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Western Europe experiences the wettest fall that most people can remember.
Rain, humidity, wet, grey, overcast and sometimes wind too.

To see the sun, we must go to our Volkswagen storages or workshops.
Classic Volkswagens always give sunshine…. in our hearts.

It is amazing so many people started up their winter projects.
We see clearly on the kind of parts we sell.
Did you start up yours?

Let the sun shine in our hearts, using BBT parts.
Keep it dry, do not cry… about inferior parts.

You have a choice.
Welcome to the BBT News.

SWT continues with double cab panels!
We made all panels for left or right-side loading doors.

Theoretically you can build also a 4-door double cab.
Four door was never original but how cool is that?

Loading doors are equal as normal T1 cargo doors.
Find all BBT Silver Weld Through for T1 bus HERE



0890-238-5 Upper sidepanel long left Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-239-5 Upper sidepanel long right pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-236-5 Upper sidepanel short left pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-237-5 Upper sidepanel short right pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-347-5 Side panel short left pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-357-5 Side panel short right pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-346-5 Side panel long left pick-up (double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-356-5 Side panel long right pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT


Ready for that double cab winter project? This Newsletter was all for you!

BBT News team wishes you a splendid fall weekend.

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