Friends of the house

Meet Andy and his team….

Andy loves Belgium beer, German buses and real Brittish lads…. His dream team…:)

Andy works on the BBT Palm Green San Green survivor bus in the back for the moment. Testing a lot of our Silver weld through metal, stay tuned for further updates!!!

He Andy, that belgium Beer, … only at the end of the workdays please? LOL

VolksAuto magzine, brand new just released issue nr 2 now available….

This was the talk of the town for last couple of months in the Vintage VW world!

VolksAuto Magazine is the proud result of hard work  from Die-Hard VW enthusiast Rob Amos.

Rob brought us a real cool new VW magazine, strictly for the Vintage VW community.

That’s right, no lowered cars, or funky wheels, only pure classic style.

BBT is proud advertiser from this magazine, and we’re even more proud we got a nice feature about our front fender production….

All further information or order your own copy on


Combi, un art de vivre, the new book in German and French language

BBT Stephan and Bob starring with one of their buses in this new book from Thomas Cortesi and Michaël Levivier.

This new big book (36 x 28cm!) is a real state of the art, available in French and German language. It explain the bus and the people behind it… the pictures are spot on with lots of details.

A perfect Christmas gift for a beloved one… cool to read in these corona times!

Very easy available over Amazon

For French click HERE

For German language click HERE

They still make New Mini’s, if VW would allow us to we could make a new T1 Bus!

Check out this cool video how they still build the Classic Mini.

If only VW would allow us to we could do the same now with the Classic VW bus…

We have simply every single panel available, but will never build a body shell without authorization…

The big difference is our tooling is all brand new state of the art cast tooling and the Mini is built on the old worn out tooling…

Enjoy the movie, we liked it a lot!