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Halloween is all about fake horror.
Poor replacement parts for your Volkswagen is real horror.

Rely on good parts, well developed, for an easy VW life.
Let us show you what is new this week to keep that horror away.

Welcome @ BBT News.

Late Bay Window front bumper sits on a deformation panel welded under your front panel.
BBT makes the correct replacement deformation panel with the flat front for the late Bay bumpers HERE

The end pieces to connect the deformation panels to the A pillars are separate.
The 74-79 end pieces are already longer available HERE

We now  bring you the 1973 end pieces.

That is right the first year of this set up was a one year only replaced already in 1974.
The end pieces for the 1973 only deformation panel had an upright border, already eliminated for the 1974 model year.

0891-223 Deformation panel end plate left – Bus 08/73-07/79
0891-224 Deformation panel end plate right – Bus 08/72-07/73


This spacer ring sits on a type 4 engine between crankshaft flange and cooling fan.
When missing the cooling fan sits too deep, resulting in a bad V-belt alignment.

Missing or simply lost, we now have  a brand-new component to replace.
Finished with the long search for a good used one, we bring you the solution.

For type 1 engines you find the washer for the crank shaft pulley HERE

1934-230 Ring crankshaft flange – Type4


All 1300cc AR engine code engines and late model 1600cc AS engine codes have inlet manifolds with dual pre-heater tubes.
Dual pre-heater tubes give a better manifold heating to prevent your engine stalling from a frozen manifold on chilly days.

Engines with these manifolds need specific double block of plates to close the gaps between pre-heater tubes, cylinder covers and rear engine tin.
The block off plates for dual pre-heater tubes need specific insulation in between their two halves.

Always missing BBT brings you brand new insulation kits, to mount between upper and lower part on these block off plates.
Our kits consist out of four pieces, all you need to seal both left and right block off plates.

Heater riser insulation kit for single pre-heater tube engines you find HERE

1057-260 Heat riser insulation kit – Type1 double preheating


Loads of sheet metal came in, select what you need.

0890-431 Inner sill left – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-432 Inner sill right – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-744 Floor plate left (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-746 Floor plate single cab treasure chest left – Bus -07/66 SWT
0890-756 Floor plate single cab treasure chest right – Bus -07/66 SWT


0890-763 Loading bed front pick-up (single cab) – Bus -07/79 SWT


0890-78 Front panel loading bed pick-up – Bus 08/52-07/79 SWT


0891-705 Splash Pan – Bus 08/72-07/79 SWT


Keep that horror away, install BBT parts on your VW for a happy play.

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful fall weekend.

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