brasil -76




We had a lot of backorders  last week.

We list here the most important ones.

1606 Rod bearings 25/30HP Std. BBT


1606-025 Rod bearings 25/30hp 0.25mm BBT


1570 Flywheel 200mm 12V standard


1571 Flywheel 200mm 12V lightened



1817-304 Oilpressure sender 1.4 bar


0492-951 Fuel tank 60L (68mm filler neck) – Bus 05/79-08/92



Also our Bi-weekly product of the week continues, it doesn’t mind if you’re British or European, what colour your skin is or how cold it is outside.. it only cares about the products that we think you may have missed..

First up is this set of locking wheel bolts, the set contains 4 bolts (one for each wheel) and the special “anti-theft” socket. The bolts are made of chromed steel, have a “ball seat”and the thread measures 27mm in length.

2580 – Locking wheel bolts, M12 x 1.5 – All vehicles


Next up are the wooden slats for the bed of a single cab. These are often beaten up or partly rotten as they usually have had a hard life. In case yours are in need of replacement, look no further we have the perfect kit made exactly as the originals and available from stock.

PS: we stock various kits for all models, the references for these are added below.

4875-263 – Wood slat kit for Single cab – T3/T25 05/79-08/92


4875-050  Wood slat kit for hoop Single cab  -07/67 / Proud BBT production
4875-051  Wood slat kit for hoop Single cab  08/67–07/79 / Proud BBT production

4875-250  Wood slat kit Single cab (4 slats) Type 2 -08/67 / Wide bed / BBT
4875-260  Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 -07/66 / BBT
4875-261  Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 08/66-07/67 / BBT
4875-262  Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 08/67-07/79 / BBT
4875-263  Wood slat kit Single cab T25 05/79-08/92 / BBT

4875-265  Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 -07/66 / BBT
4875-266  Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 08/66-07/67 / BBT
4875-267  Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 08/67-07/79 / BBT
4875-268  Wood slat kit Double cab T25 05/79-08/92 / BBT

4875-055  Wood slat kit for hoop Double cab   -07/67 / Proud BBT production
4875-056  Wood slat kit for hoop Double cab 08/67-07/79 / Proud BBT production



Finally for the split beetle owners, we produce the rear windows. Yes the GLASS! These come in 5mm thick glass with an E-tag and are sold as a pair.

8990-100 – Split beetle rear window, pair – Early beetle – 03/’53


And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or mail at

BBT news team wishes you a very lovely weekend!