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Mr Trump and his brand new North Korean play buddy didn’t agree a compromise on the nuclear deal, or at least on the missing part of it. Really weird you read in the morning papers next day that especially the North Koreans will continue the “good” communications they had. Big stuff…

Closer at home, here in Flanders, news from page 10 or so was way more “BIG” to me. The University of Ghent Belgium has built a panel to be mounted on the roof of your house. This “solar panel look-alike” puts humidity in the air directly in to hydrogen (H) This brand new invention will supply more than enough hydrogen to heat your house, makes your electricity and drives your car (in an eco friendly way). Now that is what I call braking news, we can save our planet, at least if baby boys Trump and Kim don’t let them explode with their nuclear toys!

How governments will react to this is a big question, they can love or hate  cars, but fact is that only already in stupid Belgium “the car” is good for 30 billion income a year, pays over half of all retirements and many more… now how our governments gonna eat that? Isn’t this a “BIG” big challenge?

@ BBT HQ we also had a big challenge last couple of months, with a real small clip, but we succeeded and they’re damn cool! And as usual when we touch something we bring it to a good end. Maybe we’re living fairy-tale, but the believe in good things gives us so much energy in our VW life…:)

Here’s THE clip for your window channel in your door…

Proudly produced by BBT now since the OE manufacturer broke the tooling and didn’t want to invest in “such stupid old things” anymore.

We made them in the best quality you can imagine in DIN C80W1 Carbon tool steel on the most modern clips machines. Through good negotiations (read “quantities”)  we could achieve a very low production price what results in extreme low selling prices.

We sell these worldwide in enormous quantities, so don’t stay behind. You can buy direct now and gain! Don’t come telling us we didn’t tell you!

0369 Retaining clip for window channel U-form

Finally back in after a way longer as imagined production period, now we’re fully stocked for all your demands.

Forget about the Urethane counterparts (only good for competition). Original restoration needs original rubber, our IRS mounts are perfect and will assure a smooth ride as when your IRS beetle left the showroom floor. We do sell these each, so you need to order 4pcs for one car.

1454-1 Rubber mount ‘IRS’ arm

1964-306 Alternator 65A 1.9-2.1 08/85-08/92 Type 25

€ 63.00/pc excl.

1964-312 Alternator 65A 02/84-08/92 Type 25

€ 112.50/pc excl.

1964-314 Alternator 90A 02/84-08/92 Type 25

€ 171.00/pc excl.

0891-595 Jacking point complete rear T2 VW BRAZIL left

€  8.99/pc excl.

0891-596 Jacking point complete rear T2 VW BRAZIL right

€  8.99/pc excl.

So whatever you play; Nuclear, Hydrogen or VW parts, life is exciting isn’t it?

We wish you a real happy and relax weekend and whatever you do or play, make sure you take the most out of it and have fun!

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