Friday Product Update

Vintage speed brought us a ball bearing linkage for dual carburetors… this one especially for Type 4 engines with Porsche style cooling system. The advantage of the ball bearing system should be less play and smoother operation, so You can dose the pedal on your feet better and more easy! New technologies for old cars make them work sometimes…:)

2187-700 Linkage with ball bearing for Type 4 engine with Porsche cooling – Vintage Speed


We missed one part of the B pillar in our line up, and we add this last week to our program, so now we can supply the complete lower B post from our shelves!

0890-424 B-post inner panel right (225mm) Bus -07/67 Auto Craft


Beach time, summer time, holiday time … BBT’s Peter is off this week and play beach pong with his brand new BBT rackets! Don’t miss out and order yours now!

9990-000 BBT Beach tennis set

Happy holidays, next week the FPU team enjoy their holidays so no FPU for next week, but we will be back alive and kicking on Aug 25!

Friday Product Update

This is the indispensable rear part of your shift rod that goes from your shifter to your transmission to select your gears…. worn out and tyred, broken or missing, no problem any longer, we got You covered with these brand new ones! Fit all early bay window up July 1971.

1403-520 Rear shift shaft Bus 08/67-07/71


Early engines up to 1959 had a lot of different names over the world, most common is the 30DIN Hp engine (what’s translated as a 36 HP SAE in USA) they use only 6mm dowel pins for to keep the flywheel steady to the crankshaft, later models use 8mm… so we teamed up and brought you back the 6mm dowel pins, we made them slightly longer as stock, to give more strength  and have no play, been not worn, nor plied, nothing beats new dowel pins! sold in set of 8 pcs…

1641-500 Flywheel dowel pin set 30hp long

BBT FPU team wish You a very happy weekend, maybe we see each other @ Le Bugshow @ Spa Francorchamps?

Friday Product Update

This buffer and spring are indispensable when restoring your deluxe bus properly. It fits inside behind your cargo door handle and gives a super nice and original finish to your pre 67 deluxe bus, we have readily available from our stock for You now!

0524-553 Buffer inner cargo door handle – Bus 03/50-07/67


0524-554 Spring inner cargo door handle – Bus -07/67

Finally arrived … 6 volts gas gauge for your bus. Originally stock from 63 to 67 but will fit off course in every dash from 55 to 67 when You brave enough to drill that hole. Stop running out of gas, a fuel gauge is a luxury item that is easy to use…:)

Buy yours now, off course we also carry your flotter for correct indication!

2655-100 Fuel gauge 6V – Bus 08/55-07/67



We just had plenty stock in of these OE Bosch universal switch… fog lights, driving lights, heater, rear window heating, You name it … plenty of use in your VW!

Go for quality, Go for Bosch, and buy Bosch @ your local BBT dealer!

0636-050 Bosch on-off switch green, red or yellow


Crazy good quality side window seal for your bay window WITH vent wings, back in stock and back available from our shelves!

7507 Side window seal with ventwing Type2 08/67-07/79

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful and magic weekend with tons of VW fun!

Friday Product Update

This week we added all VW logos for the front and rear of your beloved T25/T3/Vanagon VW bus. Off course all these VW logos been sold under the VW license program, so all been legal in regards to trademarks and such. all different models listed below… never realised they made so many different….:)

No reason any longer to drive around without logos on your late VW bus!

0440-300 Emblem VW front chrome – Bus 05/79-07/87 -95mm (Original)


0440-305 Emblem VW front black – Bus 05/79-07/87 -95mm (Original)


0440-310 Emblem VW front chrome – Bus 08/87-07/92 -125mm (Original)


0440-315 Emblem VW front black – Bus 08/87-07/92 -125mm (Original)


0440-320 Emblem VW rear chrome – Bus 08/87-07/92 -100mm (Original)


0440-325 Emblem VW rear black- Bus 08/87-07/92 -100mm (Original)



and more T25/T3/Vanagon news as the 7642-000 Door window channel came back in stock after being longer time of no supplies… we have plenty now!

7642-000 Door window channel T25 05/79-08/92

The BBT FPU team wish You a very happy weekend!

Friday Product Update

We got the right pressing undersill for your 1955-1970 beetle now in stock, perfect quality, perfect fit, forget about incorrect cheap reproductions, BBT delivers quality first! These will fit perfectly on pre 55 cars, but the pressing is slightly different.

0848-005 Stock style undersill left – Beetle 08/54-07/70


0849-005 Stock style undersill right – Beetle 08/54-07/70

Also available in improved quality and correct pressing:

0848 Stock style undersill left OEM – Beetle 08/70-
0849 Stock style undersill right – Beetle 08/70-


Every restoration or repair You will need this gaskets for your sliding window fastener from your 55-67 split window bus. Made like original they have a perfect fit!

7437-500 Seals for front door window fasteners Bus 03/55-07/67 (pair)


The New Airmighty is available now from your favorite BBT dealer!

9496-27 Airmighty 27


Very very proud, we offer now our OWN production valve cover clip for your 1960 and later build Type 1 engine. These clips been 100% made from NOS units, without any compromise (and we drove the spring factory crazy to achieve this result believe me!!)

Perfect fit, perfect tension, perfect size… this is exactly like original!! Proudly made in Belgium

Available from our shelves right away!

1768-1 Valve cover clip Type1 engine / Black


BBT’s FPU team wish you a very happy and relaxing weekend….