For sale; Super survivor 1960 Porsche 356 B T5 Convertible

A friend of Da house in the US decided to sell his super survivor Porsche 356 Convertible and asked us to help. We don’t do that for every car, but for sure for this car, what a beauty!


Not directly for the faint at hearted, this is a pure and thoroughbred car, and only can be bought by somebody who understand this car. It’s very special and quiet unique. It’s a real survivor.


The car was originally ordered with only a removable hardtop, but the previous owner sourced a folding top for it in the ’70s.  It has both tops.  It also comes with a tonneau cover.


One repaint of the original color, which is now faded.  It is very dry.  Absolutely no rust. It’s an original California black plate car that was sold new in Sacramento, and always lived in a dry climate.  No rust underneath at all, it is as dry as they come.


Interior is all original.  It needs carpet, that’s it.  Original paint dash in great shape.   It comes with  rear interior quarter panels for both the hard top and the soft top.  The hard top ones were searched all the way from Italy, extremely difficult to come by, and these ones are great original shape (they are longer with a curved metal frame and pleaded covering).


Unfortunately, not matching numbers. We  can’t verify the mileage with any documentation but it is as low as 60.000 miles. This baby was in storage in storage from 1971 all the way up to 2016. It was retired from regular use in 1971.  The long-term owner kept it registered and drove it once or twice a year around the block.  Here is an “as found” pic.


Once there was a parking lot dent in the front, hence the 60’s repaint. The old owner was an IBM employee in the late 60’s and bought this car from his co-worker.  There was a Porsche club among the IBM workers, and they worked on and raced their cars.  The motor swap was done at the time of sale, in the late 60s’  The original owner had put lots of performance parts on the original motor and wanted to keep it.  So he pulled the motor out of his newer 1964 he bought and installed that in the 1960.  So this motor probably has even fewer miles than the car.


The mechanics of this car are just great, it fires right up, runs great idles smooth and stop well. When our friend discovered (and bought) this car he pulled and resealed the motor.  Did the brakes, shocks, carbs, cleaned up the electrical, etc.  Everything functions as it should. All the negative is that it has a tiny little oil leak at the nose cone area that might need attention and the tires are kind old, they roll well, but one may think twice to cover long distance in old tires, right?


We think the best it looks with no top at all, just the long rear quarter panels installed.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get that picture done for this advertisement, for You discover…


This baby is located in Boise, Idaho USA, so plse mention with all inquiries where You live, as we have all-inclusive prices with shipping to anywhere in the world. All further information only by email on

If you ask us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And the price is right too! There’s only so many rock solid real survivor cars, and no extras are coming or being made, this is where the real collectible value is, no more no less… pure and original, no question about that, right?… just tell them BBT Bob told you…:)



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