Repro Westy pilot project…

Ruud from Repro Westy choose a BBT bus as a new pilot project for his business, a very high honor for us! Handing over the keys was in this case the “moment supreme!”

Repro Westy is a small business operation fabricates brand new Westfalia style interiors (hence the name!) and from now on You can order your westy style camper complete, to your choice, special made to order, the whole car…imagine… Your very own Westy! This bus was the first pilot project for this brand new service.

all info on repro westy and Ruud’s operation You can find on

I always said; “They come back from the moon one day!”

“In 1945, the Nazis went to the moon. In 2018, they are coming back” is the strapline of the new movie Iron Sky that has just premiered at the 62nd Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival). A comedy about Nazis in space, it has had mixed reviews but by all accounts the CGI effects are very impressive. 

Check the two attached promotional pictures to see what car these guys drive. Well, what did you expect? Good call!

Watch the official theatrical trailer at:

Thanks Pete Frost to share this information with us!


Delivery at the museum!

Monday it was me, myself and I that had the great opportunity to deliver the “King of patina” to Andre and Antoinette Van Wijlen, better known as the owners of Hollands premier VW museum, “The Wolfsburcht”

After passing RDW (to register the car in holland) I had to drop off at the old building, Andre first has to think about a new display in his lmuseum for his new acquisition…

After delivery we had coffee in the new building, reconise the building? Made after what You looking too everytime You drive your VW, the castle of wolfsburg, on the center of your hornbutton! What a building! Should bring one of my cars to have a photoshoot! inside they have a very nice museum, with most of the times one or more BBT car on display as well!

all furher info about museum “theWolfsburcht” you can easily find on their website, a visit is always recomended! The website is only in dutch language . Tell them BBT sended You…:)

BBT deep on the internet…

One of Belgiums favourite classic car car photographers, at least my favourite that is! just opened his own website… all about automotive  photography….

 Paul Peeters is a nice chap, and takes really time to perform his job well… 

Hereunder one of his pictures from our 1952 totaly unrestored convertible.

isn’t she lovely?

for all of his art work just go to

give hile a “thumbs up!” woill Ya? oh yes, tell him BBTBob sended you… hihi…