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Tomorrow starts our favorite month of the year.

May has everything, spring, fresh green leaves on the trees, plenty of flowers bloom in the garden, all birds have a nest and an egg as they say, … and hopefully nice spring weather too. May is the month of new life, lots of different kind of animals get their babies in May.

As an extra this year on  May 08 bars and restaurants may  open their patio’s again in Belgium, just for us, to enjoy spring double!
Well we’re happy to add to that, with a couple of very interesting new products.

Spring is in the air, life is beautiful!



In the run to make a complete split window steering box, we finished the shims to adjust your end play.
These shims correctly measured and installed will give you a smooth turning steering box and with no play on your steering wheel.

These shims are exact reproductions made out of tin-plate like original and will fit your split window bus and early Bay window bus (T2a) perfectly .
Brazilian kombi’s have a different model steering box,  that use different shims you can find HERE

We supply 4 different sizes to fix your perfect fit combination.
Sold each.

1368-246 Shim 0.10mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-247 Shim 0.12mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-248 Shim 0.15mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-249 Shim 0.30mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72

Click HERE for the other steering box parts



Sometimes life is lucky and you just stumble against your needs….

By pure coincidence we came across the manufacturer for the rubber boot around the rod of the accelerator pedal for all Split and Bay window bus and Brazilian Kombi.
Tooling was still around and needed only minor maintenance before we could run a brand new production run.

State of the art 100% to OE specs and very affordable produced in very nice quality. Now we’re able  to offer this little but necessary rubber piece at the very best price available on the market… check our quantity discounts.

High quality and cheap price, we just love it…. keeping the VW’s on the road….affordable… that’s our mission!


0289-06 Accelerator pedal rod boot – Bus 50-07/79


This week we got also the arrival of the front snubbers for the Type 3 front axle.
Always bad because the full spring tension stays on the rubber when the car is parked.

They’re either cracked, dying or simply missing, even on low mileage cars.
Driving a Type 3 without these rubbers gives a big smack every time you hit a bump, so they’re an absolute necessity….

You need two upper and two lower ones….
Now available from our stocks. Sold each.

1458-000 Suspension stop front under (65mm) – Type3




1459-000 Suspension stop front upper (40mm) – Type3





As parts containers rolling in now almost on daily base we got a lot of nasty backorders solved.
Here a small selection of products that we have again  available …


2130-700 Carburetor rebuilt kit Solex 32/34 PDSI / left (Brosol)

2130-710 Carburetor rebuilt kit Solex 32/34 PDSI / right (Brosol)



2004-250 Distributor cap low (TQ)




0910-04 Accelerator cable extra long – Beetle 2715mm BBT




0915-01 Accelerator cable – Bus 08/67-10/68



0915-10 Accelerator cable – Bus 08/71-07/72


Enjoy the month of May!



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