1.000.000km celebration….


Did you celebrate a 100.000km mark once for one of your cars?

Porsche (and VW) did celbrate the first (collective) 1.000.000 km of their test cars…

On september 23rd September 1937 there was a celebration held at what looks like the Kornwestheim barracks near Stuttgart. This was the base from which the test drives were run because at that time Porsche had no place to store all 30 cars and support at least 60 drivers plus his own mechanics and engineers. The celebration was in the honour of the W30 cars reaching a collective one million Kilometres of driving.

In the photos we can clearly see cars 3 and 4. For some reason car 3 is getting a special mention. Perhaps at this time it was the furthest traveled? It did participate in Alpine runs together with car 4. A large wreath was presented to car 3 and its drivers. Glasses of Champagne was served to the participants.

Champagne glasses being charged in readiness to mark the occasion.

Check out the welding gas bottles to the right and a W30 in the far background.



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