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Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, lean back, relax… Breath three times deep in and out and just remember how happy we are that we can do all this…
Enjoy the simple things in life, they’re so wonderful.

Are you ready?
Welcome to BBT News this week, we’re happy to have you and will absolutely not disappoint.

Sometimes it’s not easy to convince certain factories to make certain things and we do our shares of discussions, believe us.
But this time we won…:)

We really wanted to supply the internals of the fresh airbox on the roof of your split window bus as we  know and realize very very well that those parts are many many times either missing, broken or dare we say simply rusted away….

We choose to make two kits.

First kit is the complete front control flap and mechanism, which opens or closes your whole fresh air system.

The second kit comes for the both side control flaps with their mechanisms. These flaps let you choose to get the fresh air out at the rear cargo/passenger area or on the sides where it blows all over the driver and his front row passenger.

We also made a brand new exploded view from the whole fresh airbox and all its components. You can find it HERE

0890-896 Fresh airbox inlet flap mechanism – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT


0890-897 Fresh airbox distributor flap mechanism – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT


More in our Silver Weld Through High Quality metal parts line, we bring now the complete roof for the single cab pick-up truck, with rain gutters, fresh air box etc. all complete ready to mount.

0890-840-1 Complete roof single cab – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT


Next we like  to introduce our outer clamps for the split window bus front end stabilizer bar.
Originally only 1966 & 1967 German built deluxe models came with a front stabilizer.

For Brazilian Kombi they all got a front stabilizer from January 1967 onwards.
However most people like one on their bus as it improves ride quality a lot.

Front stabilizer fits on EVERY split window bus built March 1955 and up.
We’re working on the stabilizer bar itself as well and hope to have it available soon.

The two larger inner clamps we supply longer time already, all splittie stabilizer clamps you can easy find HERE

1353-03 Sway bar mounting kit left, outer clamp – Bus -07/67
1353-04 Sway bar mounting kit right, outer clamp – Bus -07/67


For all Karman Ghia Lovers we like to introduce our European style bumper horns.
Bumper horns, bumper guards, bumper overriders, everybody call them their own name…

But most important is that we have them now, and they might be the start to complete state of the art complete bumpers, who knows…:)
Sold each and we have both models, one fit left front & right rear, the other one fits right front & left rear.

0009-700 Bumperguard front left/rear right – Karman Ghia -07/71
0009-705 Bumperguard front right/rear left – Karman Ghia -07/71


Many Volkswagens left the factory  new without a locking glove box.
We found a perfect solution for late model 1303 “Super” beetles and T25/T3 Vanagon glove box doors with this locking glove box door lock.

It can be very easy mounted with the clips from your original glove box door lock.
Ours come without clip, we will have the clip separately available soon.

Great way to protect your car papers and other valuables in your glove box and give your car a more secured safety.
Very economical priced! Check out our wholesale & quantity discounts.

We have a limited stock now (as we first wanted to make sure the quality was to our standards) but have a massive load on the way….
Order yours now!

We also have a locking glove box lot for regular late model beetle you can find HERE

0515-2 Lock glove box -1303 08/73-, Bus 04/79-07/92



We got a bunch of longer time backorders back in stock this week, below you get some extraction….
But we got way more, our receiving depot is working full power to unpack the daily stream of supply coming in.

Check status on our website to make sure if the part  required by you are available or not.


2312 Firewall insolation kit- Beetle (3 pieces) original model


0347-105 Popout window frame latch – Beetle -07/64


0512-950 Door lock pull – Beetle 08/67- Black


2710-003 Carbon bush and holder for horn – Beetle -07/59


1274-900 Brake disc front 278mm – Bus 05/79-07/86


This week’s product in the picture kick’s off with a fixing kit for the seals on the top frame of the pre ’64 beetle cabrio.
You will need these if you’re in full restoration or to finish off the job when installing a new top.

The set comes complete with screws.

7160 Fixing kit for the seals, top frame – Type 1 convertible -07/64


BBT offers a range of spark plug leads in various colours, but also proudly manufactures their own.
As such we have the stock style leads with brown connectors.

You can find our complete spark plug range in the catalog HERE

Click on the hyperlink and scroll down to check related items.

2099 Spark plug leads, Brown – Type 4


We continue our walk on the Type 4 path…
For admirers of the Porsche cooling we offer this fan shroud, which has been tried and tested multiple times.

Please note, for a Type 4 engine conversion your case will need some machine work to ensure a Porsche style fan to fit.
BBT choose the “low” style conversion to ensure the engine lid of your beetle still shuts properly.

Should you want to, we can offer the service for the machine work on special request.
All further information available on easy request with your favorite BBT sales contact.

Check out this link what other parts we offer to convert your engine to a Porsche style cooling system.

2165 Fan house for Porsche cooling – Type 4

And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes a splendid spring weekend… may the sun be with you.
Stay safe, stay healthy and keep on breathin’….

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