Friends of the house

Your worst nightmare…

You have a lovely early beetle with just a perfect patina, nicely sorted ou, You know such a cool cruizer….

You sell it and to be safe You order a tow truck to transport your nice cute beetle to the new owner… and then… the tow truck flips over and rolls no less as three times with the beetle on his back,

This is how it looks afterwards….


So sad to see them like this and we feel real sorry for the owner, a guy from California….

Flat4 news, Mr Komori will retire.

Earlier this week we had to honour to receive a letter from our Japanese collegaues of Flat4 of Tokyo fame.

The sad news is that Volkswagen icon Mr Takashi Komori will retire as from now feb 28.

Mr Komori will be followed by Mr.Nao Fujita as president of the very famous Japanese Volkswagen parts company Flat 4.

We want to thank Mr Komori thoroughly for all he did for the VW community. He was the man behind the first aftermarket BRM wheels, steeringwheels and many good old EMPI products. Off course they made many other parts as well, but the most impressive was Mr Komori’s private collection. with so many rare and desirable cars and parts man could easily drool for hours!

After 42 years we wish Mr Komori a well-earned retirement and may he stay active for many years. This picture was taken from Mr Komori and yours truly many many moons ago…:)

2018-03-08 17.16.56_resized.jpg

Thank you so much Mr Komori for all you did for the Volkswagen community, You’re one of our real Volkswagen heroes!!


Sao Paolo skylines… time to say goodbye…..

Many people ask me what I think about Brazil and especially about big city Sao Paolo… well its huge… but… its way more as only favelas. Don’t want to minimalize the favelas but in the western world many people think Sao Paolo is only about favelas and that’s NOT the truth!

Sao Paolo is a rather modern city and has many and very beautiful skyscrapers… on my way back to the hotel earlier this week I took a couple of “impression” pictures to share with all of you!

2018-03-02 20.20.56_resized2018-03-02 20.22.44_resized2018-03-02 20.23.21_resized

But there’s many more!

It’s a vibrant city as well, with lots of nice restaurants and especially very friendly people, everywhere!

And many trendy places.. like this biker bar, burgers, beer, motorcycle wash & barbershop, all a biker needs, definitely one of our favourites!

2018-03-03 15.15.53_resized

They even have Belgian chocolate here!


And they have beautiful VW collections, (Thanks to Camillo to let visit his collection!)

2018-03-03 20.45.09_resized.jpg

Time to say goodbye for this trip report of last two weeks I like to finish with a beautiful sunrise out of my hotel room… time to fly home now…


Bye bye Sao Paolo, hopefully till anytime soon!

A very special Thank You to “Uncle” Sammy and “nephew” Ricardo who, without any doubt, made our life in Sao Paolo very easy!! Thank you guys, I own you big time!

Robert is no longer with us…

Long time friend of Da Houze, customer for always, and owner of several ex BBT cars Robert Mommen left us last Sunday.

His totally unfair battle against his cancer was one he couldn’t win…

We will remember Robert always and forever as always laughing’ and very young at mind, as long as he could be between the youngsters he was happy, very happy!

robert mommen_resized

His beloved split window beetle was an extreme nice one and won several awards at several big shows he took it too!

robert mommen 1_resized

We like to offer Roberts wife Jose, his son Geert and all other family members our deepest condolences.

You can sleep now Robert, up there in VW heaven, i’m sure there is sweet dreams of your beloved split window beetle over there and You driving it around the small white sweet clouds in heaven. It goes You well my friend, thank You so much for all I could learn from You!

The Vw Classics club meet and greet was a good one!

Yesterday we had a beautiful winter day in belgium, nice open skies (for most part of the day) dry,  and not too much of wind… so we decided with a couple of us to grab some cars and drive to the meet and greet from the VW Classics club on the BULO factory parking lot in Mechelen (between Antwerp and Brussels)

We had a great day!