Inside BBT

Pink Monday! BBT wears the pink ribbons with pride! This morning we took the limo bus out for a special reason! Like us on FaceBook please!

This morning we took the BBT limobus out for a special reason! PINK MONDAY!!

Pink Monday is an action against Breast cancer, something to many of us been confronted with!

Today everybody @ BBT wear the Pink ribbons with pride! Same time our complete staff says hi to the world!!

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The BBT warehouse guys use every single inch of space in our warehouse…

BBT is a people company, we’re not numbers but real people with real names, we laugh and cry like any other one, just human beings… but what might be the different with other jobs is that BBT is driven on passion, loads of passion. Most people working in our company going to very edge to get the max from their jobs, today we see Tim in this little movie the guys made with their cell phones! !

BBT’s Tim at work, Tim is very cautious for space in “his” warehouse!!!

Click the pîc to see the full movie!!

Great job Tim!! Thanks for working @ BBT!

Nobody can beat our passion!!

Massive arrival today!! Big load of high quality BBT sheetmetal came in !! Bus roofs doglegs etc…. see pictures!

This morning our warehouse was pretty busy with unloading a full full full container of super high quality sheetmetal from our BBT sheetmetal range!

We have many parts back in stock now, the most important one being the roof for the split window bus… place your orders now!

Our sheetmetal is know besides for its quality also for its real well quality packaging, even our roofs been packed indivdual in boxes,…

we improved the packaging with cardboard reinforcements inside!

We’re all ready to rock and roll! Orders are welcome anytime!

BBT production new parts information!! These products will be soon available!

In our aim to make every single metal parts for the split window bus we have following products in final test case and these will be available in a couple of months!! Start dreaming!

All parts are made from OIRIGINAL parts, mainly by reverse engineering, so these parts are 100% authentic to your original! Fit and size are 100% correct! We only go for the best. All these parts been pressed in big cast tooling on deep throat presses exactly like Volkswagen used to make it back in the day!

and last but not least, this is the real deal!! The complete inner front!!

Thought this was worth to share with you… so You see we work hard to bring you only the very best parts, as your bus deserves nothing less!