Rare and for sale

Super rare and for sale! Barndoor Fully crash gearbox and Barndoor front axle in VERY good condition

Transmission  is serial nr 2-0423 196 what means its made somewhere around June 1952, it’s a fully crash (totally unsynchronized) gearbox in very dry condition, disassembled in the sixties and always dry stored over all those years…

The Front axle is serial nr  2-048571 what means its made March 1953 its complete with spindles and is really rock solid, same thing, as transmission dismantled in the sixties and ever kept dry ever since!

Transmission and Front axle are either available together or seperate, choice is yours! Everybody realise these are very, very rare parts! Especially in this totally untouched condition… no cancer, no rot, no place! The best money can buy for your project!

Inquiries only by email to Bob@BBT4VW.com

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Thank You!

We dig them! For Sale 1958 Palm Green Sand Green virgin kombi!

Who brings You extreme ultra cool buses? We do, At Virgin Outlaws our hunters work day and night to bring you only the best of the best… here’s another untouched dreambus!

2016-04-11 11.57.28 ok, it needs rockers, right side cab floor and some other minor welding but everything that’s  over 50 will always need something! This is a cool virgin bus, period!

2016-04-11 11.57.42 Too many projects forced previous owner to sell this one, he mounted correct wheels and added the cool pressed bumper in the back…

2016-04-11 11.58.00 We just LOVE the uncut tail lights, how cool are those???? and off course the mostly first paint is just a KILLER Deal!!!

2016-04-11 11.58.10 Left side rocker seems worse like it is, very weird as the general structure from this baby is far above the average!

2016-04-11 11.58.20This is the type of front panels we all dream of don’t we?

2016-04-11 11.58.50

Welcome to a very nice original drivers cabin, front bench needs upholstery, and few extra holes in the dash for the radio, but that’s it! No hacker jobs…
2016-04-11 11.59.08Cargo floor can’t come any better!
2016-04-11 11.59.56The raingutters are all good, no rust in the roof! this is a BIG advantage for any project!

2016-04-11 12.00.17Everything is under the roof…:)

2016-04-11 12.00.37 A later 1200cc engine is in the engine compartment, original this should be still a 30HP (that 36 SAE HP for our US friends!)

2016-04-11 12.00.52Underneath there’s surface rust, as this bus was never treated to get this old, but this is exactly how I like to find them… Outriggers and such all look good to me at first sight…

2016-04-11 12.01.51 All is open and ready for inspection, no bondo, no camouflage , fresh paint or under coating underneath, what You see is what You get, exactly  as we like them so much!

2016-04-11 12.02.25 2016-04-11 12.02.42

What a beast! What a dream bus… 1958 being my favorite year, the best of ALL bus worlds! Pressed bumpers, nicest colors of Palm Green Sand Green, believe me, in 2016… they don’t come any better, these buses take an arm and a leg to get these days!!!

2016-04-11 12.03.10We striked again… we’re very proud we did, this is just a KILLER bus! No questions asked about that… If you’re on the market for such a fine piece of Volkswagen history don’t delay and send me an email right we away….Bob@bbt4vw.com

You buy a better Volkswagen from the better VW guys… Volkswagens is what we know and what we do, what we breath. We speak Vw’s and love our cars till death. it’s the only thing we do actually…., we dig them, haul them and pamper them… Virgin Outlaws is the most cool VW place to buy your VW on the entire planet earth, tell them BBT Bob told you!

For sale; Ultra rare 1961 Apal Coupe, Made in Belgium!

Apal was the last proud Car manufacturer in belgium. The Apal Coupe must have been his top model. The Apal Coupe was pretty succesful in international rallies in its day.

This particular Apal coupe is just a nice driver quality car, one of the best we ever saw actually.

2016-02-29 11.36.44

The Apal Coupe is a beautiful creature from the Apal works, its sits nicely on a VW chassis and use VW mechanics, but still it was always recognised as a real car because You bought them finished from the factory!

2016-02-29 11.36.50 Body lines are striking!

2016-02-29 11.37.04 2016-02-29 11.37.19 2016-02-29 11.37.25 2016-02-29 11.37.32 2016-02-29 11.37.44 Original ID plate is still in de door jam.

2016-02-29 11.38.19Dashboard is really nice made in wood, the clock was in repair on the moment of the picture shoot , but is finished now and will be mounted in the deal… before delivery.
2016-02-29 11.39.13 The car comes with two sets a seats, the original Apal coupe seats and a set of Scat Procliner seats…

2016-02-29 11.40.30 Front trunk is also nicely covered with carpet, This is a well maintained car!

2016-02-29 11.41.01 Engine is a strong running 1600cc dual port with double Weber IDF carburetors…

2016-02-29 11.42.13 The back looks very sexy don’t You think?

2016-02-29 11.42.23 Underneath all is nice and clean no rust, like the whole car, this is a nice car!

2016-02-29 11.42.30 Sleek lines above rear fenders, straight sides…

2016-02-29 11.43.11 2016-02-29 11.43.17A real killer beast from the sixties! Ready for the road!

2016-02-29 11.44.29For all further information, full picture shoot and/or pricing just send me an email on Bob@BBT4vw.com

For sale; 1957 Oval window convertible, real Cal look age survivor, rock solid, 2.0liter and Porsche 356 A brakes!


Restored, build, enjoyed and stored nice and dry in the garage light years ago, found by coincidence by a BBT hunter and picked up by yours truly himself… that’s at short the history of this former super smooth show winner!

Can You feel the summer already???

2016-02-23 10.17.19

Rock solid survivor from the eighties, cal look age… real well build back then, and survived very well!

2016-02-23 10.17.40

This baby comes very complete , with all special oval convertible only parts… easy project…

2016-02-23 10.17.58

Super smooth with the steel Porsche style rims that hide the aluminum Porsche 356 A brakes… complete and functioning!

2016-02-23 10.18.14

Interior is your typical eighties style, and ready for a re-upholstery, this car is so easy to make bone stock again!

2016-02-23 10.18.31

Rocksolid also in the luggage compartment behind the rear seat… if You restored an oval window convertible before You know how poor this area can be, but not this car…

2016-02-23 10.18.57

The car needs floor plates if you want to make it right, but that’s all, … and they even don’t look too bad at all…

2016-02-23 10.19.29

The rest of the body looks more like this…:) There might be “some” work on the chassis strengtheners, but nothing real bad, all is easy to repair, not to replace!

2016-02-23 10.19.41Aren’t we all dreaming from this condition bumper brackets????

2016-02-23 10.20.27Even the very specific Oval window convertible “flip” mirror is still in place…

2016-02-23 10.20.58 Spare wheel clean and solid as well, no rust, no old collision damage…

2016-02-23 10.21.38 W- Convertible decklid, …. makes me drooling!!!!

2016-02-23 10.22.10

Saved the best for last… 2.0 liter engine… professional re-awakened from its “hibernation” with new carburetors etc… turns like a Swiss watch… and has loads of power!!

2016-02-23 10.22.16All parts come along, also the rear window, vent wings etc etc… a real cool project!

2016-02-23 10.25.13This is a cool project, and very price worth, but off course the Porsche brakes, serious High performance engine, all the “special” parts in place and the solid condition add up some money on its own..

If you’re serious about this just send me an email for the full picture shoot with all details and/or the price… we really want to go this car to a good new and caring owner who knows what he talks about or want to learn at least seriously! This is heritage, not just a toy!

My email for all further questions, pictures and/or pricing is Bob@BBT4Vw.com

For Sale; Vintage Speedwell dual carburetor kit with Stromberg carbs, real Old School!

Out of our overflow of Vintage parts…. this kit is complete as far as we know and can be bought outright….

Comes with two pairs of installation foot for inlet manifolds, so will fit all of the VW single port engines as far as we understand…..

Comes complete with mounting instructions….

2016-01-07 13.07.30 2016-01-07 13.07.37 2016-01-07 13.07.43 2016-01-07 13.07.56 2016-01-07 13.08.11 2016-01-07 13.08.18 2016-01-07 13.08.24 2016-01-07 13.08.32

all further information most easy by email to Bob@BBT4vw.com

We can ship worldwide…