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It rained cats and dogs in Belgium last week, wow where we had a super nice early spring weather the week before, we had wind, rain, storm and hardly daylight during the last couple a days… for school it was spring break this week, well they had a break, a real wet one!

When it’s really such a bad weather it gives you a good feeling when you work inside, all under a roof, even it does remind you on the early days (actually not that long time ago) where we had to drive outside between warehouses with the forklift or unloading containers with sheet metal in the snow… with the inside loading dock in the “new” building that’s all history and banned to the archives, the good old times, ah… oh for your information, the “new” building becomes 8 years already in april… in case you don’t believe yet time flies…:)

Working “under the roof of the new building” was very interesting this week as we had a lot of goods moving in and out as always, but also many parts arrived and another long time project which came nearly to an end! Sometimes we just love the bad weather, so we can work hard….:)



We’ve looked so much forward to this exciting new product, may we present you Ladies and Gentlemen;

The pre assembled sub chassis for your bus.

Two models to choose from 55-59 with that extra set of outriggers and 60-67 for the later models.

The lower outriggers are included but not assembled, as there would be no way to mount the whole frame in position when we should had assembled them. You will have to weld this after positioning the frame.

The most exciting on this pre assembled sub frame is the price, this is really what we call “dirty” cheap. Check on your price list now as these parts are already online!

0890-595 Support frame under ribbed floor – Bus 03/55-12/59



0890-596 Support frame under ribbed floor – Bus 01/60-07/67


And we have way more!

Also the upper side panels for your splittie have arrived this week to BBT VW parts heaven.

Available for left or right side loading doors.

We have the short panel behind the cargo doors and the long panel for the opposite side.

These panels are your perfect replacement when your side window surroundings are rusty, or if you want to convert to a 13, 15, 21 or 23 window.

With these panels you can convert an 11 window kombi into a 21 or 23 window samba.

May we remind you we also sell  the complete samba roof, sky lights and ragtop mechanism in our program?

Are you ready for your conversion?

Shall we remind you that ALL of our sheet metal is individually packed in strong cardboard boxes ready to ship?


0890-236 Sidewindow repair panel short left  / 2 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-237 Sidewindow repair panel short right / 2 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-238 Sidewindow repair panel long left / 4 windows Bus 03/55-07/67



0890-239 Sidewindow repair panel long right / 4 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67



And last but not least for this week we like to present you our brand new chassis section inner plates. Also for your splittie bus.

These chassis sections come in the front on the inner side of your chassis beams and connect the main chassis beams to the “toolbox” under your front seats.

Do we have to say that these parts are perfect reproductions 100% accurate as original?

All of our sheet metal is pressed in the necessary steps in real cast tooling, exactly like VW used to do back in the day.

We will have a brand new exploded view anytime soon!

0890-642 Chassis section inner plate front left – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ



0890-652 Chassis section inner plate front right – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ


 Glad we could show you these new products and stay tuned, a lot more is coming..

Remember it was BBT and nobody else that started this Silver Weld Through sheet metal program for your splittie bus. Something we’re damn proud of!

BBT News team wishes you a very well relaxed and happy spring break weekend….

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