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Crazy times, It’s something we hear almost on a daily base..
Times are changing in the way we work, eat, sleep and see our closest friends & family, we look at things perhaps in a different way as how we used to.

But some things remain the same and they give us stability and a much needed routine.
One of these “routine” things is our BBT News we bring  you on a weekly base.

Our news can’t be put on hold, not even by corona…

This week we only have one new product but we have many more to come in upcoming weeks…

This orange bulbs for indicators are a smooth trick to have legal white or clear indicator lenses, what give a very special effect to your car off course.

Or when your lenses are kind a faded it’s a common use to replace your bulbs with orange ones for a brighter orange signal.

Frequently also used to replace the parking lights bulbs on early sealed beam headlights (Like BBT ref 0600 or 0600-010 for Beetle or 0600-050 for left and 0600-060 for right side) for bus and turn them into indicators.

We supply these orange bulbs in 12 Volt for quite a while under BBT ref 0661-25 and now we bring you the same in 6 volts.

What used to be a shop reference only becomes now a full worthy member of the BBT parts family…:)

These 6 volt bulbs been sold by the pair as clearly marked in our catalogs.

0661-122 Bulb orange 6Volt 21W (2)

Another routine to keep us going should become our bi-weekly “Product in the Picture”.

We focus our attention this week on some of the smaller bits and bobs we need during the restoration or assembly process of your project..

Bolts, nuts, studs, screws, clamps and washers.

At BBT we pride ourselves in sourcing or manufacturing the correct replacement parts, as such we look at the specs of the original part and try and meet this 100% in quality and fit.

Our hardware doesn’t escape this process..

And, although they’re not the most interesting parts, they are ever so important as they keep your beloved car together in 1 piece!

Because of the volume of hardware we have in our assortment it’s hard to list all the product references.

However,If you go to our catalogue via our website .

You can either look in the ‘Fixing material’ category in our menu which will list all our fixings or you can also enter the following codes in our search bar..

8700, – 8705 for bolts
8711 & 8721 for bolts with an hexagonal socket
8722 for studs
8730 – 8739 for nuts
8750 – 8758 for washers
8760 – 8762 for screws

Of course, if you are unable to find what you’re looking for – we are here to help!

Give us a call on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email


The BBT News team wish you all a happy VW weekend, wrench those babies and make that cool; test drive! the most fund VW’s offers you!

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