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With my “Big Brothers”

Today I delivered a rear clip from a bus to the port for shipping, the warehouse we use is huge and they ship a lot of cars for the military…  so I found myself unloading next to the “real” car haulers…

2018-04-06 21.15.32_resized

but that was the end of the day… let’s start with the beginning… I had this rear clip sitting in the bay area… but it’s too large for our car containers as it takes space up from a car, so too expensive, so I had to bring it down south so we could ship in the BBT parts containers once space allowed…

So I gassed up…

2018-04-06 19.14.05_resized

…. fed myself well….

2018-04-05 21.54.17_resized

…. and hit 101 fwy south…

2018-04-06 00.37.03_resized

101 is one of my favourite Freeways especially this time of the year, when all is green along the road…. unfortunately traffic was bad….

Every year You see here the ever-growing grape farming expanding… for the excellent Californian wine off course, every year there’s more and more land turned in to  wineries….

2018-04-06 00.37.32_resized

This is the last real oil field along 101 that I know off, there used to be way more!

2018-04-06 00.48.06_resized

Past Ventura You gonna hit traffic, You never know where exactly, but I never drove from Ventura to the 405 (that goes to Los Angeles) without hitting traffic, except during night-time…

2018-04-06 19.49.15_resized

Pacific Volkswagen, that was the first Volkswagen sign I ever saw along the freeway my very first time in California… a mere 27 years ago….. orso…..

2018-04-06 20.28.11_resized

and once arrived at the shippers I had to unload along the big car haulers, quiet in impressive for a guy out of the country side of Belgium!

2018-04-06 21.09.47_resized

So now I have an empty trailer, guess what???? …:)

Stay tuned and You will know!!


Drive hard, life hard and have a lot of fun!

The road from Phoenix to Reno was hard and long, I was pulled over by a brave bored trooper in one of the sleepy towns down the road for speeding… You know why I stopped you? he asked … Because you did 67 where it was 50…. btw are You a VW guy? (he saw my license plate “WBUYVWS” ) I said; yes, I am, I do buy old Volkswagens here and ship them over to Europe... turned out he was a VW guy himself! he start talking about his off-road bugs and engines etc etc, and let me go! My plate did wonders!

Down the last stretch to Reno I saw this nice billboard!

2018-04-04 18.18.21_resized

Long straights…

2018-04-04 18.19.03_resized

Once in Reno I visited some friends that are VW guys, one was selling a mango bus he just got out of California, very nice bus with very little work, and yes it was for sale, if you should be interested? I can broker the deal, no problem!

2018-04-04 21.44.24_resized

Oh, and what was peeping out of the garage????

That looks nice, right?

2018-04-04 21.45.08_resized

Having lunch with my buddies!

2018-04-04 22.53.20_resized

cool place, with a cool painting…:)

2018-04-04 23.40.59_resized

Next stop was a guy that just had too much… at arrival I was greeted by this Notchback… interesting to anyone?

2018-04-05 00.47.22_resized

This guys backyard was better as Disneyland! (to me at least!) Full with American and German iron… most was for sale, as he needs space and cash to build a larger shop… if you see anything? Just let me know!

2018-04-05 00.54.53_resized2018-04-05 00.54.56_resized2018-04-05 00.55.02_resized2018-04-05 00.55.40_resized2018-04-05 00.56.03_resized2018-04-05 00.56.10_resized2018-04-05 00.56.15_resized2018-04-05 00.56.56_resized2018-04-05 00.57.06_resized2018-04-05 00.57.15_resized2018-04-05 00.58.38_resized2018-04-05 00.58.58_resized2018-04-05 00.59.13_resized

6 door Thing anyone?

2018-04-05 01.06.47_resized2018-04-05 01.14.30_resized2018-04-05 01.40.45_resized

and we move to the next… a small back yard from another friend with some cool sheet metal…:) Real cut up buses, and not just one!

2018-04-05 03.06.36_resized

and a cool split window bus trailer, he has forever!

2018-04-05 03.06.53_resized

This was a super nice bay window that crashed hard in the front….

2018-04-05 03.08.27_resized

…. I mean real hard… the 80-year-old driver did survive, but nobody understand how! This was the cabin of that bus…

2018-04-05 03.10.26_resized

Last legs in Reno… passing by one of the “beetle spiders” in the Reno area… This one is super cool and has lighted “eyes”!

2018-04-05 04.28.18_resized

Bye bye Reno, we leave now…

2018-04-05 04.56.06_resized

I’m on my way back to the bay area to pick up some very interesting stuff “down south” as they say…… the rest of my trip will be in the state of California… so stayed tuned! If you keep on readin, I keep on writen!


Sao Paolo skylines… time to say goodbye…..

Many people ask me what I think about Brazil and especially about big city Sao Paolo… well its huge… but… its way more as only favelas. Don’t want to minimalize the favelas but in the western world many people think Sao Paolo is only about favelas and that’s NOT the truth!

Sao Paolo is a rather modern city and has many and very beautiful skyscrapers… on my way back to the hotel earlier this week I took a couple of “impression” pictures to share with all of you!

2018-03-02 20.20.56_resized2018-03-02 20.22.44_resized2018-03-02 20.23.21_resized

But there’s many more!

It’s a vibrant city as well, with lots of nice restaurants and especially very friendly people, everywhere!

And many trendy places.. like this biker bar, burgers, beer, motorcycle wash & barbershop, all a biker needs, definitely one of our favourites!

2018-03-03 15.15.53_resized

They even have Belgian chocolate here!


And they have beautiful VW collections, (Thanks to Camillo to let visit his collection!)

2018-03-03 20.45.09_resized.jpg

Time to say goodbye for this trip report of last two weeks I like to finish with a beautiful sunrise out of my hotel room… time to fly home now…


Bye bye Sao Paolo, hopefully till anytime soon!

A very special Thank You to “Uncle” Sammy and “nephew” Ricardo who, without any doubt, made our life in Sao Paolo very easy!! Thank you guys, I own you big time!

The cilinderhead and engine case machining plant, and a visit to our voltage regulator manufacterer

Our Brazil trip go full force… we’re still here till end of the week and the schedules are just overfull!

Yesterday we paid a visit to the machining plant of Hübner (Auto Linea) to see how our engine cases and cylinder head been machined after the casting yesterday.

2018-02-28 17.46.42_resized

Hubner is a massive factory (I’ve been here several times before) that works real hard on larger diesel applications… The owner, by everybody known as Mr Nelson, is a Fusca lover hence he provides so many of us with high quality products to keep our Volkswagens alive…

2018-02-28 16.18.33_resized

The factory is al split up in departments what they call “families” here, well here is the VW engine and cylinder head “family”

2018-02-28 16.09.29_resized

The machining of the two cases has to be equal (both sides the same) so only can be done simultaneously…

2018-02-28 16.09.09_resized

Jerry was pretty impressed here!

2018-02-28 16.06.17_resized

After machining the cases been assembled with the necessary studs and center pens by these lovely ladies! Believe me or not they’re crazy about Fusca!

2018-02-28 16.11.24_resized

Full pallets of engine cases everywhere,

2018-02-28 16.05.03_resized

We also came here to discuss the new Magnesium case they have in the pipeline. till now all of their cases been made from aluminum.

2018-02-28 16.06.36_resized

The improvements from the original case are many… where under more material behind the pulley…

2018-02-28 16.06.50_resized

and a reinforced area behind the flywheel, where the original cases tend to crack.

2018-02-28 16.07.46_resized

as said Hübner makes a lot of heavy-duty diesel engine blocks and heads so the machines here are out of proportion… a (little) tour for your service!

Here a couple of Sunnen honing machines…

2018-02-28 16.00.09_resized

Just a drill? These run all together to drill a cylinder head at once! imagine!!

2018-02-28 16.04.16_resized

This is an alignbore machine…

2018-02-28 15.58.18_resized

Many machines need many tooling right? CNC tooling are not cheap at all, this is the capital of the company! A team of 5 people take care for only these tools!

2018-02-28 15.43.11_resized2018-02-28 15.54.03_resized

a new CNC machine was installed, for a production for Scania of a certain motorblock for the assembly line!  is this big enough to be impressive, I used Jerry as a refence…LOL…:)

2018-02-28 16.15.55_resized

at the end there is the shipping department off course!

2018-02-28 18.11.03_resized

Mandatory lunch… and yes we still love the Churascheria (Brazilian BBQ) Thanks for the invitation Alison! I think the only vegetarians in Brazil are the cow really…:)

2018-02-28 19.00.39_resized

Alison drove us to the factory of our 6 volt voltage regulators… they gave us a very warm welcome!

2018-02-28 19.56.43_resized

Some even have  BBT sticker on their computer here, are we friends? You bet!

2018-02-28 20.49.13_resized

These are the internals of modern voltage regulators, a whole package of technology!

2018-02-28 20.55.52_resized

Production is almost clinical here, no dust allowed!! Some areas are even restricted for visitors…

2018-02-28 20.56.28_resized2018-02-28 20.58.04_resized

Test, test, test!!! The number of test equipment here is enormous, every little step needs his own control!

2018-02-28 20.59.31_resized

In product research and development department we got simulations for our next production run of 6 volt voltage regulators, as we’re about to run out of our first production. We discussed the improvements and gave it a GO!

2018-02-28 21.21.11_resized

This is research engineering (for modern cars) unbelievable what these guys put on just a mini mini circuit board!

2018-02-28 21.31.10_resized

But also the production work is here… this is the printer of the circuit boards!! Very extremely high specialised!!

2018-02-28 21.41.28_resizedand more testing!

2018-02-28 21.42.12_resized

This is the assembly of the circuit boards, they get so small now it’s hardly impossible for humans to put them together, this machine is crazy amazing, it goes so fast! The rolls in the front are the little components….

2018-02-28 21.49.33_resized2018-02-28 21.52.46_resized

and more testing… end control is all control as they say…

2018-02-28 21.52.56_resized

That was another day… we fly back to Sao Paolo now, for a drive to several larger factories tomorrow..

Our uncle Sammy with a big smile in an old 1951 Plymouth… Sammy is not a real Uncle, but for BBT he is… we go back a long way and Uncle takes really good care for us!!

Hey Uncle, can we drive along to our next adventures?

2018-02-27 01.24.17_resized

Tomorrow I leave the Blog for the BBT Friday product update team but will try to make another report for You on saturday and sunday!

stay tuned!!


How they make Vw Engine cases and cilinder heads…

Yesterday we visited the foundry of our trusty cylinderhead and engine case supplier Auto Linea. BBT and Auto Linea go a long way back now!

We visited their aluminum foundry, and again, this was an impressive operation!

These are some samples of products Auto Linea cast in this plant. In total Auto Linea has 4 plants..

2018-02-27 17.41.08_resized

Let’s start with the raw material, comes in like this..

2018-02-27 17.57.51_resized

and is severe tested, also with a spectrometer before it goes in to their storage… also the liquid aluminum from the foundry is tested in this lab…

2018-02-27 17.46.39_resized

Let’s start with the cylinderheads first..

This is the machine, or one of the machines to be more precisely, that make the insert sand castings.

2018-02-27 17.59.56_resized

These are those castings! Yes, its sand!! Unbelievable how nice they can form this! Do You recognise in and outlet ports?

2018-02-27 18.00.36_resized

Ok the (aluminum) soup is cooking… ready for action!!

2018-02-27 18.03.47_resized

They put the sand casting in the steel (outer) tooling and close the tooling on this machine…

2018-02-27 18.01.31_resized

and they “serve” the hot (aluminum) soup!

2018-02-27 18.02.02_resized

What they pour in the tooling…

2018-02-27 18.02.21_resized2018-02-27 18.03.17_resized

When they re-open the tooling they get something like this…

2018-02-27 18.03.03_resized

Off course there’s massive differences in tooling, left You see an export cylinder head (like we sell) and on the right you see a way cheaper cylinderhead for the Brazilian domestic market!

The better the tooling, the better the product…

The first batch of the new tooling arrived @ BBT HQ just before we left, so anytime soon You can read on this Blog about the new Cylinderhead that’s way better as the old one…

2018-02-27 18.06.58_resized

The “cleaning” happens here before shipping the head to another plant for machining a mere 250km up north…

2018-02-27 18.07.15_resized

In the next building we could follow the process of the foundry for the engine cases.

They been made in a different way what called “a cold box”…

These are the forms…

2018-02-27 18.15.17_resized

That been filled with sand…

2018-02-27 18.17.03_resized

Very special sand that becomes hard when they spray it with a certain gas… this is how the open sand castings look… before they close them…

2018-02-27 18.16.06_resized

The (aluminum) soup is also here cooking…  time to pour it in the moulds…

2018-02-27 18.18.45_resized2018-02-27 18.16.57_resized

and this is how it comes out of the moulds… half an engine case at the time…

2018-02-27 18.29.25_resized

after that they been shot blasted for 15 minutes in this huge machine, with stainless steel bullets…

2018-02-27 18.20.17_resized2018-02-27 18.21.10_resized

and finally they get sorted and stored in the transport boxes to be transported up North for machining…

2018-02-27 18.20.23_resized

on the way out we spotted this TL right before the factory door…:)

2018-02-27 18.39.51_resized

The aluminum foundry of Auto Linea is in a city called Blumenau… it’s a very Germanized  city and they have the second largest Oktoberfest in the entire world. this is where the Auto Linea export team brought us for lunch…

Just wanted to share with all of You this little old German town…

2018-02-27 19.02.38_resized2018-02-27 19.04.14_resized

Jerry seems to like serious German food…:)

2018-02-27 19.49.57_resized

and as many beers on tap as You can dream off, no, we didn’t tried them all…

2018-02-27 20.22.21_resized

For the sweeties between all of you, these was the desert buffet…:)

yes, the food is very good in Brazil…

2018-02-27 20.30.11_resized

The afternoon we had a harsh 5 hr trip up north to the city of Curitiba, we faced quiet some heavy tropical rainstorms what delayed our travel time enormously… but we did arrive safe and and sound, ready for the next…

Tomorrow we report about the machining plant of Auto Linea, been there before, but its is a massive operation I don’t mind visiting every Brazilian trip.. also to discuss production, new products and quality issues…   so… stay tuned