Inside BBT

Testfitting cargo doors!

The new cargo door samples (version 2.0) arrived last week and we test fitted in nothing less as our original samba deluxe… Ex BBT top of the bill panelbeater “Metalmaster Seppe” came over for the testfit as nobody can tell more about test panels as he does….

We found some very small remarks what can be easily solved, so time tos tart thinking about production…


Thanks for all help Edwin, we really appreciate!



Kubel and Matador leaving BBT

Last monday we delivered a real precious load to the shippers. The 1952 Tempo matador and the 1942 Kubelwagen both leaving Da Houze…

The Tempo Matador is looking forward to his new home in California.

While the Kubelwagen is all ready for his new challenge being side by side in the garage with a 1943 Willy’s Jeep in New York.

Do you consider to sell your serious VW collectable? We can sell them for You, both of these cars been sold out of consignment… contact us for more information.


Test fitting the cargo doors.

Last week we received the cargo doors in our world renown silver weld-through primer for test fitting. Boy do these look good!

Randy dropped everything and started working on the doors. We had to find a suitable bus to test them in, we couldn’t find anything better other than Bob’s very original double-door samba.

We’re not going to say that the hinges just slipped in, nothing is straight forward with a old VW, but the hinges made it in position and were bolted in. Now we could test the overall shape; of course this is the off-tool sample so the edge was not clean and needed to be worked.

The main issue was hinge alignment, for the rest it was a very good sample. With our list of remarks, we shipped the doors back to the factory. They will address these issues to produce a set of doors that are only the highest quality. Because here at BBT, quality matters!

Here are some photos of the test fitting.