On the road again, cool trip to Switzerland….

Cagero is BBT’s sole Swiss distributor, so when they call to come over for their 30 years in existence celebration we drive over in style!

2018-06-15 12.13.36_resized

Early rise and shine gives you beautiful sunrise views!

2018-06-15 06.22.40_resized

Nothing beats seat time in my 1958 Double door Deluxe…

2018-06-15 06.21.44_resized

and no, we’re not exactly Freeway only drivers!! That would be boring, at least for us! We drive small roads, get lost and have fun! ALWAYS!

2018-06-15 09.06.57_resized

Buddy David glued to my tail…:)

2018-06-15 06.21.54_resized

The bus line up before la Cité d’Automobile in Mulhouse France, better known as the Collection Schlumpf… the most Bugatti’s You can see in one place!! just incredible!!

2018-06-15 14.54.34_resized

The entry of the museum…

2018-06-15 15.02.06_resized

happy bussin’

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