Wednesday Thank You Day

Its Wednesday, out of our humble BBT crew we like to be graceful and thank everybody taking that extra step to fight the Corona crisis we’re living in today!

Yes we do not forget, but a lot of people give a lot of extra power to nurse our sick people, to keep the public transport going, to keep food and drink shops open…
Other people try hard to start the economy back up

Politicians try to figure out  an exit in a very fragile balance between back to normal or a raise in curves….
Teachers and school directions are figuring all out to restart schools in safe envirmonts…..

And so many more people we simply don’t know about, energy sector, or waste and the list is long and goes on

Very simple stated  we like to thank you all, and out of the deepest of our hearts, that you do what you do, to make our lives acceptable and give us the less possible problems to continue our lives, even sometimes with risk of your own life!

Thank you so much, too many people complaining, but we are just very happy there’s so many brave people who don’t talk, but DO!

Many many times Thank You, we can’t repeat enough!

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