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Summertime! Most European and North American area’s got a big chunk of summer sun last week, what makes people happy (and start to bark about “too much”) but for most of us it was just a relief after all corona measures.

Sun gives light, light gives hope and hope is the engine of the spiritual life….:)

Let’s start thinking about what after Corona, let’s stay positive and imagine Corona goes away. But what would you do differently after Corona than before? What did you learn out of it and will you stop your rat-race?

We, @ BBT,  decided that we only want to go further for what we are doing so long, more quality because life is simply too short to restore cars with inferior parts.

This week we got some very interesting parts new arrivals, which have kept us busy for a while to develop. But we succeeded and here we are…More quality, Corona can be a good lesson…:)



When you ordered your VW split window bus back in the day, you could actually choose where you wanted the cargo doors. Left side or right side. Most common was the opposite side of the steering wheel, because you had the doors on “your” boardwalk side. Oh yes and there was also double door option, cargo doors on both sides that is.

Up to now we only had cargo floors for right hand side cargo doors. Most work shops “adapted ” those for left cargo doors, but almost never with full satisfaction. Today we make the difference. From now on we also have cargo floors for left side cargo doors.

And of course for the left hand cargo door configuration, we now  have  also the right side floor plate for the  closed version as well.
This makes whatever cargo door configuration you have, we always have the correct floor combination for you.

Available from our stocks.

0890-744 Floor plate left, cargodoor – Bus -07/67 (TQ)


0890-754 Floor plate right, non cargodoor – Bus -07/67 (TQ)


We also brought in this tube for the wire loom for your bay window bus. This tube can be originally found  between your front and rear chassis cross member on every Bay window bus built between 1970 and 1979.

Because of moisture, humidity, dust and mud they are simply rusted away.
We bring you this tube in the correct diameter of 27mm with a correct length of 130cm.

0891-695  Guide tube through chassis for wiringloom – Bus 08/69-07/79



Let’s go into detail.
Your deluxe split window bus had a headliner.

Now, we bring you those nasty little rails, that hold your headliner and keep it under tension to keep wrinkles out.
We made both models, the flat and angled ones.

The flat one, you need three lengths to mount a headliner in your cabin. But you can use also use ours to replace the bent out or missing originals.
And of course these give you the possibility to place a headliner in buses that never had one, panel vans, or standard kombi’s and the like…

The angled ones sitting around the airbox in the cabin (you need 2 lengths) and also around the optional sliding roof (you need 6 lengths here).
Another necessary part in the hunt to a perfect restoration which we solved now, up to the next…

2931-200 Headliner grip flat 80cm – Bus 03/55-07/67


2931-205 Headliner grip angled 80cm – Bus 03/55-07/67



Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT

2908-251 Headlining, vinyl, for sliding roof Type 3 TL 66-73

58,50 Euro

2908-201 Headlining, vinyl, Type 3 TL 66-73

90 Euro

We wish you all a very happy weekend. Soak up that sunlight, people just need it.

And never forget, enjoy that Volkswagen…..

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