BBT Travel report; Bob needs a new jet lag… urgently


After more then two years I set off to California… will Blog my whereabouts when and where I can… far all of you to enjoy…:)

KLM flies me everywhere, this time to San Francisco … don’t worry, I don’t wear flowers in my hair!

Bye bye rainy weather, welcome sun, San Francisco here I come!

Californian dreamin’

From the plane…

Arriving with clear skies is always good!

Golden Gate bridge looked beautiful as ever!

San Francisco…

after landing and immigration I picked up my car and drove to my first adventure, over the San Mateo bridge…

more to come later in the week…:) stay tuned….:)


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  1. Thanks God i don’t have that Jurgen Holiday, duty or work, its a ll a life style for me….. and I enjoy it fully… after two long years my first jet lag was wonderfull, or…. about…:)

    greets out of anaheim…

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