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Are you witstanding the Corona measures well? Are You still understand what your goverment wants from you?
Simply to say we don’t know anymore, so we better use our “common senses”.
With these common senses we like to present you this week’s new products for the  BBT product line for your aircooled Volkswagen.

Let’s go, and get that exhaust mounted as it should.

Besides our own BBT exhaust kits and clamps under  BBT #1000 for the kit and BBT #1001 for the tailpipe clamp.

We decided to bring back the German exhaust mounting kits and clamps.
Prooved quality and if we run out of one we still can supply the other one (that’s the idea at least)

Let’s call this a safe haven.

Meanwhile it’s your choice which one to use, to us they’re about the same in look, feel, smell and use…. It’s up to you, really…

1000-005 Exhaust assembly kit Type1 – German

1001-005 Exhaust gasket & bracket – German

BBT has a full range of exhaust mounting kits that you can find clicking HERE and exhaust clamps that can be found by clicking HERE

Let’s go more exotic. We bring you the rear parcel shelf for the Brazilian Kombi. Do You feel the Samba?

If you can not situate the parcel shelf it’s the steel floor on top of your engine, where you load your parcels when you open your tailgate.
Stamped on brand new tooling Made in Brazil.

Always dented, crushed and destroyed from loading things onto it that shouldn’t be loaded there. If not it’s hacked to work easier on engines, or it’s simply rusted out. The fact is we haven’t seen too many Brazlian kombi with good rear parcel shelves…

Can be easily modified to use in German made kombi as well.
A very economic alternative that really fits….

0890-933-1 Cargofloor rear – Bus Brasil -75

We have also the inspection hatch for the cargo floor above.

0890-933-2 Inspection hatch in cargofloor rear – Bus Brasil -75

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT


0484-200 Door hinge covers, chrome, as pair/top only – Bus -07/67

22,50 euro

1595-920 Starter automatic Type 25 07/81-07/92

360 euro

Meanwhile we’re working full force to convince suppliers and manufacturers to ship out our orders. Many factories around the globe are still closed or running only on limited sources. But we work hard to keep the zero stock to a minimum as absolutely possible. Our purchase team is outdoing themselves to try and get all in what we need, or what you need… that is better said!

We stay your reliable source for Volkswagen parts, also during Corona times, we learn to live with the virus and keep serving you with all measures to keep it as safe as possible.!

BBT News team wish you a very nice weekend… stay safe, keep distance and wash hands…. and wrench that Vintage Volkswagen….

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