Bye Bye Frankie, you will be missed forever… here’s a small tribute for you!


Last Thursday we buried a longtime friend of Da Houze.
Frank was the last letter sign writer officially in service for the city of Antwerp.
His artistic ambition had no limits…

When we called him to sign write one of our cars, mainly he was on the doorstep before we hooked up the phone!
Frank loved cars… and still today several cars of the BBT collection are sign writhed by the artist himself.
Out of respect and as a tribute to a very special person we want to show you some of his work, known work, on our own cars….

The BBT ladder truck, painted and delivered, with the bicycle loaded to return home…
A picture with the master himself!

TeufelHeb has real signwriting, no stickers…
Thanks to Frank!
Amazing job!

No Limits!
Heads off for the extreme cool writing on Bob’s speedster tail!

Frank @ the doors of BBT Back Up truck.
Look at that unbelievable result, still today most think they’re stickers on the doors.
Its paint, real paint, applied by the master, a master we could call friend…Imagine!

Big truck? No problem…
Frank @ BBT’s patina tow truck…
We restored and repaired all original sixties lettering.
Nobody ever saw it was restored…

Frank we need a hole in the wall…
No problem Bob, something like this?

No Frank, we want the wall to “peel” open…
Oh, ok Bob,
Second design was spot on…

So he made it just in real!
Dreams do come through, right?
Frank made them to!

Last Thursday, your last ride my friend, not in a big black shiny hearse as per your wish.
But on the back of a shiny black Harley Davidson, your favoriote motorcycle brand.

Driven carefully, carried carefully.
Always stylish till that very end…


Frank, we will always remember you as a genuine guy, genuine artist, genuine car lover, and a man with real style, self-made, no copycat, and an innovator, somebody with a real character never to give up but simply made what you desired… and what we desired with that!

Damn Frank who will give our cars your incredible cool finishing touch now????

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