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Will history repeat?
We are living in exciting times….

In Flanders Fields there’s a monument build after WWI stating “NO MORE WAR” not even 20 years later Germany invaded Poland starting WWII.
After two banks in USA collapsed last week this week Credit Suisse came into a storm… that’s not even 15 years after the last financial crisis.

Wil near future dump us again into trouble with a worldwide crisis?
Or will we start a new episode of the roaring twenties after the Russians finally understand they can’t win this war?

Hard to predict, all we can say for sure is what is new this week with us, to make your Volkswagen life little easier.
Welcome to our BBT News.

We bring you brand new blower motors for 1303 Super Beetle.
After too many years in service most original have seen their use and gave up.

Original delivered only in Deluxe and US market models this blower can be placed in any 1303 Super Beetle.
Exactly like original our Blower motors have two different speeds.

0663-120 Blower motor – Beetle 1303

The suspension rubber to mount this blower motor You can find HERE


Rod bolts for 13-1600cc and WBX VW engines are very particular.
We could persuade the OE manufacturer to make us a new production run.

Absolute exclusive BBT product brought to you with pride.
Will fit all VW Boxer 13-1600cc and Wasserboxer engines, will not fit Type 4 engines.

These bolts are also used on many Volkswagen in line 4 cylinder Diesel and Gas engines.
Check on our Quantity pricing,

1599-100 Rod connecting bolt 13/1600cc – Type1 01/66- and WBX OEM

The specific nut for this rod bolt you can find HERE


25 & 30DIN (36SAE in USA) Hp engines have a very specific oil seal between the oil filler stand and oil filler it selves.
BBT reproduced this special shaped rubber ring for you.

The rubber has a conical intake on top and a conical outside on the bottom for a perfect fit.
Made after NOS examples for perfection.

1849-410 Seal under Oil filler 25/30hp

BBT has a wide range of Oil fillers, gaskets, caps, tools etc. HERE


Standard Kombi’s and utility buses came with a black steering wheel and black inner doorhandles from the assembly lines.

BBT stocks the black color inner cabin door handles for the 1958-1963 buses HERE
Now we do offer the matching collar to the black door handle.

0524-573-1 Collar inner doorhandle cabin door black – Bus 08/58-09/65

All our Bus inner cabin doorhandles, hardware and accessories you can find HERE


Did You know?

BBT gasket sets are made by the OE manufacturer supplied gaskets for the last air-cooled assembly line at the VW factory?
This guarantees our gasket sets from a decent quality.

With a small delay as a Covid problem extension we received our new production gasket sets in our brand new designed dedicated boxes.
Both of our models for 1200cc and 13-1600cc are available now from our shelves.

1771 Engine gasket set 1200cc BBT

1772 Engine gasket set 13/15/1600cc BBT

The BBT News team wish you a very happy weekend…

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