Friday Product Update

This week we had a MASSIVE load sheet metal in, with again many new items… some items  were even sold out before arrival! But here are some very interesting new products in top quality, easy comparable with NOS or in many cases slightly better!!

Let’s start with our top quality headlight bowls, fitting all beetles from 1958 till 1967. These headlight bowls got the correct dimples in the back and fit like it should. The lip to hook up the headlight ring is in the right place and the complete pressing is exactly like original. They have been stamped on brand new cast tooling like all of our sheet metal! Exactly like Volkswagen did, when they made our cars new! A way better as the economy version we’ve been selling till now… state of the art, are you ready for yours?

Early style and two different bus model head light bowls are in the pipeline too!

0180-300 Headlight bowl L/R – Beetle 58-67 TQ


From our casting department we got finally (after two years of development) the door hinges for your splittie bus!

All 4 models available, upper left and right, and lower left and right… We made those in our run to get the complete doors finished later this year. They’re an exact copy of the original in a quality to die for!

Ready & available from our shelves.

0156-700 Door hinge upper left Bus -07/67

0156-710 Door hinge upper right Bus -07/67

0156-720 Door hinge lower left Bus -07/67

0156-730 Door hinge lower right Bus -07/67

Our casting plant also finished the latch catches for the pick-up side gates… single cab and double cab, split and bay window, they fit all and all years…

We have now all different latch catches in stock  and they’ve all been made to exact original models with a very wide test procedure… exactly again as original with an original fit and finish!!

We’ve also made these latch catches  in the run for the complete side gates, we’re working on, but these are already available, side gates are in the pipeline and coming in the near future …. to be continued!

0168-003 Latch catch front left/right pick-up – Bus -07/79

0168-013 Latch catch rear left/right pick-up – Bus -07/79

We’ve  completed our program engine lids with two more engine lid models. 58-63 and 64-66 models are available now next to our BBT 0157-460 which will fit 67-71 buses… and we continue development too to bring you one day the complete line…

We choose to weld the bracket for the support in the right place ourselves, not like other manufacturers who sell you the bracket loose along.

Our engine lids are finished like it should and ready to mount. They come in our renown weld-through primer, because we like the quality so much even when it’s just for storage.

Another proud BBT line of products!

0157-420 Engine lid – Bus 05/58-12/63 TQ

0157-430 Engine lid – Bus 12/63-08/66 TQ



Back in stock now… we produced ourselves the valve guides for your 25 and 30Hp engines (that’s 36Hp SAE for our American friends) they’re all the same in and out… and we’re happy we can deliver you now a top-notch product!

Made in Germany with latest technology they look and feel the whole deal, perfect fit and finish! !

1738 Valve guide 25/30 HP (1pc) BBT



BBT’s FPU team wishes you a very cool weekend… BBT Pascal, Frederik and Bob are on their way to Switzerland in a couple of cool BBT rides testing out a bunch of BBT products…and I’m sure Bob will give us something to follow on this blog over the weekend! Stay tuned…  and happy travels!

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