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In a world where geopolitical tensions rise, inflation (or stagnation) rules and energy cost cause a lot of problems we, @ BBT, simply continue to invest in more inventory, larger productions and better products to keep our beloved Classic Volkswagens in best condition.

That’s at least one thing you’re still can rely on.
Let us introduce you our new products for this week.

We received our first big load of BBT Eco brake calipers.

Thoroughly checked, tested an approved.
Do fit exactly as original.

A perfect alternative to any known brand.
Check out the different models we have to offer…
Real nice quantity pricing available.

1248-010 Brake caliper left/right, Beelte 08/65-, Type3 -07/71 / ECO

1248-125 Brake caliper – Bus 08/72-07/79 – left / ECO
1249-125 Brake caliper – Bus 08/72-07/79 – right / ECO

1248-175 Brake caliper – Bus 05/79-07/85 – left / ECO
1249-175 Brake caliper – Bus 05/79-07/85 – right / ECO

 1248-225 Brake caliper – Bus 08/85-07/92 – left “Girling” model ECO
1249-225 Brake caliper – Bus 08/85-07/92 – right “Girling” model ECO

1248-230 Brake caliper carrier – Bus 08/85-07/92 “Girling” model

Brand new stainless steel rear luggage rack for your Beetle convertible.
For sedan beetle will follow soon.

The complete line of BBT luggage racks you can find HERE

4870-025 Rear luggage rack – Beetle convertible (Stainless steel)

Some of the many items that came back in stock this week.

2181-2 Manifolds and linkage for ICT carburettors, Type 1 dual port

2131-300 Intake gasket double port ‘Panchito 044’ (pair)

0538-2  Rubber carpet kit 12/1300 08/72-, 1302/03 08/72-

0558 Sun visor, right, plexi, smoked, each
0559 Sun visor, left, plexi, smoked, each

The BBT News Team wish you a wonderful VW weekend.
Live, laugh, breath and enjoy!

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