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Were it Russian rebels or Ukrainian secret forces that attacked Belgorod, a city in Russia near the Ukrainian border?
We do not know and will never know the exact details.

Fact is that Ukraine has a well-oiled and perfect working PR machine.
We do not have such a size of PR machine but bring our new arrivals and product updates every Friday.

Welcome to BBT News

More Brazilian specific Volkswagen models are popping up in Europe.
BBT likes to be a reliable parts supplier for them too.

We add the front windshield for Brasilia, because with a broken windshield you cannot drive.
They come in green tinted version with a blue sunshade.

8961-005 Windshield – BrazĂ­lia, Variant Brasil 77-81 green – blue sunshade

To set the correct play on the swing axle of your drive line you must adjust the thickness of the large six corner gaskets on the transmission housing.
Golden easy rule is when  you lift axle tube bolted on transmission, it should sink slowly but steady back down under its own weight.

That’s without backing plate or brake drum mounted.
To reach the correct thickness to achieve this correct play we add now the 0.30mm thick gasket.

0.20mm thick gasket we supply already longer time HERE
For more transmission gaskets or gasket sets type 1415 into the search engine of our catalogues.

1415-003 Gasket for side cover of gearbox 0.30mm (1)



Also, this week we had mass arrivals.
Most to maintain our stocks, but some long term back-orders came in back as well.

0742 Taillight seal Left – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302
0743 Taillight seal right – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302


1763 Seal push rod tube 13/16 BBT


1201 Master cylinder 17 mm – Beetle/KG 08/65-07/67 – single circuit / TRW


0492-114 Fuel tap – Bus 03/55-07/67 (6mm)


0661-14 Bulb 6 volt 45/40W (each)


0668-5 Indicator switch – Beetle 08/67-07/70, Type3 08/67-07/69 ECO


1829-100 Stockstyle oil cooler Type 1 single port engine

In Western Europe forecast gives beautiful spring weather so let us enjoy our Classic Volkswagens this weekend!

Meanwhile our thoughts go to our friends, customers and suppliers in Spain and Italy as well.
Hit by extreme rain and floods after a crazy drought, a real disaster!

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