For sale: 1991 Vanagon Double Cab Syncro 16 inch, The real VW beast!

Available now! A VW superbeast!
Fully functional and ready to go… everywhere….
Very original, never messed up….

Click the picture below for all information and the complete photo shoot!


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  1. The 2 difflocks are standard on a 16inch syncro, and so is more that was optional on the 14inch version.

  2. Thanks for your comment, but our information said that the rear difflock is standard the front one is an option on a 16 inch, whatever, it has both and they both work as supposed to be (what’s not standard anymore these days!) Seat heating is definitely no standard and the hardtop neither… the Eberspächer stand heating was always an option, and not a cheap one at all!

    its a cool bus and we’re happy we can offer it here…

    thank You very much


  3. Hi can you tell me if this is still for sale and for what price.
    Best wishes Elizabeth

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