Laurent finished the 66 Seasand convertible for his wife Florence


It was summer 2018 when Laurent bought this 1966 beetle convertible from us as a present for his wife Florence.

Now 3 years later Laurent has the car exactly to the standards he likes…

He made it a real cool ride and can be very very proud of it…

And Florence? Well we hope she enjoy countless cool trips with her own “open top” Volkswagen…:)

Laurent took a deep plunge, see some pictures “down the road”…

Congratiulations Laurent you did a real beautiful job!

Mark, the previous owner of this car will be very proud when he see the results…

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  1. Merci encore pour ton aide lors de l’achat et le rapatriement de cette cox en temps voulus. C’était beaucoup d’excitation pour garder le secret jusqu’à Noël.

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