Friday Product Update

Because of recent import of many VW bay window buses out of the USA (and so to US specs) demand for type 4 engine parts is on the rise for sure, We @ BBT try to get as many parts as we can get to keep those babies on the road!

These “elbow” pipes You can find in front of your engine (in driving direction ) between your heat exchanger and the heater control flap (that connects with a cable to your dash control levers). Good condition of these elbows is mandatory to make your heater system work as it should be.

We’re happy we have found those parts now and added to our ever-growing program to keep your Volkswagen on te road!

Sold per pair with a  perfect fit on all of Your aircooled Type 4 engines in your Bay window or T25/T3 vanagon bus! Order yours now….

1080-450 Elbows heatexchanger to heaterflap Type4 (Pair) – Bus 08/71-07/85




We have received a new production from these small rubber seals that “grip” the clips of your door panels.

We have two models to serve all aircooled needs. The first one (BBT 0405-550) is for all bay window buses, the second one (BBT 0405) is the one for all other aircooled models using this system.

The difference is that the holes in the door from a bay window are 1mm smaller as from beetles, Ghia’s and Type 3’s….. so the perfect plug for the perfect job, your choice!

For Bay window;

0405-550 Rubber seal for door panel clip  Bay window bus 08/67-07/79

For all other aircooled VW models using this system of plugs and clips;

0405 Rubber seal for doorpanel clip All beetles, Ghia’s and Type 3’s (Original)

BBT’s FPU team wish You a wonderful and lovely weekend.

Friday Product Update

This week we’re in a accessory mood… Key fobs, door mats and an espresso cup set, all with our beloved splittie prints!! We sell this official VW licensed cool accessories at very affordable prices, the perfect gift if You’re invited to that BBQ of your crazy VW friends!

6000-322 Key ring with bottle opener the design of the VW T1 Bus – Grey


6000-323 Key ring with bottle opener the design of the VW T1 Bus – green


6000-324 Key ring with bottle opener the design of the VW T1 Bus – yellow


6710-001 Doormat “Retro Volkswagen logo”


6710-002 Doormat “Samba & Beetle”



6710-003 Doormat “Front & Back”


6710-004 Doormat “Highway”


6650-700  Espresso Cup set made out of new bone china with 4 different colours T1 busses



Long time unavailable because of production problems, now back in stock, BBT’s own set of Brake shoes for 1302/03 front or type 3 in the rear, Made in Germany under BBT’s proper supervision!

1231 Brake shoes front 1302/1303 – back Type 3 8/’63- BBT


We wish You all a very happy weekend!

Friday Product Update

Work on your safety! This little valve keeps the vacuum to your servo when your engine stalls, so your servo keeps working (and let you brake normally) when your engine stalls… This valve You can find in between your vacuum line right after your inlet manifolds, make sure yours is in place and works fine or replace with BBT’s perfect reproduction.

1208-600 Non vacuum returnvalve brake servo – Bus 08/70-


we do have a limited stock of these fine bulbholders for your very early cars back in stock, get yours as long as stocks last….

0626-300 Taillight bulb holder (single) Type 1 -52 / pair


Our prefered partner Wolfsburg West from California USA brought out a full line of locks and latches for your split window bus build between 1955 and 1963.

These locking and latches set is all complete for all that needs a key with simple one fitting key for all and every set will come with two keys, exactly like You bus came new from the factory… now how cool is that? Just as standard or stock as it can be!


0425-905 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab 03/55-07/58




0425-910 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab08/58-12/60




0425-915 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab, 01/61-07/63





0425-920 Lock setall bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab,  07/63-12/63




Happy weekend!

Friday Product Update

Welcome to BBT’s FPU, also this week BBT put some of his new and special products on this page for You to know!

Kick off with these super cool little slider bars for the safari windows in your splittie bus… tested and approved by BBT and really unique! Finally the over-thighting of your butterfly bolts come to an end! These slider latches keep your safari’s easy and simply open without You have to put too much force  on your wing bolts! the best new invention we saw in splittie land the last decade! hardcore safari window drivers will understand the need at once!

0397-016 Safari slider with stop – Bus -07/67  (4pcs) Stainless Steel


In the early fifties there was not a lot of Philips screws to be found on our Volkswagens… some exceptions could be found for the door hinges to the body and… for the center-wedges… because of finding good originals was a big problem we decided and stepped up and “arranged” to make this a stock product! Now availble from our stocks, to mount your rubber door-wedges bug & bus! Mount them now exactly like it should, with original type of screws….  get yours from your local BBT dealer now!

0438-315 Screw door center-wedge – Beetle -01/53 – Bus -12/63 (pair)


After some absence back available…  Produced by OE manufacturer the OE style floorplates for your beloved Bay window bus, best quality money can buy, no substitutes!

0891-760  Floor pan, left  07/67-07/79


0891-770  Floor pan, right  07/67-07/79


Friday Product Update! Mc Pherson strut housings and IRS trailing arms now in stock, ready for delivery!

From sunny California where rust is not a main issue we brought a large amount of 1302/03 Mc Pherson struts and IRS rear trailing arms.

We have all models in stock now… nicely sorted out with part numbers  easy for You to order the right parts!

Replace your rusted out strut or trailing arm with these solid used original VW parts!


1454-202 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left single leafspring (used)

1454-203 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ right single leafspring (used)

1454-200  Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left double leafspring (used)



1454-201  Trailing arm right double leafspring ‘IRS’ (used)


1386-000  Strut Super Beetle left -07/73 (used)

1386-100  Strut left  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-010  Strut Super Beetle right -07/73 (used)

1386-110  Strut right  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-190  Suspension spring  Super Beetle (used)