For sale; Dannenhauer & Stauss, perfection and exclusive coachbuild VW


Friend of Da Houze Mark asked us to sell his incredible nice piece of VW coach build machinery for him.
Dannenhauer & Stauss are unmistakable counted to the nicest Volkswagen derivatives ever build.

This little gem offered here is a very special and ultra-unique automobile, top restored and ready to Rock & Roll.
That’s right, Mark recently finished a non-compromise restoration creating the stunning result the pictures show.

No expense spared, it will be hard to find a better one, if you’re able to find another D&S available at all!
For sure Dannenhauer & Stauss cars do come very very rarely for sale.

With Porsche 356 mechanics & its history this is the perfect and probably the best Dannenhauer & Stauss ever to add to your collection.
Tons of period & restoration pictures and extreme exclusive D&S period memorabilia make this transaction very unique and exclusive!

Nice things in life do come at a price, but at least this nice thing is available!
The car reside in the UK with its current restorer, and owner, are you the next caretaker?
Please contact for all further information.

Nice things in life do come at a price, but at least this nice thing is available!
The car reside in the UK with its current restorer, and owner, are you the next caretaker?
Please contact for all further information.

BBT News


With inflation flirting around 10% in most countries of the Western world our life gets more expensive.
Parts for our beloved classic Volkswagens are part of that.
Every day we get price raises from factories unfortunately.

There are two countries with a negative inflation worldwide for the moment.
Life gets cheaper every month in Benin and South Sudan, but we doubt they produce any part we might need.

But we do know inflation will not stop us bringing you more parts to help us living our VW lives full force.
Welcome to BBT News, let us present you our product updates for this week.

Let’s start with some new parts we carry now for the most stylish Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.
We add the rear quarter pop out seal for 1972 and later Karmann Ghia coupe.

We talk about the rubbers sitting in the body what seal the glass when you close the window.
One set is for both left and right side.

Rear quarter pop out seals for your Karmann Ghia build between 1960 and 1971 can be found HERE

0759-196 Seal popout window – Karmann Ghia 08/71- (pair)

Karmann Ghia used several models front indicators over the years.
We like to introduce here the indicator housings for 1957 to 1963 and for 1964 up to 1969 models.

Mainly pitted or corroded with broken studs and tabs and/or oxidized bulb holders if not missing at all we offer now the perfect replacements.
Made from NOS models with a very nice finish this is the absolute ticket for a perfect restoration.
The 58-63 and 64-69 Karmann Ghia indicators are not handed, so the same for either left or right.

Lenses for 58-63 models can be ordered under BBT # 0616-300 for orange and BBT # 0616-301 for clear.
Lenses for 64-69 models can be ordered under BBT # 0616-305 for orange and BBT # 0616-306 for clear.

Karmann Ghia front indicators up to 07/57 you can find HERE
Karmann Ghia front indicators for 1970 and later models you can find HERE

Seals for all Karmann Ghia indicators you can find HERE

0616-312 Indicator housing front – Karmann Ghia 08/57-7/63
0616-315 Indicator housing front – Karmann Ghia 08/63-07/69

The lens on a 58-63 Karmann Ghia front indicator is held by a very specific chrome ring.
We have this ring available now.

0616-311 Ring indicator housing front – Karmann Ghia 08/57-7/63

Originally Volkswagen had 3 different final ratios for its Type 1 transmissions.

Shortest was a 35 to 8 ring and pinion what gave a 4.375 final ratio, mainly used in 1200 and 1300cc beetles and derivate.
Half long was a 33 to 8 ring and pinion giving a 4.125 final ratio, used in some 1300 as well 1500cc beetles, Type 3 and derivate.
The longest original available was a 31 to 8 ring and pinion good for a 3.875 final ratio, originally used in combination with most 1600cc engine configurations.

The shorter your final ratio the more RPM your engine will rev at a certain speed, the longer your final ratio the lower RPM, if your engine is strong enough to pull at least.

In order to make your final ratio longer as anything original we introduce now the XXL 31 to 9 ring and pinion to give you a 3.444 final ratio.

Perfect to let that high performance engine gain some speed @ the Autobahn, or to cruise at lower RPM with a properly build high displacement engine.
For most strength we bring this XXL R&P with splines like for the later model transmissions, a keyed version for earlier transmission models is in the works.
Our R&P’s are Made in Europe by a well-respected automotive gear manufacturer.

Fits all Beetle, Ghia, 181, Type 3 and split window bus.
For Bay window and later buses Volkswagen used specific transmissions not fitting other air-cooled models of their line.

1493-053 Ring and Pinion 31/9 (3.44) – splined

BBT supplies long time “Freeway Flyer” transmissions HERE
They come with a “long” 31-to-8 ring & pinion for a 3.875 final ratio coupled to a 0.89 4th gear.

A 0.89 4th gear ratio tells you the drive axles from your baby runs lower RPM as your engine.
This creates what they used to call an “overdrive” effect for lower RPM long hauls with powerful engines.

Because of good used 31-to-8 R&P’s become rare and new R&P’s are expensive we introduce now a complete rebuild transmission with a 35-to-8 R&P and a 0.89 “long” 4th gear for your swing axle suspension.
This is a perfect solution for stock engines to run long motorway distances, like driving to VW shows!

These transmissions will fit all your beetle, Ghia, 181, type 3 and split window bus with a swing axle suspension.
Bay window bus transmission can be found HERE

1490-500 Gearbox 35/8 swing axles rebuild (4th gear 0.89)

Sloppy gears, we believe most experienced VW bus drivers do know what we talk about..
Lots of play whilst in gear and/or in neutral, vibrations, hard to select or find the correct gear..
Let’s see how we can help you on that…..

This week we focus on some small parts that can make a huge difference in your driving experience of your beloved type 2..
Read below how to improve the “gear stick feel” for tighter and more accurate shifting..

The below kit is assembled with all possible bushings used in all post barndoor buses until the last baywindow.
The kit features 7 bushings or guides that are used in the shift rod system from below your gear stick all the way back to the hockey stick that pokes out of your gearbox. Over time and especially when the bus is used well, these bushes will wear out and create play in the system.

What may look like a little slack below will result in very obvious play in your gear stick movement.
When you’re underneath your bus, please check that the shift rod (the front one that connects to your gearstick) is in good condition especially the hole on the opposite end of the cup, when this is too worn out or damaged it will lead to exaggerated play and will need replacing..

Should this be the case, than no worries – BBT got you covered!
Have a look HERE, just make sure you double check the year of your bus as there are several options..

The bushes in the kit are not sold separately.

1408 – Shift rod bushing kit – Bus 03/55-07/79

Next is the shift or gear rod guide that is used in the earlier split bus up until 11/57.
This one is situated at the front of the main shift rod where it enters the tube.
Sold separately and available off the shelve @ BBT.

1408-100 – Shift shaft guide spring – Bus -11/57

And finally our last call out this week is the below coupler.
The shift rod underneath your bus is divided in several parts due to its length and the many obstacles underneath.
The rods are connected with couplers, due to it’s design and the location it lives they are exposed to the elements and more often than not heavily corroded.
It’s not unusual that it needs to be replaced after disassembling the rods as cutting it off is often the easiest way..

We found a perfect replacement which is readily available off the shelve.
Please note the below is the later split bus version, the pre 62 bus used a slightly longer coupler which you can find with BBT # 1403-250.
Whilst you’re under there it may be a good thing to replace the rear coupler too use BBT # 1405 as well as the boot in front of the coupler use BBT # 1404-100

The couplers are available off the shelve by piece, don’t forget to order a new coupler screw – BBT # 1406-1

1403-260 – Shift rod coupler – Bus 10/61-07/79

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News Team wish you a wonderful VW summer weekend, if you’re on holiday, enjoy, if you’re working enjoy too!