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In Belgium tensions are getting high in the last straight to the elections this Sunday. Crazy to hear politicians talk about other parties, but they don’t say something that really matters about certain problems (and Belgium still has enough problems believe me) To hear them making promises that every logical thinking human being (and probably cats and dogs too) know they can’t and specially never will make come true… it’s ridiculous… it makes us happy, BBT is not about politics, but about doing things, about trying real hard to make our Volkswagen community better every day, little by little by pushing on quality, quality, quality because good quality really matters…

This week we like to present you a whole bunch of boring and not so boring brand new silver weld through sheet metal for split window bus and pick up. As you know our sheet metal is all pressed on cast tooling in the necessary steps exactly like Volkswagen used to do back in the day. We want to reach equal quality as original Volkswagen NOS parts and we will not stop before we have every single panel and metal parts available for your bus. With our sheet metal you can restore your split window bus into perfection and every week and every container we get a little closer to our target to do exactly that!



Let’s start with the panel that sits right under the loading floor of your single cab trucks and where the side gates hinges mount to. Did you know VW shortened these to fit double cab trucks? Check the detail pictures and man can see that everything is as good as it looks! All corners and radius exactly like original. These look like stupid parts for sure, but man can’t believe what kind of development was involved to come to these results.

0890-397 Side gate hinge panel left Pick-up – Bus -07/71 BBT
0890-398 Side gate hinge panel right Pick-up – Bus -07/71 BBT

We already had the rear panel to this panel what you can find here:  0890-399 Engine lid hinge panel Pick-up – Bus -07/71 BBT

Next we have the side panel reinforcements on the inner side for panel and bus. We made all pressings exactly for a perfect fit. We’re working on a new exploded view to show where which panel exactly comes, but if you dismantle your bus you will quickly see where what belongs, it looks more complicated than it really is. Please check the detail pictures thoroughly. The detail in these rather “boring” parts is so wonderful…. we’re really very happy with the outcome.


0890-672 Side panel reinforcement 31mm profile – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-671 Side panel reinforcement 36mm profile – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-670 Side panel reinforcement 10mm profile – Bus 03/55-07/67



This is another final from a complete series… the latches for your single cab side gates. With the rear latches arrived, now we got the full series of latches and catches. Replace your worn or bent latch with BBT’s high quality forged latches, exactly like original!

0168-011 Latch Rear Left pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79
0168-012 Latch Rear Right pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79

All others latches and catches can be found HERE



0673-2 Reversing light Beetle 08/63-07/66

45 euro / excl.


It’s so funny that we care so much about sheet metal these days, maybe that’s because we used to do so much rust repair back in the day and we remember the poor quality of repair panels available back then, factories are laughing with us when we ask for more or better quality. A far cry back from our restoration panels of today. We’re on the right way to VW heaven perfection, a wonderful feeling!

We wish you all a very happy weekend, and for all Belgians, vote for the best on Sunday!

BBT News

The week went by so quickly, I hope you enjoyed as much as we did! Working day in and out in what you love to do and where your total interests make days fly by, is that good or bad? Let’s call it good and don’t moan too much about it. Enough moaners around, so we will be the happy people. Very welcome to the Republic of Happy People.

….And we’re happy at the first place, because we have another big chunk of brand new and well fabricated parts to present to you this week!

Let’s start with our new production of steering box clamps for your Beetle and/or Karmann Ghia.

We punched the center holes for the notches on your front axle exactly like Volkswagen did back in the day.. one side for your Beetle (type 13) and the other side for your Karmann Ghia (type 14). 100% the same as what Volkswagen always delivered.

The offset between the two center holes is only a couple of degrees different and that gives a different angle to your steering column. For the Ghia lower, for the beetle higher. One part for two cars, Volkswagen was smart even back then! One part for two different cars!

We also used the same sort of steel as VW used to use, and we made it in the same thickness. Yes, it’s identical and interchangeable. You don’t have to worry about quality or fit, our reproduction part is simply perfect.

Will be available at every BBT distributor worldwide, ask for yours now, and beware for cheap wrong reproductions, that will only cost you money, hassle and a lot of time to straighten out. Think this is about your steering, You can’t take a risk here.

1368-010 Steering box mounting shackle Beetle

Next we present you the new references that came in for our silver weld through bus sheet metal program. As said before we don’t stop till we have every single panel for a Split window bus 55-67 available.

This week we got the rain gutters all sorted out.

The rain gutters come on to your A, B, C and D posts, and the connecting panels between all these posts. It’s properly spot welded on to this panels. Then come the braces from left to right (who are in development as we speak) welded to the rain gutters. To  place finally the roof panel as actually the last panel and spot weld the roof panel to the rain gutters, preferable with a sealer in between.

That’s how a bus roof construction is made, it differs quite a bit from the roof of your house, don’t you think?

As the rain gutters  have not been easy to sort out and remake the right part for the right type or year  bus, we decided to reproduce and release them all at once. Yes, that’s right!  All models and years 55 all the way up to 1967 now  available  from our stocks! Replace with the right model for the right year….Your bus will love you (and us)!

Imagine the number of tooling to produce these. All parts individually stamped on cast tooling, and assembled on professional jigs, That’s massive!!  So proud we have them ready now, this was a big challenge… Happy we brought this project to a good end and we can present you exactly as we had the intention to do.

Yihaa, don’t get wet from the drip and buy that BBT raingrip!

0890-869 Roof gutter front left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-870 Roof gutter front right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-875 Roof gutter left (for cargo doors) – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-876 Roof gutter right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-877 Roof gutter left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-878 Roof gutter right (for cargo doors) – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-881 Roof gutter rear left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-882 Roof gutter rear right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-884 Roof gutter rear – Bus 08/63-07/67

Last for this week we thought about you, the real Type 3 lover.

From now on you don’t have to worry anymore to gas up either your Notch, Square- or Fastbacks.

BBT brings you the brand new gas door release cable in a very high quality for long-lasting. That gas door will jump open in a glimpse with this new release cable…

Exactly what your beloved car deserves. The best and no substitutes !

BBT loves Type3’s and this is how we show our love….:)

0933-100 Cable gas door – Type 3 08/68-


1629-13 Engle VZ-30 Camshaft
1629-26 Camshaft Engle FK-97T
1629-27 Camshaft Engle FK-98T

49,50 euro / pc excl.

That was it for this week, the developments don’t stop and we already have  new products and releases in the photo studio for next weeks BBT news, so stay tuned, every Friday!

Enjoy the weekend and be part of our Republic of Happy people, there are no politics nor borders, it’s just a mental community from people who do what they love to do and be damn good at it too! Cheers…:)

BBT News


The weather of the last week in Western Europe didn’t really help… It was like we had a fall in the spring! But… It helps for sure to work long days and set up again a bunch of new productions. The big news we can reveal is that we shipped out our Sprintstar tooling to a new factory… hopefully we will have new and very high quality supply of our steel sprintstars somewhere in the fall…. will be continued…..

Pressure on the euro, the dollar gains because Mr Trump decided on a Chinese import tax (again) and the pound sterling is always on the rise because of Brexit??? Thanks God I do not have to make my living on currency, because the longer I try to follow, the less I understand…

So, what was so exciting this week at BBT? Well, we had a bunch of products, of which delevoping has been started  long time ago, and it’s always nice to see these babies coming home. The first production arrivals are like a big welcome home celebration! So let’s start presenting you the new arrivals in our automotive candy shop.


Most of our developments start when we don’t find the good part to mount on our own cars. This was not an exception. We talked long and deep with a couple of Mexican and Brazilian companies but either they didn’t understand, didn’t see the need or simply weren’t able to make the quality desired. We simply hate to charge people money for something they have to throw in the garbage can, so we decided our own production and started scoring NOS models dragging high and below, some NOS parts gurus helped real hard, thank you guys!

So here it is, the real WELL fitting clamp for you Bay window stabilizer bar made in same thickness and same material as the NOS sample we started from… it’s a 100% BBT developed product and we let exclusively make all components with a close quality control to ensure our proud high-end quality label.

Another problem solved. I don’t understand why some manufacturers (and distributors as well) don’t realise this is for the suspension of a VW bus, when things come loose (and the alternatives on the market do come loose, we saw at least a couple of them) there might be serious damage and danger. These days are now over…

We offer this mounting kit in a very high quality for a very sensible price, get yours now! And build up your safety.


1352 Sway bar mounting kit – Bus 08/67-07/79 (1 side)

Next is the “stupid” little tulip… but because of high demand, and the fact that probably over 50% of the original aren’t any longer functional ,we decided to tool up for a perfect reproduction.

This little necessity sits on top of the reduction box from a split window bus housing from 1964 up to 1967 and holds the suspension stop rubber bump snubber. Regularly the little central mushroom is rusted out and doesn’t hold that rubber snubber anymore, time for a replacement….

The end of this part mounted on the axle tube is welded, always the same. The reduction box side has two different models, one model mounted with two bolts like we present here. However there is another model held with only one bolt to the reduction box housing. This last model is still under development and will be released soon.

The very weird thing is that the VW books do not make any difference, between the one and two bolts mounting. Neither on the reduction boxes what’s very strange as the position of the bolts is completely different. Different on the part, but also different on the reduction boxes. If anybody should know why and what about the two differences that information will be more than welcome

1459-250 Support suspension stop rear – Bus 10/64-07/67



Finally a good solution for indicator switches for late beetles, how long are we screaming for it? We have the answer now… Two models to choose from. For the moment we cover all 68 up to 71 model years…. Really high quality, not another Chinese look alike, that breaks into pieces while you watch it… This is the one we mount on our own cars… BBT approved quality!


0668-501 Indicator switch – Beetle 08/67-07/70, Type3 08/67-07/69 TQ

0666-501 Indicator switch – Beetle 1300/1302 08/70-07/71, 1200 08/70-07/75 TQ


Can you imagine the discussion? One year only, is it or isn’t it worth a reproduction…. this must have been the product with the most serious internal discussion BEFORE we even started to make them.

But… we thought the market deserved them, the one year only Bay window zwitter (and that’s T2ab in Europe) rear bumper brackets. Very specific and exclusively fitting the Bay window bus 1972 model year.

And yes, left and right are very different…

BBT developed and produced under very strict and very high quality inspection. Started from NOS examples we searched heaven and earth, we call these perfect reproductions, ready to go on YOUR bus!

0019-430 Bumper bracket rear left – Bus 08/71-07/72 BBT
0019-440 Bumper bracket rear right – Bus 08/71-07/72 BBT

All other bumper brackets can be found here:  T2a and T2b


We sold Marvel mystery oil for years in our shop, but finally decided it was time to offer them in our general program.

Hundreds of applications, but the most we sell to lubricate the Judson superchargers… besides that you can use it  for almost everything, pour it into the cylinders of an engine you will not use for a couple of years, throw into carburetors for long time storage, use to clean and leaving a small film of grease on any automotive part that’s designed to get some friction… you name it…

Endless opportunities, hence the name… Mystery oil…. get yours now… simply through your BBT dealer nearby…!


8530-001 Marvel Mistery oil (0.95 Liter)
8530-004 Marvel Mistery oil (3.78 Liter)


This little dipstick boot for your type 4 engine wasn’t made in the most best rubber original. We can say they need ALL replacement… so we’re happy they arrived again @ the BBT shelves and we have them again for immediate delivery.

1885 Boot on dip stick tube T4


Another week went by in our Volkswagen paradise, and it seems we’re only getting more excited about all the cool parts we’re either developing or producing already… all ideas and suggestions are always welcome… don’t hesitate and ventilate your idea’s to or your favourite BBT contact.

More parts to come next week, so stay tuned!

BBT News

Big news this week from the Media, they brought out that the fault for Trump’s popularity is the fault of the Media… now try to figure that one out… it’s like shooting yourself in the foot, reload your gun and shoot again!

One and another can be the result of the speed of life lately… Laptops, computers, iPads, Facebook, Internet, Whattsapp, Instagram, Cell phones, Text messages, Netflix, only to name a few… is life so much better as before the millennium when we didn’t have all of that? I don’t think so. And the simple reason for that is that we don’t lack  any desire anymore. We all want it now and here, immediately.

Well at least we keep the desire going… We’re continuously developing new parts and don’t care how long it takes, we’re happy as long as the result is good. Our aim is to build everything we make in the quality VW used to make it back in the day or even better, why not? If it takes, one, five or ten years we don’t mind, our aim is set to quality and that’s it! It’s nice to keep that desire… we feel good, fit and healthy, ready for our next run….:)

We started up three new products last couple of days and took them to the drawing boards. They may take at least 6 months before finishing, one even up to a year, even they’re relatively small items. But the desire burns…

This week we present you the new product samples we’ve been working on at least 3 years… with our whole Bus silver weld through sheet metal program. That desire burns as well. As you know our goal here is to make every single part that’s on a bus, so you could, theoretically, build a complete bus together.

What is your desire?

Maybe not recognisable for most of you, but this is the metal part right above the door of your splittie bus. It’s the part that sits between your cab door and your roof… guess you can visualise it better now…. perfect fit and quality, BBT approved production…

0890-865 Connecting profile A-B pillar left (inner and outer) – Bus 07/63-07/67
0890-866 Connecting profile A-B pillar right (inner and outer) – Bus 07/63-07/67

We all know the rockers, and they existed in several colors and qualities… but ours are stamped on Die-Cast tooling. Exactly like Volkswagen used to do back in the day. Not finished by hand, but finished by tooling.

Simply to guarantee the same perfect fit on every single one of them.

This is the complete rocker, inside out, so easy and fast to replace. This brings restoration to a much easier level!

This is the closest you can come to a NOS part. With the exception ours are better protected with the silver weld through primer inside out, what NOS don’t have….

0890-305 Sill under loading doors (complete) – Bus -07/67 TQ

There was a day we thought there was only one model of those crazy springs…  did we know there were two…  of course with the different height of the engine lids it makes sense… sometimes we just don’t think deep enough…:)

We made the new spring 100% to OE specs, fits like a champ and is strong enough to do the job perfectly. Your choice for the best available!

0438-273 Engine lid support spring – Bus 08/71-07/92 (25.50cm)

The “other” spring for the engine lids made from Dec 1963 till July 1971 and for all treasure chests on pick ups built from Dec 1963 all the way up to end of bay window production is available under our BBT reference 0438-272

Next we have a part out of our front fender program, another desire…:)

Now we supply  the steel wire tubes you find on all original fenders between headlight bucket and inner fender (body) to guide your electric wires in style. They have been used on all VW beetles up to 1959.

Our fenders will carry the tubes automatically on the headlight buckets. But we decided to offer them also separately.

Why VW made them in steel is still a big question, but fact is they’re always rusted out, mostly missing and without your car is never perfect. This is the perfect solution to replace your old rusty worn out or missing headlight wire tubes with perfect reproduction ones.

0180-050 Headlight wire tube headlight bucket to body, pair – Beetle -07/59

We got a new load of our high quality rear spring plates for the IRS rear suspension. Happy to have them back in. Ready for immediate supply.

1436 Spring plate cover ‘IRS’ (European) OE

1721-960 Cylinder head T25 – 1600cc Diesel 85-89 / complete

395 euro excl.

That was a big chunk of desire here….LOL, enough of that… we all like to wish you a relaxed weekend, leave that phone off, nothing is that urgent. You will be surprised what a relax feeling that is, question is, can you still handle that relaxing feeling???

More BBT news, next week, stay tuned!

BBT News

While politicians in Belgium are heating up for the upcoming elections of May 26, we try to stay alive and expand our program. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep, but bring you honest parts as we’ve always done for the last 33 years….

This week is not different.  We like to bring your attention to some cool new products and a couple of other products we also have, and we think you should have them too, ah!

We included this European style electric kit with the tow bars we’ve been selling forever. They have been warehoused as a BBT internal warehouse number.

Lately we got several requests for this kit so now we’ve added them to our general stock program. Perfect for any European style tow bar and all brand new.

4850-000 Tow bar electric kit 7 pin

As one of the many parts we developed for our king and link pin program we also produce our own Phenolic washers (Celeron rings).

We sell these separately from our kits as well at very low-cost. They are manufactured in the exact  and correct material.

Available in two sizes of course. You will need 4pcs for one complete front axle job.

1337-300 Kingpin Phenolic washer (Celeron ring) all bus -07/62

1337-310 King pin Phenolic washer (Celeron ring) all bus 08/62-

Do you know BBT stocks all standard kombi and utility split window bus panels? Very high quality with a lot of details went into the grain and the shape of the panels.

We have roof panels, door panels, kick panels and rear hatch panels. All in very high quality, water-resistant (they don’t deform when they get slightly wet in the rain) and a perfect fit.

We thought as we have them, you should have them too….

0552-100 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 / grey
0552-110 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 Single cab /grey
0552-120 Roof panels – Bus 11/58-07/67 double cab /grey

0552-050 Kick panels – Bus 03/55-02/60 / grey
0552-055 Kick panels – Bus 03/60-07/63 / grey
0552-060 Kick panels – Bus 08/63-07/67 / grey

0552-160 Rear hatch panel – Bus 03/55-07/63 grey
0552-165 Rear hatch panel – Bus 08/63-07/79 grey

0552-000 Front door panels (pair) – Bus -07/67 / grey
0552-005 Front door panels (pair) – Bus 03/50-02/61 / grey

0569 Inox cover for 5-panel rear view mirror, beetle

5,85 euro/pc excl.

Wall ring (small) 15 inch, 4 pieces

2539-414 blue
2539-715 orange

15,89 euro/set excl.

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The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful and relaxed weekend. More news next week.