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What a wonderful week we had in Western Europe… the flowers and the bee’s out in full force… most historical temperature records broken… Did you eat enough ice cream? Well we did!! Thanks to one of our customers who brought a bunch of ice cream for the BBT workers… his order was out first that day…:)

UK has a new pro Brexit prime minister listening to the name Boris Johnson. Ivanka Trump, the smartest girl from the White House, congratulated him as prime minister from Royal Kinston. Was that Kingston of Jamaica? Or rather that small city Royal Kingston upon Thames somewhere IN Great Britain, just South of London? Anyway, or she can’t write without typos (anybody surprised?) or she doesn’t have her geography right ?

Mr .Boris Johnson wants to leave the EU October 31 with or without deal… Congratulations Mr Johnson, history books will remember you for sure, but more than likely not in a very positive way. It would be sad to build a wall between us and all our friends in the UK…

There are really interesting times ahead of us, and we can’t wait to see and learn where and what direction  we will go. But we don’t have to wait to present you the new items we got in this week to make our VW lifes easier… get yours now and simplify your life just as we do…:)

In the recent glass delivery there were a couple of new models we didn’t supply before yet.

We like to present you these new windows here…

8951-006 Windshield – Bus 05/79-07/92 green tint  with dark green sun strip.

8950-402 Side middle window 3/4 L/R – Bus 08/67-07/79 BBT

8950-502 Rear side window 3/4 L/R – Bus 08/67-07/79 BBT


More Vanagon parts we get with these visor clips, suitable for all year Vanagon T25/T3 buses…

0557-905 Sun visor clips white – Bus 05/79-07/92 (pair)

Finally these cool original style window cranks came back in stock. Exact looking as your original we have them readily available from the BBT shelves again…

0518-01 Window crank original 08/67-07/69



2588 Wheellocks for stud kit

10,99 euro excl.

1641-2 Flywheel dowel pin set long oversize

12,99 euro excl.

This was the BBT product news for this week folks. However we received another container of candy and we can tell you right now that next week we’ll have several good new items too!

Stay cool, stay on top and especially pamper your VW’s, they’re hot too…:) Happy weekend!

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