BBT News

Did you go to a VW show lately?
You should.

It is amazing how nice people build their cars these days.
Always better, nicer, and more accurate.

Be it stock or modified.
BBT is proud to be part of our Volkswagen world.

We do not stop developing nor adding parts to our lines.
This week no different.

Welcome to BBT News.


Karmann Ghia’s are cool cats.
We decided to expand our line of Ghia parts extensively.

This week we add the aluminum profiles that hold the rubber seal between body and side windows.
Pre bent for easy installation.

Sold as complete set of six pieces for one car.

Rubber between this trim & body and around pop outs HERE
Rubber between this trim and glass HERE

0759-189 Window seal trim (set) – Karmann Ghia 09/59-07/71


T25/T3/Vanagon gets attention as well.
We add this little dust cap.

Sits on the outside of the rear bolt of your rear trailing arm.
Looks a lot like a wheel bolt cap (HERE) but much shorter.

1378-312 Cap on bolt trailing arm rear – Bus 05/79-08/92


More people want to make their cars like they left the factory.
We add more parts to help.

These carpet rings are a nice touch on that path.
Every carpet kit should have these rings, but manufacturers leave them out often to save on cost.

Sitting at foot level, something you look at often.
You can now put your own rings in your existing carpets.

Gain that looks of originality!
Rings up to 1952 been longer time in our range HERE

0540-080 Foot heater rings – Beetle 04/52-07/55 (pair)
0540-090 Foot heater rings – Beetle 008/55-07/64 (pair)


There is no secret BBT has a close relationship with our Italian friends from the Rhibo/Maxicar factories.
BBT helped out Rhibo/Maxicar several times in the past.

Happy to help when Rhibo/Maxicar asked for help to improve their sloping headlight fenders.
We shipped them a pair of original fenders to adjust the heights of headlight bucket and horn grills.

They adjusted their tooling (not simple on an old over-used tooling) and succeeded.
Helping the project they choose BBT to tell the VW world about their improvements.

We are happy to announce we received our first load of the adjusted fenders.
Upon close inspection the headlight buckets and horn grill holes are properly lined out now.

Being part of the project, we received the very first production run now, ready for delivery.
Maxicar/Rhibo fenders are close to 06/60-07/67 fenders.

BBT fenders up to June 1960 also back in stock HERE

0104 Wing front left -07/67
0105 Wing front right -07/67


The BBT NEWS team wish you a wonderful weekend.

BBT News

Western Europe had some really nice, cozy and warm spring weather lately.
Our beloved classics leave their winter barns and start cruising.

BBT tries to help to make that cruising’ as smooth as it gets.
Our parts are made for our own Volkswagens.

A love and passion we’re glad to share with all of you!
Welcome to the BBT NEWS.


Bus seats are important to carry your passengers the safe way.
Quality of hardware for middle and rear seats went down a LOT by most suppliers.

As our regular long-time suppliers let us down, we had to find alternatives.
We teamed up with other people in the VW industry understanding our needs.

 We are proud to launch today real cast iron middle and rear seat mounting hardware.
Exactly as original that is!

We all know that quality comes at a price, we choose safety first!
After all these seats carry your beloved ones, just imagine!

Clamps for 67 and later buses come with a notch, to keep them in place.
Here your seat frame has holes to receive that notch.

Measurements are from bottom to the top surface where the (wing)nut comes.
The correct T-shape bolt made by the OE manufacturer you find HERE

8072-030 Mounting plate for middle seat – Bus 50-07/79
8072-040 Wing nut for middle/rear seat – Bus 50-07/79, Beetle STD -07/65


8072-110 Clamp for middle seat – Bus -07/66, Beetle STD -07/65
8072-120 Clamp for rear seat – Bus -07/66
8072-210 Clamp for middle seat – Bus 08/66-07/79
8072-220 Clamp for rear seat – Bus 08/66-07/79

Besides the four well known different clamp models there is a number five as well.
Volkswagen books and literature are incomplete and vague,

We had to discover by research on original buses.
Used in standard buses up to 67 delivered without rubber mat.

As this application does not use BBT 8072-040 mounting plate the clamp is made higher.
Choose your clamps for perfect fit and transport your beloved ones the safe way.

8072-115 Clamp for middle seat (without floor mat) – Bus -07/66



 As we love our Ghias we now stock the correct outside window scrapers for lowlight Ghia’s
Later model outside window scrapers you can find HERE

0759-118 Scraper outside – Karmann Ghia 55-07/59 (pair)



Out of popular demand we now stock  the floor mat for 60-67 right hand drive buses.
Made in an exceptional nice quality.

Holes correctly cut.
Comes with square structure at the bottom exactly as original.

Our complete family bus cab floor mats HERE

0538-565 Floormat RHD – Bus 08/59-07/67 (black)


0104-050 Fender front left -10/52 with horn grill SWT


0708 Emergency brake boot – Beetle/KG 08/64-, Type3 08/67-, Type181 black


1341 Beam adjuster front axle ‘Sway-a-Way’ – Beetle/KG 08/65-, Type181


0337 Windowrubberkit ‘Deluxe’ – Beetle 08/64-07/71, Mexico 01/78- (alu trim)


The BBT News team wishes you sunshine, a weekend full of it.

BBT News

Are you ready?
Are your customers ready?

The big VW shows are around the corner!
We add more products for better and nicer Volkswagens!

Welcome to the BBT NEWS.


Westfalia camping buses came with their iconic louvre side windows.
A pain to restore, so we decided to produce them brand new.

Today we launch the Split Window Bus louvre windows.
Come pre-assembled with inner frame and mesh flyscreen.

Same high quality than our Bay Window louvre windows HERE
T25/T3/Vanagon louvre windows “in the works”.

6610-010 Westfalia louvre window complete – Bus -07/67


Honk that horn!

Replacement horn button for Bay window bus and standard beetle now available as a brand-new product!

Fits also German made 181/Thing/Trekker.
Early horn button HERE

2708-100 Horn button, black – Beetle STD 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type181


We expand our line of spare parts for Karmann Ghia.
Low light Ghia’s always have (or should have) stationary rear quarter windows.

Now we offer the rubber for these stationary rear quarter windows.
Sold by the pair.

Other Karmann Ghia rear quarter window seals HERE

0759-194 Seal rear quarter window (stationary) – Karmann Ghia -07/59 (pair)


We improved quality on our 60-71 Karmann Ghia pop-out seals.

They used to be much too hard.
What gave a tough time to close your pop-out properly.

Now we bring a better profile and much softer rubber, for trouble-free operation!
The plastic hinges for 60-71 pop-outs HERE

0759-195 Seal pop-out window – Karmann Ghia 08/59-07/71 (pair)


1803 Oil pump high volume 67->70

1830 Oil cooler with 6 tubes, 20 x 31cm

1687-100 Fuel injector kit – Bus 01/83-07/92 WBX (4 pc)


1493-050 Ring and Pinion 31/8 (3.88) – Keyed
1493-051 Ring and Pinion 31/9 (3.44) – Keyed


BBT NEWS team wishes you a lovely weekend.

BBT News

The First of Mai VW Käfer Treffen in Hannover was larger than ever.
Even the weather better than ever.

The German VW scene is alive and kicking!
If you have never been to, it’s a must to do!

At least once in your life…
Our new products are easier to discover.

Welcome to the BBT NEWS.


Started as a Cal-Look parts shop over 35 years ago, we keep our faith!
We bring you our fresh and proudly produced BBT Aluminium T-Bars.

Our own production means every time low pricing!
Nicely packed in its custom-made box.

Who you gonna call?

0001-100 T-bar aluminum (blank anodized) – Beetle 1200 -07/73, 1300 -07/67 (pair) BBT
0002-100 T-bar aluminum (blank anodized) – Beetle 1200 08/73-, 1300 07/67- (pair) BBT


Colors matter!

BBT now offers emergency brake, shifter boot and knee protector over the steering column for Splittie bus in grey color.

7470-005 Emergency brake boot, grey – Bus 05/60-07/79
7472-005 Knee protection steering column, grey – Bus 03/55-07/67
0701-005 Shifter boot, grey – Beetle/KG 08/60-, Bus 50-07/79, Type181

For black color:

7470 Emergency brake boot, black – Bus 05/60-07/79
7472 Knee protection steering column, black – Bus 03/55-07/67
0701 Shifter boot, black – Beetle/KG 08/60-, Bus 50-07/79, Type181


Taking the profit of our Aluminium T-bars tooling and jigs, we produced our chrome T-Bars at the same time.

We also deliver in their custom made box from now on.
Cal-Look is here to stay!

0001 T-bar chrome – Beetle 1200 -07/73, 1300 -07/67 (pair)
0002 T-bar chrome – Beetle 1200 08/73-, 1300 07/67- (pair)


Massive delivery of Engle cams just docked @ BBT HQ.
The only cam that really works!

1626-100 Camshaft kit Engle W-110 (Master)


1628-100 Camshaft kit Engle W-125 (Master)

1731 Dual valve springs (8)


3290-220 Muffler ‘California’ – Tri-Mil


BBT News team wishes you a sunny weekend.

BBT News

Intelligent people should not make war.
What says a lot about the political leaders of the world today.

That said we must protect our “freedom.”
Even in our overtaxed countries where nothing feels like “free” anymore.

Good news, we have more, better, and cheaper parts to keep our VWs on the road.
Every week again.

Welcome to BBT news.

In our safari window madness program, we now add  the 55-63 Deluxe rear window safari window kit.
This kit fits all 15 and 23 window buses where the window in the tailgate is larger than for kombi or panel van.

Fitting 15 window bus means also this kit fits most Brazilian Kombi.
Our entire safari family HERE

0396-510 Safari window rear ‘Deluxe’ (kit) – Bus 03/55-07/63 RVS polished


BBT wants to be a dependable parts supplier for all air-cooled Volkswagens.
More later model Brazilian Kombis find their way to Europe and USA.

We bow stock steering boxes for all Brazilian Kombi up to 2005.
Steering box for Brazilian Kombi up to 1983 HERE

Steering box for 1984 up to 1997 is the same than its older brother but has splines instead of a key to keep your steering wheel in place.
The 1997 up to 2005 steering box has a completely different steering column.

Good news, our new steering box development for European beetle and bus is almost ready and they will be available soon!

1368-205-1 Steering box – Bus Brazil 84-97
1368-205-2 Steering box – Bus Brazil 97-2005


Samba time! More Brazilian Kombi parts.
In Brazil they never use the name “bus,” they only say “Kombi”.

Deep into old stocks from VW do Brazil we digged these much-wanted late model accelerator pedals.
Specific for T2 “Clipper”.

These accelerator pedals come with a ball where the accelerator rod clicks on.
Originally fits 1997 up to 2005 Brazilian Kombi.

Will fit from 1981 upwards, with the same application, but another structure.
Our extended range of accelerator pedals HERE

0284-170 Accelerator pedal – Bus Brazil 97-2005



Massive arrivals again last couple of weeks, with many backorders filled.

See them all in our webshop


0677 Front turnsignal complete left (USA) – Beetle 08/70-
0678 Front turnsignal comlete right (USA) – Beetle 08/70-


0685-5 Turn signal relay 6 volt (3 pin)


BBT News team wishes you a peaceful weekend.