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Brazil container arrived now strikes are over…

Last week a huge container with parts from Brazil arrived.

The long strikes at the port of Santos and from the truck drivers made supplies very difficult out of Brazil for a while, but we’re back on track!

Container contained a huge order from Varga-TRW-ZF with brake parts, after our new agreements and terms from March deliveries picking up again. We’re happy we can announce we can keep supplying the good Varga quality at about same prices to keep our Volkswagens on the road! in a couple of months the supply should be back on the old levels, or actually should be better and more frequently.

Autolinea also had a large share from the container this time, The Autolinea German cylinder heads been noticed by the market and do sell really well, and finally we got a new batch of engine cases!

Container opening …40’ of fun parts for your Volkswagen.

Container IGP sheetmetal arrived!

The strikes in Brazil are over, so this week we receive no less as 3 containers from Brazil!

First this morning was a huge 40ft container full of IGP sheet metal…

Holiday workers Zino and Gerben having fun!!

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Another container of top quality sheetmetal arrived….

Another container of top quality sheet metal arrived!

all of our own production sheet metal is packed individually in boxes for perfect and easy transport, it takes a lot space, but its the only correct way to send our perfect as original metal parts all over the world.

Another impression of the volume of the contents of a full 45 ft high cube container….

Full load of chrome Modular wheels arrived today!

This morning we unloaded a full container with Modular wheels, all chrome!

We sell these wheels forever and they do stay popular as ever, they still look cool on your Beach Buggy or a trike!

Stock enough for everybody; order yours now!