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Tropical storm in Japan, wind storms in California and if that was not enough yet Trump decided to take his troops away in Syria, so Erdogan can start to penetrate the country and put all refugees back, even in a total other area as where they come from.  We’re talking about three million people, one third of the population of Belgium… Are we starting a second Israel scenario? Our thoughts go to these refugees, hopeless people with no place to go…. why political leaders think about certain groups as “just” cattle?

Closer to home, the Brexit mess continues and the closer  the end of October comes the less people know what will happen. Many companies are raising their inventories… maybe something to think about? We really wonder where this will end…:)

BBT thinks positive, hence the new products we want to introduce this week… state of the art, as always…. and more to come. Beautiful things are in the pipeline…

Wow, the whole dashboard for the splittie bus!!! We hardly couldn’t believe our eyes when we received the first sample…

So many times cut for a larger radio, holes drilled everywhere for switches to make the bus look like an airplane or dead simple rusted away near the front windshield(s).

We started with the early model, the later models will follow…

The perfect replacement for yours and with BBT silver weld through perfect fit guarantee.

0890-982 Dashboard – Bus 03/55-04/61 LHD

Finally available! The correct  headlight bowls  for an oval window beetle.. This was the last part we needed to assemble out front fender program, which will be revealed soon, but the headlight bowls are now available with  correct flat spots where they belong  and dots pressed in correct position … forget  cheap reproduction stuff, this is exactly like original, to restore your car as it should… It comes with BBT’s Silver weld through perfect fit guarantee….

0180-200 Headlight bowl L/R – Beetle 54-57 TQ

We also created new part numbers for the wheel studs for your beloved Bay window bus.
No need to replace the complete hub anymore, when just one wheel stud went bad…
High quality as always and easy to replace. Don’t take the risk anymore to drive on less wheel nuts as it should!

2584-400 Wheel stud front M14 x 50mm – Bus 08/70-07/79 (1)

2584-410 Wheel stud rear M14 x 40mm – Bus 08/70-07/92 (1)

Sport-O-Matic as it was called in the USA or the half automatic as we tend to say in Europe are beetles with a semi automatic transmission where you have to shift, but without clutch. They have their oil seal on the drive shaft just like a normal beetle transmission. The difference here is that the oil seal is completely different and very specific. And with all Volkswagen logic there are two different models… Improvement of our product must they have thought back in the day…:)

We stock both models under BBT ref 1417 and 1417-1. The later had a supply issue the last couple of months. We talked with the factory, set up for tooling repair and made a new production run. We have plenty now and are happy to sell!

So this call to all Sport-O-Matic drivers, your oil seals are again available !

1417-1 Seal automatic clutch 11/69-

Various items are being removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT


7015 Cal-Look rear windowseal Type 1 convertible 04/53-07/57

12,25 euro


0932-200 Heater cable left Type 25 (CU-CV engine) RHD – 4565mm

22,50 euro


0932-250 Heater cable right Type 25 (CU-CV engine) RHD – 4670mm

15,75 euro


We always think it’s funny because, when we finish this news post, we start working right away on the next one, BBT never stops. We always play, but in a positive way. We care about people and their beetle and would never ever send you to area’s where your beetles would not be happy. Make Love no War, when will political leaders understand this? Good leaders don’t need war to being remembered in history…

BBT news team wishes you a super nice weekend, enjoy the Indian summer when you’re in Western Europe, and for those who live in Japan or California, hide well, hopefully nature will be mild to you…

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