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Every week we bring you what is new @ BBT.

Every week we present you our finished projects, new products that came in stock.
Continuously we have new products in development.

Stiff heads we are our products must be as we wanted them to be before we release them on the market.

This assures our quality. The BBT quality.
BBT quality you can rely on.

Every week again.
Welcome to the BBT News.

 Let us kick off the week with the fresh harvest from our Silver Weld Through Beetle development.

We bring you the Beetle chassis Napoleon hat exactly comparable with OE.
We always sold and will keep follow the IGP Napoleon hat BBT # 0876-5 as an eco-repair panel.

Today we add our SWT Napoleon hat as a restoration panel.
Test fitted, studied, and approved by the best.

2mm thick deep draw pressed on cast tooling.
With the correct step near the chassis tunnel.

Because your Beetle only deserves the best, right?

0876-505  Napoleonhat – Beetle, KG, Type181 SWT



How many Ghia’s did we dismantle last couple of years?
None, these days are over.

So, more Ghia parts get rare and hard to find, because good used supply is drying out.
We decided to help you out with brand new parts.

This pair of door handles for the 64 – 67 Ghia Type 14 to start with.
High quality, with three matching keys in correct SC profile per pair.

Ghia’s after 1967 use the same door handles as a Beetle HERE

0427-140  Door handles – Karmann Ghia 08/63-07/67 with keys (pair)


Type 3 lovers beware!
BBT does NOT forget  you!

We bring you a brand-new and specific distributor clamp.
Remarkably close to Type 1 distributor clamps HERE but it is different.

Because of the lay out of the Type 3 engine it is hard to set your timing with a clamp for a Beetle distributor.

Type 3 has a longer bolt that is fixed on one side.
Get that timing right, hold that timing right.

2003-150 Distributor clamp galvanised – Type3


1368-220 Steering peg in steeringbox – Bus 03/55-07/66
1368-260 Steering peg in steeringbox – Bus 08/66-07/72


1699 Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 94,00 mm – lower 90,00 mm Type 1 – 1600cc
1790-1 Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 94,00 mm – lower 90,00 mm Type 1 – 1641cc


1200-2 Master brake cylinder 19 mm single circuit, ATE Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/65
1201-1 Master brake cylinder 17 mm single circuit, ATE Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/65-07/67

1205-101 Master cylinder with servo Bus 08/70-07/79

BBT News team wishes you a refreshing weekend.
Dream, think, build and live that dream in real.

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