Friends of the house

A real Belgian Mach 1 beetle revived!

Belgian importer D’Ieteren made a special Mach1 version of the beetle. during a period from a couple of years these fully dressed beetles been available through the VW dealer network in Belgium. This is considered as special as an EMPI GTV bug, but the european version.

Mach1 Beetles came with a powerful Okrasa engine, with several options like sportssteeringwheel, stripings etc etc…

“FFFast Fred” Frederic Peeters (from EBI fame) and his lovely wife Isabelle are the happy owners of this real Mach 1 and restored all the way down! This is considered  as one of the few Mach 1 that stayed alive. there’s less as a handfull!

2018-08-04 11.31.14_resized

Isabelle and Frederik showed off their “Belle”  at the Spa Francorchamps Le Bug Show last week, thanks for that FFFFred

2018-08-04 11.32.13_resized

For Belgian VW people this is real special, and thanks to FFFred this one survived!


The Patina Volkswagen book is coming!

Friend of Da Houze and author Mark Walker is finishing up his next publishing…

The Patina Volkswagens Book…

BBT was asked to deliver some content from our Patina VW collection… here’s an example of that picture shoot!

2018 06_resized

And this will be the cover…


This book will also be distributed by us, stay tuned for the release on this Blog!


Open House Cagero Switzerland, a super cool celebration!

The drive to Switzerland was especially to help our Swiss distributor Cagero to help to celebrate their 30th birth year of their company…

We build up a nice display booth with cars and parts…

2018-06-16 11.08.30_resized

BBT laddertruck used as a landmark…

2018-06-16 11.17.17_resized

They lined up real nice cars!!

2018-06-16 11.50.05_resized2018-06-16 11.50.30_resized2018-06-16 11.50.35_resized2018-06-16 11.51.06_resized2018-06-16 11.51.25_resized

Good to see Alain back from VWirus fame, his Fridolin was inspiration to many of us!!

2018-06-16 11.51.58_resized2018-06-16 11.52.40_resized2018-06-16 11.52.46_resized2018-06-16 11.53.00_resized

Many boots from engine builders, and special workshops

2018-06-16 11.54.31_resized

Also our other friend Alain was present, with his promotion booth for their VW Vintage show in Morat, Switzerland….

2018-06-16 11.54.58_resized

inside the shop is cool as ever….

2018-06-16 12.35.27_resized

one of the coolest VW shops in existence….

2018-06-16 12.36.45_resized

Outside they made a big party arena!

2018-06-16 14.48.52_resized

Many visitors brought out aircooled machinery, a stroll over the parking lot….

2018-06-16 15.42.48_resized2018-06-16 15.43.00_resized2018-06-16 15.43.18_resized2018-06-16 15.44.15_resized2018-06-16 15.44.36_resized2018-06-16 15.46.26_resized2018-06-16 15.46.31_resized2018-06-16 15.47.18_resized2018-06-16 15.48.14_resized2018-06-16 15.53.32_resized2018-06-16 15.53.48_resized

Matching boat for your bus?

2018-06-16 15.56.46_resized

or matching trailer for your car?? This is an ultra rare Hahn trailer… not the Westfalia Wolfsburg!

2018-06-16 15.56.56_resized2018-06-16 15.58.42_resized2018-06-16 15.59.06_resized

The complete line up…:)

2018-06-16 16.03.58_resized2018-06-16 19.13.03_resized

The BBT crew that signed present and worked hard!

2018-06-16 19.37.25_resized

Cool rock band brought the afternoon and evening atmosphere!

2018-06-16 22.01.33_resized

in the evening the whole place was lighted …

2018-06-16 23.13.34_resized

Incredible cool effects

2018-06-16 23.14.01_resized

Special Thanks to Gerry and Roman for the invitation… and their hard work to make this happen!!

Congratulations, and do another 30 years more!

On the road again, cool trip to Switzerland….

Cagero is BBT’s sole Swiss distributor, so when they call to come over for their 30 years in existence celebration we drive over in style!

2018-06-15 12.13.36_resized

Early rise and shine gives you beautiful sunrise views!

2018-06-15 06.22.40_resized

Nothing beats seat time in my 1958 Double door Deluxe…

2018-06-15 06.21.44_resized

and no, we’re not exactly Freeway only drivers!! That would be boring, at least for us! We drive small roads, get lost and have fun! ALWAYS!

2018-06-15 09.06.57_resized

Buddy David glued to my tail…:)

2018-06-15 06.21.54_resized

The bus line up before la Cité d’Automobile in Mulhouse France, better known as the Collection Schlumpf… the most Bugatti’s You can see in one place!! just incredible!!

2018-06-15 14.54.34_resized

The entry of the museum…

2018-06-15 15.02.06_resized

happy bussin’

Its over, no longer Jan Hautekiet on Belgian radiostations…

Jan Hautekiet was over 40 years the best voice on national Belgian radio… last week he biked all over our country to say bye in style, followed by BBT’s turkish Samba bus…

Friday night I was invited toi Brussels for the final concert and to receive a cool applause for our effort to let our samba follow his small group of sporty “radio bikers”.

Jan granted us a very cool picture posing with us before our bus… the end of an icon in public life remind us we all get older, don’t we?


on stage with the whole group of people who made the last week happen…


After this the redaction and the master himself started a radio marathon of the very last of his most legendary programs, “Hallo Hautekiet” they broadcasted from  friday 10.00pm till 7.00 o’clock saturday morning, non stop… many people in Belgium enjoyed fully!

Jan, thanks again for bringing us so good radio for so many years, hopefully You will not regret your retirement, but if you do, don’t hesitate to come back, me and many others will welcome You… always!!!