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Summer blues, summer heat, summer revival… if this is not a “real” summer for Western Europe they will have to give that word another definition… a week ahead forecast gives rain, cloudy or winds, but once we got there we had sunshine every day…  Sunshine makes people happy. Not only because it gives you a vitamin D boost but just because it’s light, and that’s exactly what we need for many things… So hopefully we continue the way we’re going with the weather for another two or three months and people will stay more happy and gives the un a reason to shine!

Also at BBT we’re shining, with a couple of cool new products….

First for the T25/T3 Vanagon lovers today…. let us present you the rubber gas filler neck holder and the ring to hold that rubber in to your body…

The only way for a proper installation of your gas filler neck.

It’s all year of T25/T3 vanagon production from august 1979 all the way up to July 1992.

0492-861 Filler neck hose holder

0492-862 Ring behind fuel filler neck

Furthermore we’ve added this week the missing clutch return spring in the BBT parts range.

This is the spring for the early beetles and buses with the so-called “Split Case” transmissions.

Made 100% as original in the right component spring steel this is a product that can be considered as an original product, very well-tested and approved!

1531-050 Return spring for clutch shaft – Beetle -07/60, Bus -08/59

Click here for the complete clutch return spring line up

We received the late-model wiper arms back in stock… they’re ready for your immediate delivery!

2430 Wiper arm left/right 65-67
2432 Wiper arm right 69-72
2437 Wiper arm left – 1303
2438 Wiper arm right – 1303

And off course also the seat paddings came in again with a full container load!

Complete BBT Seat Padding Selection Click here!

Let’s continue the summer, let’s continue the sunshine and let’s continue the new parts flow in to our BBT program.

BBT News team wish You a wonderful weekend.

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