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Today, Friday September 29, is the day of the heart.
Medical heart problems, and how to prevent.

Important stuff, as our heart is the engine of our body.
Mental we cannot hide our heart beats for our Volkswagen passion.

For BBT it goes even further.
Our passion is to get all Volkswagen and their owners correct parts.

Correct parts to keep or make your Volkswagen in top condition.
Correct parts are what makes our heart beats faster.

Welcome to BBT News.

Deluxe buses had an extra trim with rubber insert, now available from BBT.
These rubbers prevent (bumper) paint damage by small collisions.

For split window buses we deliver bumper trim for 1958 on.
Sorry, no pressed bumper trim (yet).

Several models to choose from both for Euro and US style bumpers.
US style bumpers have shorter trim to fit with the overriders.

Volkswagen made a special trim for the rear 1967 only diamond cut bumper, so did we.
Front bumper trim ends pointed for all years, the same for all splits 1959 on.

For Bay window the profile of aluminum changed (optical) slightly for the 1970 model year.
We supply the 70-72 bumper trim what fit 68-69 buses as well.

BBT Bumper trim is front, or rear supplied by the pair (left and right side).
For 1973 model year bumpers changed, able to accept a full-length impact strip HERE

BBT is a large distributor for IGP sheet metal.
We do stock floorplates, fenders and many more IGP body parts.

Due to better shipping rates, affordable exchange rates and a better product flow we have been able to lower the price for most IGP products.
As proud official warehouse distributor of the IGP brand we are authorized to watermark our catalog pictures with the IGP logo.

Full IGP range @ BBT you find HERE

With over three hundred suppliers we have arrivals every day @ BBT HQ.
Every week we give you a small update what long time back orders been back available.

0521-100 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 08/55-12/64, Type3 -01/65 Black

0650 6 volt horn

1208-450 Brake booster – Bus 08/70-12/73

1257-130 Brakefluid reservoir on the master cylinder – Beetle/KG 08/66-, Bus 04/79-07/82 (without Servo)

1570 Flywheel 200mm 12V standard

The BBT News Team wish you a peaceful weekend.
Keep that VW heartbeat rockin’!

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