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Covid is back from never away…. the 4th wave is Europe hitting bad!
Last Tuesday Germany counted most daily infections since the start of this pandemic….

Also in Belgium there’s more people in hospitals, intensive care and dying since a couple of days.
Restaurants get tons of booking annulations, Catering services been called with cancelations all the time.

Hospitals have enough capacity but too much staff infected at home….
Holland start talking about new lock down measures…

BBT stays open, as long as we can, and serve the Volkswagen community with pride!
Welcome at our Weekly News.

We start with the metal U guides in your doors.
These guides hold U channel BBT # 0351 to ensure your window rolls down smoothly.

We started from really nice used ones from the very dry “high desert” in California.
After chemical cleaning and cataphoresis painting (KTL) they just look as  new.

This model is the only correct model for 68-72 model years beetles.

0371-150 Window guide channel in door rear – Beetle 08/67-07/72 left
0371-155 Window guide channel in door rear – Beetle 08/67-07/72 right

Standard split window kombis and utilities used to have grey panels inside.
We serve most of the cab doors, headliner, kick and tailgate panels already for a longer time.

Today we enlarge that line with the inner panels for the rear cargo/passenger area for kombi and/or double cab.
All  our panels are  made in high grade ABS with the original grain and  can be found HERE

0552-130 Interior panelset rear (5-pieces) – Bus -07/67 grey

0552-140 Interior panelset rear double cab (3-pieces) – Bus -07/67 grey

Very proud we can offer extra sizes of flywheel shims for late model Type1 engines.
We used to supply 0.24 and 0.30mm longer time

We also have a complete line for 25 & 30DinHP (that’s 36SAE for our American friends) flywheel shims.
A general overview of all of our flywheel shims can be found HERE

1590-032 Flywheel shim 0.32mm
1590-034 Flywheel shim 0.34mm
1590-036 Flywheel shim 0.36mm
1590-038 Flywheel shim 0.38mm

For all T25/T3 Vanagon lovers with fuel injection we can announce our fuel injector kits are  available now!
One of the most sought after T25/T3 Vanagon parts are these very specific injectors that will fit only the WBX “wasserboxer” engines…

One kit contains 4 fuel injectors, all complete for one engine!

1687-100 Fuel injector kit – Bus 01/83-07/92 WBX (4 pc)

As a final new item this week we add the super long armrest/air duct on the inside of your Deluxe Bay window doors.
Originally made from plastic in the seventies, material hardly holds up 50 years or more.

Many times they brake a tab or have been half way gone from age.
We now offer  the trouble free perfect Wolfsburg West replacement part to assemble your door panels exactly like it should.

0553-220 Armrest / air duct left – Bus 08/69-07/79
0553-221 Armrest / air duct right – Bus 08/69-07/79

Also this week some nasty backorders appeared back on our shelves,
We give a small pic here below, but of course our catalogs show all products available now!

7514-100 Seal kit for louvred window Westfalia – Bus 08/67-07/79

3190-350 Headrest post in front seat – KG 01/69-

0463-5 Mirror right – Beetle 08/67- TQ

0523-020 Dowel pin for emergency brake cable – Bus 06/60-07/71

1724-3 “Panchito 044” heads 85,5mm (2)

8520-020 CAM-SHIELD 1 Shot Break-in / Racing 3oz (88.5ml)

2304 Engine dress up kit

0973-2 Fuel connection Ø 7.5mm

0577 Carpet kit Type1 convertible 70-72 black

BBT News Team wish you a happy fall weekend, stay safe, stay healthy keep breathing!

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