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World tensions keep the exchange markets under pressure.
Why the wars, why these tensions?

Too many people are suffering.
No people should suffer.

Let us hope tensions will end in definitive solutions.
Let us hope these conflicts bring these solutions fast.

As every week we bring better solutions for your Classic Volkswagen.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Brazilian Bay window buses have other steering components than European buses.
This week we add the center drag links for the Brazilian Bay window buses.

A center drag link is the tie rod that connects your steering box to the steering idler in center of your front axle.
Worn out drag links can cause nasty play on your steering system.

We introduce two models to choose from easy recognizable by length.

1338-150 Center draglink – 628mm long – Bus Brazil 76-82
1338-155 Center draglink – 600mm long – Bus Brazil 82-96

Center draglink for German 55-67 Bus HERE
Center draglink for German 68-79 Bus HERE


For T25/T3/Vanagon we introduce this week the gear linkage bushing.
Prevent yourself from mis-shifting and make that shifter works smooth again.

Up to April 1987 you need two, one for the front and one for the rear.

May 1987 on you need  only one for the front.
May 1987 on rear gear linkage bushing HERE

1409-550 Gear linkage bush front/rear – Bus 08/82-07/92, -04/87 rear


Under the rear seat of your beetle, Ghia or 181/Thing/Trekker is a hole that gives access to your shift rod coupler.
We now bring you  the cover plate for this hole, brand new.

Two models to choose from before and from August 1955.
Check if you have one or two holes for the little mounting screws when not sure.

0869-100 Tunnel inspection cover rear – Beetle/KG -07/65
0869-105 Tunnel inspection cover rear – Beetle/KG 08/65-, Type181


More cover plates to show.

To dismantle your shift rod of your Beetle and Ghia Volkswagen made holes in your spare wheel well and front panel.
Both holes should need to be closed with correct pressed cover plates.

The cover for the hole in the front apron is longer available HERE
New today is the cover for the center hole in the spare wheel well.

Rightly available from our shelves.

0883-100 Inspection cover gear rod in sparewheel well – Beetle, KG (Not 1302/03 SB)



0426-005 Door handle – Beetle 08/59-07/65 with keys – TQ


0524-510 Locking knob for cargo door lock mechanism – Bus 03/55-07/67 – silverbeige


0538-2 Rubber floormat – Beetle 12/1300 08/72-, 1302/03 08/72-


0538-62 Mats seat stand walkthrough (with bulkhead behind seat) – Bus 08/67-07/75 (black)


0636-110 Interior light switch (black) – Bus 03/55-07/67, Rear window heating KG -07/71

BBT News team wishes you a respectful weekend, never forget to enjoy that Volkswagen out there!


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