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Happy Friday here again! BBT is already full force operating in 2019 and we’re very happy that we can provide you another BBT news edition on this Friday.

Being winter time in Western Europe, it’s cold, grey and wet, brrrr… good we have heated buildings where product development continues as ever… and  also this week we have some new items for you, excited as ever.

After suspicious quality issues with Schadeck oil pumps, we came to the amazing result that Brosol actually makes better pumps than Schadeck. From now on it’s Brosol we use in our own cars and engines. But to avoid endless discussions and cage fights we will carry both brands, so everybody can work with his own reliable and trustworthy favorite brand.

To find your way in the oil pump jungle we’re working on a spreadsheet with all pumps and all applications in one blink of an eye. As soon as this spreadsheet is ready we will publish on this space… stay tuned!

1805-091 Oil pump std 68-69 (Alu) Brosol

1805-181 Oil pump HD 61-67 (Alu) Brosol

1805-191 Oil pump HD 68-69 (Alu) Brosol

Good news for your late baywindow heater problem. BBT brings brand new ventilator engines, that blow the air through your heater boxes (and fuel heater if you have that). These are brand new ventilators that are working perfectly. Tested and approved by a select group of BBT customers with only positive results! Go for that cozy heat and replace now that worn out or missing ventilator motor.

They fit all buses with Type 4 engines. Fit also for VW 411 & 412 and for VW Porsche 914.

0663-140 Ventilator motor – Bus 08/71-07/79

Big news today as we finally received the Bosch starter engines and generators back on our shelves in a nice quantity for our ever lasting low prices. We found a new entry to Bosch for these items and are proud we can offer them again without price raises. We’re happy we can share these with all of you!

1595-1 Starter 12 Volt 68- (Bosch)


1961-1 New 12 volt generator, Bosch

0404-33 Aluminium Deluxe trim, left loading doors

Another week filled with cool parts behind us, we start feeling comfortable with 2019 and looking forward to the spring to start enjoying our Volkswagens again. Meanwhile we use these cold crazy wet days to resource, organize and research, to get more and better products for you. Also in 2019 we want to be your reliable spare parts  partner!

More goodies and more news next week on Friday, stay tuned!

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