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While Boris Johnson makes a larger mess of the Brexit like anybody else before, we start to book and plan our fall supplier visits… some new and very interesting factories will be visited to find out more about production processes and to try to raise the quality of our products. There will be also a couple complete new factories to visit to start-up new productions. So busy times to come for our BBT purchase team, but  at the same time very interesting too!

Meanwhile we had also this week a couple of new  interesting products added to our range which we like to present you today.

In our silver weld through sheet metal range we add two new products this week to start with this complete B post for the left side. The B post is the post right behind the cab door. This new B post is only for the buses with NO left cargo doors for post Barndoor buses till the end of the ice pick door handles dec 1963. It’s the first B post in our range,all other models will follow soon.

0890-900 B-post Complete Left, non-cargo door – Bus 03/55-12/63

Next we have the many times rusted out connection between the front of the roof of your splittie bus up to the front windshield frame. Here there’s the two mesh grills who let the air flow through for your air box ventilation system against your roof. Unfortunately not only air, but also dirt, water and humidity flow in and make one and another rusty… Now we have both models available for perfect fit to cover all model range from post barndoor till end of production of the splittie bus.

There are two models to choose from, one up to July 1963 and one from august 1963 (1964 model year) all the way up to end of production. The difference is in the corners where the pressing is different. Most Volkswagen books will give you only one part number, but because we develop our parts with reverse engineering we made the parts exactly like they’ve been assembled in the VW factories when new.

On a side note , 1955 only was slightly different than the later models. As Volkswagen pressed from 1956 on a small border around the mesh grills, so they could block the mesh grills off with small plates when the new buses were transported by train to avoid railroad dust enter the brand new cabins… as said only 1955 buses do not have that small border, but the general fit is exactly the same.

0890-890 Roof gutter front with air inlet – Bus 12/55-07/63

0890-891 Roof gutter front with air inlet – Bus 08/63-07/67

 And now a metal part that’s not for a splittie bus! This is the inner front panel for the early bay window. This is the panel that is welded to the chassis members and you will need to start the building up of your front panel. Pressed and fabricated in a perfect quality, completely ready to start the job. This panel only fits early Bay window, we work on the later model too…

0891-975 Inner frontpanel – Bus 08/67-07/72


Late splittie bus (wide hatch) and early Bay window have small guides at the side of their tailgate to prevent rattling and a well centered closing.The part on the body is a fixed solid part while the part on the hatch is rubber based. We present you today the part that fits to the body, the solid part. A very nice reproduction that works the whole deal.

The rubber based part to the hatch is in development and we can only supply as good used parts for now as long as supply lasts.

0438-120 Rear cargo door guide / body – Bus 08/63-07/71


Back from long time ago. Because Type 3 cars always had a weak spot in our heart we brought back the chrome window molding with the scraper for all year Type 3 cars. It fits Notchback, Fastback & Squareback, but won’t fit Type 34 Ghia of course…:)

7825-000 Scraper+ chrome molding – Type3 left
7826-000 Scraper + chrome molding – Type3 right


We always carried the left side sliding door seal for your bay window in a supreme German top quality under BBT ref 7530-500. For the more common right side, unfortunately we only supplied till now our economic version BBT ref 7530.

We thought many of your buses deserved also a high quality right side sliding door seal. So with this we like to present you our new BBT ref 7530-005 high quality German rights side sliding door seal. Same manufacturer as our left side, it guarantees a perfect fit and finish!

7530-005 Slidingdoor seal right – Bus 07/67-07/79 German


Our Magnesium engine cases are back in stock. From the supplier who used to make those engine cases for Volkswagen and who still run a (small) production times to times. Every production we try to buy as many as we can… Now back available for you from our shelves.

1656 Engine case from OE supplier 1600cc / std (Magnesium)

We also had a new delivery from our coat hooks  for Deluxe buses up to 1963…. a neat cool item actually every bus should have to put away your coat in style!

0784-740  Coat hook Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63

That was it for this week, another week full of goodies, and we don’t stop… we have many more in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful weekend.

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