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If you have headache from a hangover there’s not a lot we can do.
Maybe take a tranquilizer and relax.

But you should not have headache from worn out or poor-quality Volkswagen parts.
We are working continuously on better parts and more solutions.

For an easier Volkswagen life…. without headache.
Welcome to BBT News.

Late bay window has a very specific fuel filler set up.
The fuel filler pipe connects to the body with a rubber elbow BBT # 0492-85

Now we introduce the ring that fix this rubber elbow to the body.

Same time this ring, stamped in steel, as original, is the locking plate for the gas cap.
Correct late model bay window gas cap you find HERE

0492-852 Ring filler neck hose – Bus 08/73-07/79


This is the model you are looking for!
Straight axle conversion needs this 65-67 beetle model rear wheel bearing carrier OE # 311 501 311.

After we finished our used stocks, we decided to bring it back as a billet part.
Billet made from durable aluminum, machined on latest technology CNC machines.

Now easily available through our distributor network.
BBT also produce the Type 3 brake backing plates and drums you need for straight axle conversions HERE

Sold each.

1410-655 Rear wheel bearing carrier (Billet) – Beetle/KG 08/64-07/67, Type3 08/62-07/63


In the quest for good, affordable, and correct carburetor rebuild kits we present you today the remake of our 32/34-PDSIT kits.
We went over every component and adjusted where necessary.

We have a way more complete kit in a better quality, for almost the same old pre-Covid price!
The difference between left and right-handed you find in the choke diaphragm.

We adjusted our 28PCI rebuild kits already longer time ago, HERE
All our other carburetor rebuild-kits HERE

2130-700 Carburettor rebuilt kit Solex/Brosol 32/34-PDSIT – left
2130-710 Carburettor rebuilt kit Solex/Brosol 32/34-PDSIT – right



0019-200 Bumperbracket front left – Bus 09/58-07/67 SWT
0019-210 Bumperbracket front right – Bus 09/58-07/67 SWT


0185-100 Headlight bowl Bus -12/62 SWT
0185-200 Headlight bowl – Bus 12/62-07/67 SWT


0890-754 Floor plate right (non cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-755 Floor plate right (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-793 Bulkhead top cover deluxe – Bus 08/55-07/67 SWT

BBT News team wish you a nice fall weekend without headache…

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