Friday Product Update

This week we have a bunch of new arrivals, some cool new Bus parts, but especially a whole array of Split window beetle parts…

In our sheet metal range there are  two remarkable new arrivals!!

Let’s start this FPU with our brand new window frames for your splittie bus! They rust, bend , break, or are worn out, in other words they go wrong in many ways… and we offer now the perfect replacement parts, tested, fitted and well approved by the BBT team… ready for delivery from our shelves…

0156-740 Door window frame left – Bus -07/67
0156-750 Door window frame right – Bus -07/67

Now we also supply  the professional made headlight wire tubes. Brand new production. This is a part which we’ve made in development for our complete new fenders up to 1959, that we hope to launch early next year.

0180-050 Pipe wire feed headlight/body pair Beetle -07/59

And we also have a whole series of new top-notch products for the split window beetles this week… make your pick, they all fit, they have been made by people who know split window beetles very well, they fit perfectlyand look the whole deal!

0514-600 Shift knob bakelite ivory – Beetle -09/52


0514-605 Shift knob bakelite black – Beetle -09/52


2674-005 Ashtray knob in dashboard bakelite ivory – Beetle -09/52


2674-006 Ashtray knob in dashboard bakelite black – Beetle -09/52


0939-900 Choke cable bakelite ivory – Beetle -08/52

0939-905 Choke cable bakelite black – Beetle -08/52

0960-005 Front hood inner cable bakelite ivory – Beetle -09/52

0960-006 Front hood inner cable bakelite black – Beetle -09/52

Whew ! Finally back in stock, ball joint for Bay window, we’ve got now plenty, after a small problem at the manufacturer! But… we solved the problem, that’s what we do…:)

1331-002 Balljoint upper/lower – Bus 08/67-07/79

The BBT FPU team wishes you a lovely weekend!

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