Friday Product Update

This week some amazing new gas tanks, and also some more bus sheet metal and a very cool “Do You know…” at the bottom!

Let’s start with the gas tanks this week… brand new in our program, the square gas tanks up to July 1955.

Volkswagen made the gas tanks fancy as up to september 1952 the filler neck was 100mm, from October 1952 till March 1953 the filler neck was 60mm to change again to 100mm from April 1953 up to July 1955.

So the gas tank with the 60mm filler neck (BBT ref 0492-070) will fit your car correctly if build between October 1952 and March 1953 (Oval dash split window beetles better known as Zwitter models)

The gas tank with the 100mm filler neck (BBT 0492-080) has the pressing around the filler neck, doesn’t do anything but is like original from April 1953 till July 1955, but fit also all cars from August 1949 (VIN 116021) till September 1952, with the only difference it has a pressing around the filler neck and your original don’t…

The later gas tank with 100mm (BBT 0492-080) filler neck will fit also all model beetles from August 1955 till July 1960 (VIN 3192506) the model looks different, but dimensions are all the same… a good alternative till the correct model will be launched, but as far as we know, they’re not under developing yet.


0492-070  Fuel tank – Beetle 09/52-03/53 (for 60mm gas cap)

0492-080  Fuel tank – Beetle 08/49-09/52-04/53–07/55 (for 100mm gas cap) fits till 07/60

These profiles are on top of the outriggers and central crossmembers of your splittie bus.. there’s some different models, make sure to pick the correct ones!

Developed by BBT, made for perfection! Pressed on cast tooling, not plied on a bench!

0890-58-2 Top hat section rear under ribbed floor- Bus 03/50-07/59 TQ

0890-58-3 Top hat section center under ribbed floor – Bus 03/50-07/67 TQ

Do You know… we also supply the copper vacuum hose for the 30 Hp engines (36SAE for our american friends), this vacuum hose is almost always broken or missing or patched together. Ours is perfect fit, made to perfection on real wooden bucks…

Replace that old scruffy worn out copper vacuum line with this state of the art BBT reproduction!


2079-250 Vacuum hose from 28PCI carburetor to distributor BBT

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful and relaxing sunny weekend!

Friday Product Update

BBT keep’s on rocking! Our sheet metal range is growing and we’re happy for that… As earlier mentioned this week on our Blog, we got another container in last week and these are the new parts that came out of it…

Rear corners for split window bus. Till now this was the most difficult part to develop, it went wrong twice and we received a serious lesson about radius from the belt lines from several top metal workers and welders. Also the radius below was a headache to get right. Furthermore to determine exact place and models for taillight was not as easy as the buses made for the USA have not always been changed at the  same time like European ones or vice versa.

Are we happy we can now supply the correct corner for your bus? You bet! This corner is not only the best fitting corner money can buy, but is also the most correct corner on the market! With all correct holes for your tail light in the right position…

0890-363 Rear corner complete – Bus 03/55-57 left TQ  for bubble and flat small round taillight
0890-373 Rear corner complete – Bus 03/55-57 right TQ for bubble and flat small round taillight

These corners go from VIN 20-117902 (first non barndoor) up to VIN 351735 (29/04/1958) and are for bubble and small flat taillights. 

Bubble & flat small taillight corners only have  a round hole for perfect taillight fit.

We like to point out that the small flat round taillight was a European thing only, and have only been used on post barndoor buses with semaphores. Never been officially exported to USA, Canada or Guatemala. The corners, thank God, are for both model taillights exactly the same.

Furthermore is this corner about the same as for barndoor, only the belt line of a barndoor has a slightly different radius and a barndoor has  an extra pressing below for the reflector, so with some good will this corner can perfectly be used for barndoor, but needs some modification.

0890-364 Rear corner complete – Bus 57-59 left TQ for Dollar model taillight in high position
0890-374 Rear corner complete – Bus 57-59 right TQ for Dollar model taillight in high position

These corners go from VIN 351736 (30/04/1958) up to VIN 422669 (28/12/1958) and are for dollar model taillights in the high position. Dollar taillight in high position  has the big round hole with a 6mm “bolt” hole upper and below.

0890-365 Rear corner complete – Bus 59-07/61 left TQ for dollar model taillight in low position
0890-375 Rear corner complete – Bus 59-07/61 right TQ for dollar model taillight in low position

These corners go from VIN 422670 (Dec 29 1958) up to VIN 802985 (07/1961). The big hole has two slip holes upper and lower, exactly like the original corner came.

0890-366 Rear corner complete – Bus 08/61-12/63 left TQ for big oval (2 room) taillight
0890-376 Rear corner complete – Bus 08/61-12/63 right TQ for big oval (2 room) taillight

From VIN 802985 (08/1961 or 1962 model year) up to  VIN 1144281 (07/1963 or 1964 model year). This model covers all big taillight buses as long as they have a small tailgate.

We’re working now on later model corners to get the complete line.


Also the inner sills have arrived, a mandatory part when you weld a bus. Our inner sills are top quality and very competitive priced. With correct endings and perfect plied corners. Also our inner sills have been made on cast tooling exactly like Volkswagen used to do when they made your bus new, so why compensate, when the best is available now?

BBT Innersills make buses happy! Really!

0890-431 Inner sill left – Bus -07/67
0890-432 Inner sill right – Bus -07/67

A while ago we decided to get more parts for split window beetles in our range. This is the first result, the lens for the pope nose, perfect quality and fit and will make your license light exactly like it should look, stunning!

Get yours now, available from our stocks.

0689-010 License light lens – Beetle -10/52

The BBT FPU team wish you a very peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Friday Product Update

What a week we had! A lot of new parts combined with super sunny weather, feels like we’re living in heaven! But actually here at BBT, we’re always in heaven, VW heaven that is… so what’s new and exciting this week?

With the massive amount of busses brought over from the states to our old continent the request for Bay window bus parts is growing by the week…. so this week we add the seat covers for the early bay window bus in a walk through configuration. This model comes in basket weave where the seams run horizontal.

Made from the highest quality available materials, these are the best seat covers money can buy. Together with our seat padding they’re the perfect fit! Or at least as close as You can come by…:)

We also sell the padding for the seats (all BBT part numbers starting with 35..)  and we also have some more bus seat covers (all of BBT part numbers starting with 3165-…)

Seat covers You can’t find in our catalogs we still might have in limited shop inventory, or we can special order from our suppliers for you, contact your sales person  and inquire.

3165-505 Front seat covers black walk through – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave – (horizontal seams)

More sheet metal arrived this week  and we’re proud we can offer the gas flap door for the T1 splittie bus out of our own production. Perfect fit!  Prototypes been tested and fitted for so long we became real tired of it, but now the product is on our shelves we’re proud as hell! Oh yes we got the very best quality and the perfect fit because we’re stiffheads and pointers, but we do get the results! Here’s another example…

0154-200 Fuel flap – Bus 08/55-07/66 TQ

Big, Bigger, Biggest or just Extra Large? Well I don’t know what fool would think EVER to reproduce roofs for buses, but we did! After the roof for the T1 Splittie bus (BBT part 0890-800) we’re very proud to announce now the Roof for the bay window! We will supply for many years to come…

As all of our sheet metal parts also this roof is coated in our world known Weld Through primer for good storage and easy welding, No need to prep the panels before welding.

Please, we do request kindly to inform well about shipping BEFORE ordering, because of the size and the fragility of this item we do charge a packing fee and transport happens on three pallets…yes that’s how large it is!! Maybe better to come by and pick up, we’re awaiting you… coffee is ready, always:)


0891-800 Roof – Bus 08/67-07/79

Another great piece a sheetmetal for your splittie bus available now is the cabin seat box. Its right under your front seat, many times hacked up, we have the perfect replacement what fits like original. Delivered in our world-famous weld through primer its ready to plug and play! A real cool part that don’t need any further explanation as the picture says it all!…:)

0890-149 Cab seat box – Bus 03/55-07/67

And last but not least this week we do have received our front latches for the pick up… fits single and double cab, as well as for Splittie and Bay window bus.

Cast and forged like original, this is a perfect reproduction part. Holds and locks your side gates like new original!

Replace that bent broken or simply missing part with our quality reproduction and everybody will think You still have a perfect original…:)

We hope to receive the rear ones pretty fast too!

0168-001 Latch Front Left pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79


0168-002 Latch Front Right pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79



After way to long being unavailable finally we got a new production in of the rear window seal for your Karmann Ghia with the early model chrome trim groove.

Get yours now…

0328-1 Rear window seal Deluxe KG -67

The BBT FPU team wish you a superb weekend with a beautiful drive in your Volkswagen, but don’t drink and drive!

Enjoy the summer!

Friday Product Update

This week we introduce some new parts for the Ghia friends and customers between us… we have found the bumper bracket covers!

These little metal box-shaped covers sitting right between your body and your bumper covering and bolted to the bumperbracket. Always rusty, bent, messed up or simply missing, this is a real good item if you’re restoring a Karmann Ghia up to 1971.

These covers are always painted in the lower body color of the car.

There are two different models for the front, one for Euro model bumpers and one for export type of bumpers with the towel rails. As for the rear there’s only one model.

These bumper bracket covers have been mounted with a rubber between the body. This rubber is already available under BBT ref  0085-190 (sold in pair, one piece per cover)

All bumper bracket covers are sold each.

0014-500  Bumper brackets cover front left – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0014-501 Bumper brackets cover front right – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0014-505 Bumper brackets cover front left – Karmann Ghia -07/71 Export (USA)

0014-506 Bumper brackets cover front right – Karmann Ghia -07/71 Export (USA)

0015-500 Bumper brackets cover rear left – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0015-501 Bumper brackets cover rear right – Karmann Ghia -07/71


Our first batch of 1000 6-volt regulators was finished beginning of the year… almost no remarks… hardly no returns, but the few returns we did have and the comments from our customers made us do a couple of updates on this cool product. Their  production took a little longer than expected, but we have a better product now! That’s always more important, at least to us it is.

The bracket on top that holds the cover is made a little longer, so you can’t bulge the cover anymore when you over-thight.  We had a couple of electronic updates too, so this is the perfect replacement 6 volt regulator, your original “BOSCH” cap can be still interchanged, so you keep the perfect look! A unique BBT feature!

1951 6 volt generator regulator BBT


All the Modular wheels came back in stock!

2540-0-10 Wheel rim modular chrome 6×15 ET 10 BBT

2540-0-24 Wheel rim modular chrome 6×15 ET 24 BBT

2541 Wheel rim modular chrome 7×15 BBT

2542 Wheel rim modular chrome 8×15 BBT

2543 Wheel rim modular chrome 10×15 BBT

Finally back available! These washer bottle caps have been out of stock for a while, but they are back on our shelves for delivery!

2460 Washer bottle cap

The BBT FPU team wish you a very relaxing weekend..

Friday Product Update

Ain’t summer time beautiful! Welcome to the summer, the summer of BBT, with every week plenty of new products! And this week being not an exception!

Let’s start with early Bay (T2a) splash pans. The splash pan is the metal plate between your rear bumper and the body of your bus, on every corner left and right, starting from the bumper bracket going all the way to the edge. It keeps mud, water and dust, thrown up behind your rear wheels, from splashing between your bumper upwards. When no splash pans have been installed, this makes your body dirty and tail lights invisible.

If your bus doesn’t have splash pans, then they’re missing. Every early bay window bus left the factory with splash pans!

Many times they’re missing because it’s easier to mount a bumper without, or, simply, they are rusted out and thrown away…

We, @ BBT, have now a perfect replacement splash pan, ready to mount! Nicely made for a correct fit! Sold by the pair, and fits all early bay windows till 07/71, NOT the zwitter T2ab bus, they’re different.

For Split window buses we have them already longer time under BBT ref 0077-010.

0077-020 Bumper splash pans – Bus 08/67-07/71 (pair)


How long that’ve we ‘ve been looking for this part is unknown, but the fact is, it reliefs a lot of frustration now it’s available… our box with used locks is still full, but all with broken, rusted through or missing springs. Yes you have read that right, these springs rust, and not a little bit!

Most people maybe never have seen this lock, but it’s the lock that keeps your sliding door locked in the open position. It’s on the body right behind your door under the bulge cover that hides your center sliding rail… The locks mainly don’t go wrong, but the springs do, now we offer you the perfect solution!  A brand new spring to replace that old scruffy, or the missing one…

7570-004 Spring sliding door lock mechanism rear – Bus 08/67-07/79


Early Split window buses had a support for the front bench  seat… if yours is missing or rusted out or damaged all the way around this is the perfect replacement and will give back that original feeling, and most importantly will hold your seat bench as it should!

0890-148 Support back rest bench seat – Bus 03/55-07/62


9522 BRM wheel, aluminium/grey, 15 x 5, 4 lug (4×130), ET +15

130.50 euro excl.


9527 BRM wheel, aluminium/metal, 17 x 7, 5 lug (5×100), ET +40

247.50 euro excl.


The BBT FPU team wish you a splendid weekend!