For sale; 1973 Karmann Ghia Convertible Clean driver!

Fancy a cool summer cruizer ready to go?

This Ghia tick all your boxes… real nice driver car!

2018-07-30 15.36.18_resized

Nicely restored with NOS nose panel, and two new floorplates!

2018-07-30 15.37.04_resized2018-07-30 15.37.15_resized2018-07-30 15.40.37_resized2018-07-30 15.40.46_resized2018-07-30 15.40.55_resized

Clean interior nice dash, this car took a lot of energy from previous owner, house renovation forced sale now….

2018-07-30 15.44.10_resized2018-07-30 15.44.16_resized

NOS nose panel is installed very nicely! Fenders are still the original…

2018-07-30 15.45.55_resized

Super strong mechanics, engine is build around a brand new engine case, new crank, new piston and liner kit and new heads, basically everything that wears out is replaced by simply new parts!

2018-07-30 15.46.58_resized

Also underneath this engine looks the whole deal!

2018-07-30 15.48.10_resized

Well what you think from below? Nothing covered in big camouflage undercoating but all nice and clean in paint, nothing hidden, this is a gem!

2018-07-30 15.48.57_resized2018-07-30 15.49.07_resized

Only outer hood, the previous owner never installed a headliner, something that was still in the pipeline but never fell through, who needs a headliner for the summer…:)

2018-07-30 15.51.33_resized

This baby has Belgian registration, also a homologation for daily use, whatever way You want to go!

2018-07-30 15.53.18_resized

Ready to leave! Buy today and enjoy the summer weather from tomorrow!

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I have a 80+ picture file i can send you on easy request!

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