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We like to be graceful for what we get.

Here in Europe things aren’t that bad…. If we talk with people of China, Brasil or the USA, things are a way worse… and “hard lockdowns” are words that have been really said and taking into account!

Wow, another hard lockdown, we don’t wish it to  anybody, do we?
In Europe most stays under control and life gets more and more back to “the new normal”, even it’s maybe more “new” than “normal”….:)

This week we like to present you a lot of “new arrivals”, all “new” and all “arrived” too….



In our bi-weekly container with Silver Weld through sheet metal there were a lot of “new arrivals”

We give you an overview starting with these wonderful complete A-posts.
These fit all split window bus from model year 1964 all the way to the end of production.

Exact copy of the originals made with our extreme accurate reverse engineering system.
Stamped on 3 piece cast deep draw tooling.

Exactly like the original part Volkswagen used on the assembly line.
Another perfect replacement part.


0890-187-1 A-post complete left 08/63-07/67


0890-188-1 A-post complete right 08/63-07/67



Next is the C-post for the single cab split window pick up.
You find the C-post in the middle of the pick up truck. If the B-post holds the door lock catch, the C-post is the post at the end of your treasure chest so to speak.

Depends if you have the treasure chest on your left or right side, or both, we have the correct C-post to have you covered.

The non treasure chest C-post is in development as we speak and will come any time soon…


0890-918 C-post left Pick-up – Bus -07/67



0890-919 C-post right Pick-up – Bus -07/67



Not in our silver weld through program, but sheet metal as well are these end of the sill in pretty high version for your T25/T3/Vanagon.
Situated right above the front mounting point of your trailing arm, this part of your beloved bus is for sure pretty rust sensitive.

We used to have those already in an economic version under BBT # 0892-320 & -321

Now we can deliver these in absolutely real nice quality, just to keep all of these cool T25/T3/Vanagon buses on the road!


0892-322 Short sill rear left – Bus 05/79-07/92 TQ



0892-323 Short sill rear right – Bus 05/79-07/92 TQ


Next let’s move on to your Beetle with these state of the art “Made In Germany” backing plates.
New in our backing plate family is for the front of post oval window beetles all the way up to the end of the 1964 model year.

This is the front backing plate for the single bolt wheel cylinder cars with king and link pin suspension.
For the 1965 model year with the introduction of the ball joint suspension ,the backing plates changed slightly in the base plate and the adjusting wheel pick up.

We modified the design slightly so the brake shoe is laid on 3 instead of 1 base as original. Volkswagen changed the design with the 1965 model year to bring more stability to the brake shoes. Because of this design became mandatory from TUV in Germany shortly after we decided to bring this also in our early backing plates to raise your security.

1291-400 Backing plate front – Beetle/KG 09/57-07/64 BBT


1291-450 Backing plate front – Beetle/KG 08/64-07/65 BBT


Product update; Same time we found out that BBT # 1291-500 (OE VW 181 609 139) was advised by Volkswagen for the 1965 model year and up. With the inspection and adjusting holes. Originally the 1965-1967 front backing plates didn’t had those, but as Volkswagen found out it was so much easier to rather have them, we totally agree and deliver our late model backing plates from 08/65 onwards now…

With these you will have to use our BBT # 1295 rubber inspection plugs.

All of our backing plates family can be found: HERE

1291-500 Backing plate Front – Beetle/KG 08/65-  BBT


With summer properly kicked off here in Europe, a corona situation that is seemingly under control we can finally let our hair down a little..

As such with our beloved classics we can open the sunroof, put the roof down or if you haven’t got any of these features – a bit of extra fresh air is welcome
via the quarter lights.

These quarter windows are operated with locks that usually, over the years, are rusted, broken, gone missing or perhaps they
just need replacing to match that concourse restoration you’ve just finished. BBT has its own production quality quarter window locks that will look
good on any car.

Below are a few examples out of our assortment.

If you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for please call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email


0517-03 – Vent wing lock Sedan & Convertible, left, each – Beetle 08/64-07/67


0517-04 – Vent wing lock Sedan & Convertible, right, each – Beetle 08/64-07/67


0517-05 – Vent wing lock, left, each – Beetle 08/64-07/67

0517-06 – Vent wing lock, right, each – Beetle 08/67- Bus 08/67-07/79, Type 3 08/71-


0517-07 – Vent wing lock Convertible, left, each – Beetle 08/67-

0517-08 – Vent wing lock Convertible, right, each – Beetle 08/67-


The BBT News team wishes you all a very relaxing “new weekend” may it be equally new and weekend…. time to relax…

BBT News

Summertime! Most European and North American area’s got a big chunk of summer sun last week, what makes people happy (and start to bark about “too much”) but for most of us it was just a relief after all corona measures.

Sun gives light, light gives hope and hope is the engine of the spiritual life….:)

Let’s start thinking about what after Corona, let’s stay positive and imagine Corona goes away. But what would you do differently after Corona than before? What did you learn out of it and will you stop your rat-race?

We, @ BBT,  decided that we only want to go further for what we are doing so long, more quality because life is simply too short to restore cars with inferior parts.

This week we got some very interesting parts new arrivals, which have kept us busy for a while to develop. But we succeeded and here we are…More quality, Corona can be a good lesson…:)



When you ordered your VW split window bus back in the day, you could actually choose where you wanted the cargo doors. Left side or right side. Most common was the opposite side of the steering wheel, because you had the doors on “your” boardwalk side. Oh yes and there was also double door option, cargo doors on both sides that is.

Up to now we only had cargo floors for right hand side cargo doors. Most work shops “adapted ” those for left cargo doors, but almost never with full satisfaction. Today we make the difference. From now on we also have cargo floors for left side cargo doors.

And of course for the left hand cargo door configuration, we now  have  also the right side floor plate for the  closed version as well.
This makes whatever cargo door configuration you have, we always have the correct floor combination for you.

Available from our stocks.

0890-744 Floor plate left, cargodoor – Bus -07/67 (TQ)


0890-754 Floor plate right, non cargodoor – Bus -07/67 (TQ)


We also brought in this tube for the wire loom for your bay window bus. This tube can be originally found  between your front and rear chassis cross member on every Bay window bus built between 1970 and 1979.

Because of moisture, humidity, dust and mud they are simply rusted away.
We bring you this tube in the correct diameter of 27mm with a correct length of 130cm.

0891-695  Guide tube through chassis for wiringloom – Bus 08/69-07/79



Let’s go into detail.
Your deluxe split window bus had a headliner.

Now, we bring you those nasty little rails, that hold your headliner and keep it under tension to keep wrinkles out.
We made both models, the flat and angled ones.

The flat one, you need three lengths to mount a headliner in your cabin. But you can use also use ours to replace the bent out or missing originals.
And of course these give you the possibility to place a headliner in buses that never had one, panel vans, or standard kombi’s and the like…

The angled ones sitting around the airbox in the cabin (you need 2 lengths) and also around the optional sliding roof (you need 6 lengths here).
Another necessary part in the hunt to a perfect restoration which we solved now, up to the next…

2931-200 Headliner grip flat 80cm – Bus 03/55-07/67


2931-205 Headliner grip angled 80cm – Bus 03/55-07/67



Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT

2908-251 Headlining, vinyl, for sliding roof Type 3 TL 66-73

58,50 Euro

2908-201 Headlining, vinyl, Type 3 TL 66-73

90 Euro

We wish you all a very happy weekend. Soak up that sunlight, people just need it.

And never forget, enjoy that Volkswagen…..

BBT News

In Europe everything seems to ply relatively back to normal. The rest of the world is still fighting against Corona big time.
Contradictory the numbers are going up on the world scale.

One and another make that parts supply out of certain parts of Asia and also from South America are seriously delayed.
Thinking of our business and commitments to our customers it  feels like sad, but realizing what human tragedies are hiding behind this virus is way worse.

Let’s try and ban that crazy virus ! Let’s hope all people will heal soon and after that we can start back  to normal.
On a world scale we are  definitely not back to normal.

Nevertheless also this week we bring you a bunch of new products. Corona doesn’t make us freeze in a little corner.
It makes us creative and full of energy to fight against the virus, but also to make our VW world a better place and hopefully we can make it a better world everywhere.

For your split window bus we made all models door locking mechanisms up to 1963 (64-67 will follow shortly).
We used extreme accuracy to make these locking mechanisms exactly like original and are very happy with our results.

This is a perfect replacement for an original worn out locking mechanism and will help just anybody to make a perfect restoration.
We choose to make the entire assembly at once, to be sure that all parts correspond to each other.

No discussion about what fits to what, it’s a one piece replace everything.
Because of the quantity we made, we could push the price real low.

This is really top quality for a ultra-low price, easy comparable with NOS.
Very happy that we can bring you such a top product for such an affordable price.

0436-420 Cab door lock mechanism set left – Bus -12/60


0436-430 Cab door lock mechanism set right – Bus -12/60


0436-421 Cab door lock mechanism set left – Bus 12/60-12/63


0436-431 Cab door lock mechanism set right – Bus 12/60-12/63


The late model washer bottle kit  is always a popular product from the BBT product line.
So we decided to update the kit with the switch and wire loom for nice and complete installation like it should, OE style!
Try out our complete new kit for same low price

2461 Washer bottle complete, 12V Beetle 08/67-


If you own or you’re restoring a late ’62 or ’63 bus you will have noticed that this model has some unique features. As such this bus also sports one year only spindles.

As you may be aware, spindles need maintenance and depending on what life your bus had, it may be time to replace and improve the working of these important parts of your front running gear.

Over the years we found that  particularly for these spindles, it was hard to find any parts at all. The shaft on these king pins can wear out over time and it’s important that these are checked and refurbished/replaced when there’s too much play in them.

As such BBT has made an effort in developing and manufacturing the upper and lower king pins to ensure that your bus has quality replacements. These kin pins come with needle bearings and bush.

1337-504  – Upper King pin with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63

1337-505 – Lower king pin with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63

Another product that we want to put in the spotlights are the wooden slats for the canopy, After years of use and age they may need repair or replacement due to wood decay.

At BBT we have the perfect replacement slats available as a kit. We have these for single & double cab for both split and bay. Of course if you’re looking to replace the whole lot including the slats on the bed, we can help you out too.

Have a look on our webshop and enter 4875 in the search bar to find our selection of pick-up hoops and slats.

4875-050 – Wood slat kit – Bus -67

And of course if you’re after a special part or can’t find what you’re looking for – email us on or call +32 (0)3 633 22 22.

BBT news wishes you a very enjoyable weekend, and for all Covid 19 victims worldwide a speedy and especially easy recovery!

BBT News

In Belgium as in most parts of the world the lockdown measures have been released dramatically… seems they got the virus under control in most part of the world, but then there’s a new outbreak in South Korea and a mortality raise in Sweden…. We don’t think the pandemic will be forgotten soon, but as said earlier we will have to learn to live with it.

Well as long as we can wrench on our beloved Volkswagens, we will find a way to live together with the Corona virus and survive.
After all our little passion survived the Hi-Tech crisis in 2001 and bank crisis in 2008-2009, and now the Corona crisis in 2020… So hey we’re here to stay…

To enjoy that stay we, at BBT News, bring you the updates of our products weekly… Every Friday… So let’s see what BBT offers you this week as an extra….

We bring you the reverse light for the late split & early bay window bus.

This reverse light was mainly on your bus under M code M47 or for early bay window also under M524, M601 or M24 and so optional equipment for sure.

If your bus has the cut out you can replace it, but if your bus came from the factory without it wasn’t equipped with this option.
Of course, you can always cut the holes and install yourself. In worst case we can get you the template where to cut the hole.

Many times eaten by rust or just missing this unit is fairly inexpensive and looks just great…
No electric components work as new electrical components on a classic Volkswagen.

0608-050 Reversing light Bus 08/65-07/71

We also add this week the missing member to our seat padding family.

BBT is one of the world largest seat padding distributors for classis Volkswagens with huge inventory and very competitive pricing.
We missed this seat padding for walk through buses built between 1963 and 1967 for the right front seat (passenger side for LHD configurations)

It’s always a good moment when you can make a family (or group) of products more complete….

All other seat paddings can be found by clicking HERE

3530-005 Seat padding 1/3 front bottom right 08/62-07/67

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

7011 windshield seal, Cal-Look Beetle 08/57-07/64 cabrio

4,50 Euro

2408 Wiper blades, black, pair, 18.50cm Beetle 08/56-07/57

18 Euro

9390-200 Bentley Manual Type 3 1961-67 (English)

94,50 Euro

9390-210 Bentley Manual Type 3 1968-73 (English)

36 Euro

So far so good, we like to thank you for watching our new section and are happy telling till next week….

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful magic weekend, enjoy the softening of the lockdown, but keep your measures, the virus isn’t gone yet…

BBT News

Crazy times, It’s something we hear almost on a daily base..
Times are changing in the way we work, eat, sleep and see our closest friends & family, we look at things perhaps in a different way as how we used to.

But some things remain the same and they give us stability and a much needed routine.
One of these “routine” things is our BBT News we bring  you on a weekly base.

Our news can’t be put on hold, not even by corona…

This week we only have one new product but we have many more to come in upcoming weeks…

This orange bulbs for indicators are a smooth trick to have legal white or clear indicator lenses, what give a very special effect to your car off course.

Or when your lenses are kind a faded it’s a common use to replace your bulbs with orange ones for a brighter orange signal.

Frequently also used to replace the parking lights bulbs on early sealed beam headlights (Like BBT ref 0600 or 0600-010 for Beetle or 0600-050 for left and 0600-060 for right side) for bus and turn them into indicators.

We supply these orange bulbs in 12 Volt for quite a while under BBT ref 0661-25 and now we bring you the same in 6 volts.

What used to be a shop reference only becomes now a full worthy member of the BBT parts family…:)

These 6 volt bulbs been sold by the pair as clearly marked in our catalogs.

0661-122 Bulb orange 6Volt 21W (2)

Another routine to keep us going should become our bi-weekly “Product in the Picture”.

We focus our attention this week on some of the smaller bits and bobs we need during the restoration or assembly process of your project..

Bolts, nuts, studs, screws, clamps and washers.

At BBT we pride ourselves in sourcing or manufacturing the correct replacement parts, as such we look at the specs of the original part and try and meet this 100% in quality and fit.

Our hardware doesn’t escape this process..

And, although they’re not the most interesting parts, they are ever so important as they keep your beloved car together in 1 piece!

Because of the volume of hardware we have in our assortment it’s hard to list all the product references.

However,If you go to our catalogue via our website .

You can either look in the ‘Fixing material’ category in our menu which will list all our fixings or you can also enter the following codes in our search bar..

8700, – 8705 for bolts
8711 & 8721 for bolts with an hexagonal socket
8722 for studs
8730 – 8739 for nuts
8750 – 8758 for washers
8760 – 8762 for screws

Of course, if you are unable to find what you’re looking for – we are here to help!

Give us a call on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email


The BBT News team wish you all a happy VW weekend, wrench those babies and make that cool; test drive! the most fund VW’s offers you!