Friday Product Update

This week we introduce some new parts for the Ghia friends and customers between us… we have found the bumper bracket covers!

These little metal box-shaped covers sitting right between your body and your bumper covering and bolted to the bumperbracket. Always rusty, bent, messed up or simply missing, this is a real good item if you’re restoring a Karmann Ghia up to 1971.

These covers are always painted in the lower body color of the car.

There are two different models for the front, one for Euro model bumpers and one for export type of bumpers with the towel rails. As for the rear there’s only one model.

These bumper bracket covers have been mounted with a rubber between the body. This rubber is already available under BBT ref  0085-190 (sold in pair, one piece per cover)

All bumper bracket covers are sold each.

0014-500  Bumper brackets cover front left – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0014-501 Bumper brackets cover front right – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0014-505 Bumper brackets cover front left – Karmann Ghia -07/71 Export (USA)

0014-506 Bumper brackets cover front right – Karmann Ghia -07/71 Export (USA)

0015-500 Bumper brackets cover rear left – Karmann Ghia -07/71

0015-501 Bumper brackets cover rear right – Karmann Ghia -07/71


Our first batch of 1000 6-volt regulators was finished beginning of the year… almost no remarks… hardly no returns, but the few returns we did have and the comments from our customers made us do a couple of updates on this cool product. Their  production took a little longer than expected, but we have a better product now! That’s always more important, at least to us it is.

The bracket on top that holds the cover is made a little longer, so you can’t bulge the cover anymore when you over-thight.  We had a couple of electronic updates too, so this is the perfect replacement 6 volt regulator, your original “BOSCH” cap can be still interchanged, so you keep the perfect look! A unique BBT feature!

1951 6 volt generator regulator BBT


All the Modular wheels came back in stock!

2540-0-10 Wheel rim modular chrome 6×15 ET 10 BBT

2540-0-24 Wheel rim modular chrome 6×15 ET 24 BBT

2541 Wheel rim modular chrome 7×15 BBT

2542 Wheel rim modular chrome 8×15 BBT

2543 Wheel rim modular chrome 10×15 BBT

Finally back available! These washer bottle caps have been out of stock for a while, but they are back on our shelves for delivery!

2460 Washer bottle cap

The BBT FPU team wish you a very relaxing weekend..

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