Bug Convention #29 in Örnsköldsvik, North Sweden.

Ok first, don’t even try to pronounce the name of the town, You will not come even close…:)

Second, this is a good show, small and cozy, not worth driving 2000km, but since I had to be here, I’m happy I stopped by… so nice people and very cool cars… here’s my small report!

2018-06-30 11.29.38_resized

Setting was perfect on a campground who also hired “Stuga” (Cabins) and off course it was lake side, in north Sweden its hard to do something not at a lake side as there are lakes everywhere!

2018-06-30 10.26.04_resized

Cool buses, … cool guys too!

2018-06-29 19.20.56_resized

Enough patina? This is what you like, don’t ya?

2018-06-29 18.48.29_resized

Cool Bay Double cab, hard-working!

2018-06-29 18.48.10_resized

Ex Swedish army came all the way from Sundsvall,

2018-06-29 18.38.52_resized

The black beetle was practically broken in two pieces when they got it from behind a barn!  They just pieced it back together…

2018-06-29 18.38.16_resized

Extreme cool patina oval ragtop; came out of the rafters from a barn…

2018-06-29 18.33.05_resized

And yes, there’ was a BBT convoy badge, this guy drove last year with us to Hessisch!

2018-06-29 18.33.24_resized

How cool comes this crew cab peaking behind the little house? I like this picture a lot! The crew cab might come for sale soon… in case you’re fancy…:)

2018-06-29 18.32.06_resized

a small line up at the entry… very welcoming…:)

2018-06-30 10.14.45_resized

Oh yes on friday night we eat all the Reindeer spaghetti!

2018-06-29 19.43.10_resized

Here’s the pile, and yes it was good! very good!

2018-06-29 19.43.17_resized

Extreme cool and well detailed Oval Eriba Puck combo, unbelievable nicely made and a cool owner too!

2018-06-29 19.22.30_resized

BBT’s distributor for Sweden is VW Up North, and Mauri, the owner came down all the way in his all original pick up truck to join! This pick up truck was saved from the junkyard, it’s entirely first original paint, believe me or not!

2018-06-29 19.21.54_resized

a small sticker ceremony!

2018-06-29 21.27.43_resized

Not bad for a white guy… I was till the last question second in a music quiz, … nothing very special except the presentation and questions came in Swedish!

2018-06-29 22.12.24_resized

Always nice to pack your “surprise” to enter a show… a lot of audience guaranteed!

2018-06-29 22.24.29_resized

So what was under the tarp??

A 1950 splitwindow beetle (or the remains at least) saved from the woods only couple of days before…

2018-06-29 22.25.40_resized

The two brothers that started this show 29 editions ago…

2018-06-29 23.31.13_resized

1953 convertible all original…. droooling!!

2018-06-30 10.29.29_resized

50 & 53 convertible…. what a pair!

2018-06-30 10.29.54_resized

This is Kermit, the only Frog who looks like a human being!! ..:) Kermit runs the show, and is just a hell of a guy!

Thanks Kermit for everything, I had a hell of a weekend!

2018-06-30 10.31.56_resized

another cool looker…

2018-06-30 11.25.06_resized

Here’s that crew cab again… it’s a 77 but made to fool everybody in to the correct early looks… this is for sale by the owner, if You’re interested just contact me…

2018-06-30 11.35.40_resized

Ah! That 50 split again…. Believe me or not, the rear window was hacked out 25 years ago, to put in a 65 beetle….

2018-06-30 10.27.58_resized

How cool can they be???

2018-06-30 11.52.47_resized

Ragtops are cool, no discussion about that!

2018-06-30 11.53.46_resized

Serious amount of visitors on Saturday!

2018-06-30 12.16.57_resized

All the way from Göteborg completely in the South; that’s a lot of kilometers for this Wide 5 club member…

2018-06-30 12.18.02_resized

Best sticker of the show…

2018-06-30 12.22.53_resized

Ok catch the road for more, starting our journey home with some very interesting stops… are You coming along?

2018-06-30 13.55.10_resized

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