Friday Product Update

Big news this week!!

Besides no less than THREE  40ft containers from all parts of the world, we received also a couple of real cool new products and a lot of inventory that will solve a lot of back orders! Check your status now!

Let’s start this FPU with a big kick off for the brand new and top class bus vent wings… these vent wings are a perfect (read at least as good as original ones) replacement for the side deflectors (or whatever you want to call them) on the side windows of your bay window, left or right, we have both sides !! Top quality production.

These vent wings will come WITHOUT the vent wing seal. This seal under BBT ref 7515, which is in a good quality as well, has to be bought separately.

Available from our stocks…. oh, and check our prices, they seem pretty competitive!

0517-930 Vent window assembly rear left Bus 08/67-07/79
0517-935 Vent window assembly rear right Bus 08/67-07/79

Next we have all perfect bushings to restore your pedal set like it should and make them work fine again. We all know that worn out pedals are a pain in neck and give you besides loads of frustration also a very dangerous situation… replace the bushings, assemble everything clean and nicely and your feet will love you more than ever when they can control precisely what they have to do.

We have made sets with bushings to fit most Volkswagen beetles as possible.

0276-300 Pedal bushing set – Beetle -07/57

0276-305 Pedal bushing set – Beetle 08/57-06/61

0276-310 Pedal bushing set – Beetle 07/61-07/79

For the very late Bay windows (T2b 1977-1979) we have now the carpets next to the seats available… they were still missing in our program, but now we have the complete line of rubber carpets around the front seats for all models Bay window…it’s so nice when you can make them look like they came from the factory! Order yours now!

0538-63 Wraps seat stand Bus 77-79

Loads of entries this week, it seems like customs kept everything in exam and finally released all at once… Goods in dept. was bursting whole week down, so we have a lot of zero stocks filled up again!  Here a small selection of parts that are again available  and which  have been absent for a while…

1368-300 Steering box – Bus 08/72-07/79

7533-000 Engine lid seal – Bus 08/67-07/71 – German

0699 6V -> 12V transformer

0550 Door panel set black – Beetle 08/66- (4pcs)

BBT wishes you all a very relaxed weekend, stay calm, relax, concentrate, breath deep and place huge orders at BBT… happy weekend!

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