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This week we like to present you what is new in BBT just like any other week.
Every Friday we give you insight in our new products, product updates and some backorders.

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Let us cover up that hack in your dash.
Many beetles suffer from a hacked dashboard for a DIN size radio installation.

A big fat radio in your dash is not that nice look in a vintage car so many want to bring the hole back to original size.
The original radio hole in a beetle dashboard with its pressed lip and four tabs is not that easy to reconstruct.

BBT now brings the solution  with this brand dashboard repair panel.
A 21 x 10cm plate stamped and finished with the correct original radio hole.

Exactly like original.
Now you can weld this repair plate nicely into your dashboard for that smooth look, or to install that cool period vintage radio.

Your dashboard is what you see the most driving your car.
Enjoy ocular peace of mind from your original looking dashboard again.

All other BBT radio related accessories, antennas, and block off plates you find HERE

0525-215 Radio hole repair panel in dashboard – Beetle/KG 08/57- (not 1303 SB), Bus 08/66-07/79


Early model Volkswagens used double spindle nuts with locking washers in between with a pressure washer to the outer wheel bearing.
Now we introduce the self-locking washer for early beetle like the later model style.

Forged nuts ensure the high quality needed.
Stamped in pressure washer eliminates the separate retaining washer.

All in one self-locking nuts keep you away from the puzzle of double nuts, locking and retaining washers.

So much easier to install as original set up.
Self-locking spindle nuts are stamped D & E where E is for the Left side and D for the Right side.

The entire BBT family of spindle nuts and locking washers HERE

1361-500 Spindle nut self-locking (pair)- Beetle/KG -07/65

Deluxe buses should have chrome wipers.
A small but, oh so nice detail.

Give your bus that shiny deluxe effect with our brand-new stainless blades and arms.
The wiper leg is 5.5mm wide than the stronger late model buses.

As the size of the wiper shaft hole is the same these will fit ALL year split window bus.
The sliding hole in the wiper matches perfectly to the width of the shaft.

Silver wiper arm & blade kits HERE
Silver wiper blade for 64-67 bus HERE
BBT’s safari window wiper shaft adapters you find HERE

2409-150 Wiper blades polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 08/64-08/67


2440-150 Wiperarm polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 07/67


BBT’s popular interior rear view mirrors are back!
…and many more!


0567-090 Rear view mirror – Beetle 08/68-


0567-800 Rear view mirror – Bus 08/68-07/79


1396-340 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Bus 08/67-07/79


1396-760 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Beetle/KG 08/65-


1492-200 Transmission nose cone – Bus 07/59-07/67


2475-150 Wiper motor 12V – Beetle Mexico 10/92-


BBT News team wishes you a very nice and relaxing weekend.
Are you thinking about that winter project yet?

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