Bay window door development, the next step; Styrofoam…..

A couple of weeks ago we showed you how we digitalized Bay window doors for reproduction  (if You didn’t see ckick HERE)

We decided to take you along on the journey of the complete development….

Today we’re on the next step, we made the complete Styrofoam for the outer and inner skin tooling and the drawn pad, that’s the third piece of the tooling that put the tension on the steel before the male push in the female…. deep draw pressing is so wonderful!

We will make tree models of doors, that will fit all 69-79 bay windows, after a very close study, we can make all three models just out of one set of main tools, and use different insert tooling for the final details….

So this will go to the foundry for casting now and we will get the casted mold back for milling.

Stay tuned for all further updates.

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